Africa and Stuffs

10 08 2011


25 05 2011

Ahem. Did you know that Crosspoint is having a yard sale this Saturday? 🙂

The yard sale is one of the biggest missions fundraisers we do.
The yard sale is a blast. Even if you don’t need any new junk, er, I mean very valuable treasures, the yard sale is a great time to stop in, buy a coffee, and support a great cause.
The yard sale is rain or shine. Good thing! Seems like we get one day of sun for every 962 days of rain.
The yard sale is a bargain! It’s not one of those ‘pay 5x what that is worth because it’s for missions’ sales. We want this stuff gone!!
The yard sale is for a great cause. It really inspires the people in Mozambique to know that we would go to all this expense to come and help them any way we can! It also changes the lives of those who go, which changes Crosspoint. It makes us stronger!

So. We’ll be looking for you on Saturday. Bring the kids. Tell the neighbors. Fill yer trunk!

The Sunday Wrap

2 05 2011

Crosspoiiiiiiiiinnnnntttt!! 🙂 Happy Monday. I hope you all have a fantastic week. Here is a quick look back at all things yesterday at Crosspoint. Well, not all things, but a few of the more memorable moments.

– It was Pastor Jamie Cambers first official day on the job at Crosspoint!! Whooooooo. Go nuts, run in the streets, have a parade!!! Seriosuly though, it was great to have Jamie on site. Now we just need to get Catherine and the boys relocated!

– It was one of our rare ‘in between series one-off’ Sundays. We used it to focus on the Holy Spirit and help people get a better idea of what he wants to do in our lives. I hope it was helpful. “Living the Christian life is impossible…on your own.” Stay plugged in to the Power Source!

– I took some time on the front end of my message to just rattle through a few reminders. One of them was me inviting all 600 of you to our cottage on July 2nd!! We already have a lot of interest so I’m sure it’s going to be a blast of a day! Can’t wait.

– Loved singing “There is a Redeemer” at the end of the service with people around the altar!! That’s one of my faves.

– We dedicated another baby in the second service. That is baby #1267 for the year! Haha. Seems like it. You keep growing your families and we’ll keep dedicating them for you!

– Nice to see some people back who were with us for Easter Sunday! 🙂

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Sing To The King” Candi Pearson, Passion:Sacred Revolution
“None But Jesus” Hillsong United, I Heart Revolution
“I Will Exalt You” Hillsong, Faith + Hope + Love
“There Is A Redeemer” Kathryn Scott, We Still Believe

Day of Prayer and Fasting

14 04 2011

Hey Crosspoint! I hope you are all having a fantabulous week. 🙂 Tomorrow, April 15, is our day of prayer and fasting. We thought we’d give you a few suggestions and thoughts to guide your day. Here we go!

– Fasting is a biblical concept. Jesus fasted. It’s essentially denying yourself food and spending focused time with God.

– Drink liquids. Drink some good juices. Don’t put a Big Mac meal in a blender and call it fasting. The idea is to ‘deny yourself’. Your body will want food. That’s the point.

– You don’t have to be somber and deep in thought all day. Don’t mope around the office and tell people ‘I’m fasting’. 🙂 If someone asks why you aren’t eating lunch – Bingo! There is your chance to talk about Jesus, Crosspoint, etc.

– If you can get alone on your lunch break, do it. Find a place where you can pray. Take a bible, a journal, maybe some music, and just be with God. If you can’t pray for a solid half hour, just spend the time listening to God and write down every thought He gives you.

– You can fast one meal or three. Whatever you think you can do. There is a seniors dinner here at the church Friday night and that is the way that they will ‘break-fast’. Now you know where that word comes from.

Day of Fasting Prayer Requests

– You’ll have many of your own as well, but here are a few things that Crosspoint would like you to pray for.

– Easter Sunday! Many new faces, changed lives for eternity, many baptisms!
– Crosspoint leadership. That we would stay out of God’s way, clear on the vision, focused, protected.
– Our new believers! Praying for spiritual growth of all of our new believers!
– Easter Sunday Offering. It’s the last Sunday of our church year and we need a whopper. An average offering is $8000 for the day. We’re trusting God for $25,000 or more!! Pray hard.

Some suggested Scriptures for Reading
– Luke 22, 23, and 24.
– Isaiah 53

Tweet and let us know what you are reading and when you are praying!

9 Things You Need to Know!

17 03 2011

Hey Church! I hope your week is going awesome. Pour yourself some hot liquid and take a few minutes to catch up on what’s happening at Crosspoint. Praying for you all!

1. God has given us a great vision for our city. We are serious about leading hundreds of people to Jesus! That’s why we are committed to do what no one else is doing to reach people no one else is reaching.

2. You are God’s plan! We need every Crosspointer to seriously pray about, and then do something about, who they can invite to church. You are here because someone invited you. You enjoy the services, your life has been blessed with new relationships, God is working in your life, now it’s time for you to invite someone else!

3. We’re approaching the Easter season and people will naturally be open to the idea of going to church. People start walking in the Spring. They go out more. They think about making positive changes. WE CANT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!

