Sunday Wrap!

20 06 2011

Happy Monday Crosspoint! Welcome to another weekly wrap up of the Sunday morning happenings of the church on the hill, in the Ville, behind the Mill. Here we go!

– It was the 6th and final week of our “BAMBOOZLED” series. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blast through the book of Galatians. Lots of good reminders in there to keep our focus where it needs to be. Thanks for all the positive feed back on this series!

– Really awesome worship! Love hearing Pastor Jamie lead and sing. Loved the mix of songs. “Lead Me to the Cross” was the perfect way to wrap up the series!

– I really felt like there were many people gaining some good spiritual ground yesterday. Love it!

– And of course, yesterday was Father’s Day!!We handed out nothing. Hope you got some. I semi-joked that we will give away a Harley for Father’s Day next year. Would you invite someone if we did?? All kidding aside, we love our Dads and we are thankful for them. Real men love God. Macho men love God. Chuck Norris loves God! Don’t make your wife be the spiritual leader in the home. Man up guys! 🙂

– Longest video announcements everrrr! Lots of great stuff going on this summer at Crosspoint. Hope you got all the details on the new series, summer BBQ’s, cash for Cambers, Crosspoint Beulah Day, etc.

– We had a baby dedication in the second service. Congrats again to Jon and Suzanne Oldford and baby Coen! God just keeps blessing this place with little ones. That reminds me, have I mentioned that we have a wonderful children’s ministry? Did I mention we have a parents room downstairs with a live video feed and we have a TV set up in the Fellowship Hall with a live feed as well? Did I mention that I am very easily distracted????? I really need your help with this. If your little one is distracting me, they are probably distracting everyone. They need to be in children’s ministry where they can learn about Jesus on their level. We work hard to communicate important things on Sunday but we just can’t do it when everyone is distracted. Thanks for your help!

– Our summer series, “Summer Blockbuster” begins this Sunday!! Yay! Run wild in the streets people!! Ha. I hope you grabbed a few invites on Sunday. We’ll be checking tickets this Sunday for winners. If you want some tics, let us know or drop by, we’ll make sure you get them. Grab another handful this Sunday and just keep giving them out all summer. Lots of people are open to checking out a church in the summer. Especially a church that is doing a series with movie titles, is BBQ’ing, has great music, great coffee, and normal people!

Sunday Set List/Artist Album
“Your Love Never Fails” Jesus Culture, Your Love Never Fails
“Lord, I Need You” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Here For You
“This Is Our God” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“Bless The Lord” Watermark, A Grateful People
“Lead Me To The Cross” Hillsong United, All Of The Above


Staff Retreat

13 06 2011

We had our annual Staff Retreat a couple weeks ago. We spend one day unwinding and one day winding back up. It’s a healthy annual exercise and we always emerge with some fresh thinking, new planning, and bigger dreams for Crosspoint. Here’s a pic of us on New River Beach. It was one of the few nice days we’ve had this Spring and kayaking on the Bay of Fundy was incredible!

Sunday Wrap!

13 06 2011

Good morning Crosspoint!! I hope your Monday