4. Next Sunday, March 27th, is one of the most important Sundays in the history of our church. Seriously. We launch the Crosspoint “Hat Trick” – 3 SERVICES!!! We might be the only church in Atlantic Canada with 3 Sunday A.M. services at one location. I haven’t preached in a few weeks which = FIRED UP! I’m hoping for our largest crowd ever. All we need to do is all show up on the same Sunday! You can help with this. Call, email, tweet or Facebook every Crosspointer you know and say, “PT really needs everyone there on the 27th”.

5. We are really excited about our Easter series, “The Walking Dead”! Many people are just going through life but not really living. Jesus came to give us the craziest most fulfilling life possible. 🙂 For 4 Sundays we’ll look at people who came alive when Jesus changed their lives. Of course, the whole thing will explode with our Easter Sunday celebration of the empty tomb. Can’t wait!

6. We are planning to do baptisms on Easter Sunday! Whooooo! LOOOOOVE baptisms. If you have not yet been baptized in your decision to follow Jesus as your Saviour, we would love to see you take the plunge on Easter Sunday! Let us know.

7. We’re planning for a special Easter Offering. Every week we bring our tithes (10%) and offerings to God but we are asking everyone to pray now about what they would be able to bring as an over-and-above offering. Easter is the last Sunday of our church year and we want to finish super strong!

8. We are creating/hosting a local church conference called “Outlandish” for all of Atlantic Canada on Friday, April 8th. We need many of you to take the day off (if possible) and come be a happy, smiley, ultra helpful CP Volunteer. 🙂 Email Pastor Mark if you can help us out. People from all over the Maritimes are registering and we want to give them the very best experience that we can.

9. We need your prayers! Staff, congregation, new believers, marriages, relationships, ministries, finances, vision, etc. Thanks.

The No Wedding Sunday

2 02 2011

Hey Church! We didn’t say anything on Sunday, but the “Wedding Sunday” we had mentioned for February is a no go. In order to do a wedding ceremony in church you need to have people who want to be married on a Sunday morning. It just didn’t work out. Maybe another time.

On the upside, this Sunday is a “DON’TMISSSUNDAY!!!”. Seriously. It’s going to be epic. Landmark. Just sayin. Don’t wait to hear about it from someone else or to see it on CNN. Be there! 🙂

Have fun shoveling. See you Sunday. Praying for you!

Coasters, Conferences and Coffee!

11 01 2011

Hey Crosspoint!! Whooooo 🙂 We are back from the mostly sunny and often chilly state of Florida. It is sooooooooo good to be back! We really had a fantastic trip and it was great to hear the many reports of good things happening back here while we were away. I’m not sure where to start or how to possibly sum up the last two weeks, so I’ll just start bulleting out some thoughts here and see what happens. Give me some grace though. I’m running on a couple hours sleep and my head feels like it’s on the interstate.

– BIG thanks to Ruth and Emily Woodworth for holding down the fort while we were away!! It’s huge to be able to go away and know that everything is going to be taken care of with excellence!

– The primary reason for our trip was a pastor’s conference put on by the Wesleyan Church in Jacksonville, FL. Around 1800 pastors gathered for a few days of sessions and seminars. The speakers and worship leaders were excellent and it’s important for pastors to just sit and take something in for a change! I can speak for Mark, John, Conard and myself when I say that we are recharged, refueled, renergized and ready for 2011! Thank you, Crosspoint, for generously sending us to this valuable experience!!

– We built a family vacay around the conference. We went down early (after a cancelled flight and a quick car rental) and stayed a few days after. We met up with Crosspoint’s Treasurer, Tim Henry, and his fam Kim, Tyler and Jeremy for the first few days of parks. After the conference we parked it up with Conard and Debbie, Mark and Liz, and John Sherwood. We squeezed every ounce out of Florida that we could. I’d like to know how many miles we walked!

– It was pretty astounding and humbling to meet people at the conference who have been following the Crosspoint story. People we hadn’t met were telling us that they watch the services, read the blogs, follow on Twitter, and are cheering us on. Very cool. We have a responsibility here to help other churches experience the same types of things we have!

I’m sure I’ve got more to report, but the coffee just isn’t going to the top floor today. Here are the set lists from the last two Sundays:

January 2

“All Because Of Jesus” Fee, We Shine
“Lead Me To The Cross” Hillsong United, All Of The Above
“We The Redeemed” Hillsong Live, Faith+Hope+Love
“You Gave Your Life Away” Paul Baloche, Our God Saves
“Jesus Paid It All” Kristian Stanfill, Passion:Everything Glorious

January 9

“Today Is The Day” Lincoln Brewster, Today Is The Day
“Holding Nothing Back” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“Grace Will Be My Song” Fee, We Shine
“All The Way My Saviour Leads Me” Chris Tomlin, Hello Love
“Nothing But The Blood” Matt Redman, Facedown

“GUARDRAILS”, our newest series, kicks off this Sunday!! This series has been in the planning for many months and I’m totally expecting God to use it to blow us away with his grace! Can’t wait. The new year is usually a time when people are open to new ideas and fresh starts. Take the leap and invite someone to church this Sunday. I’m expecting the energy to be very high!

So, what is your favorite Florida park, coaster or ride, and why?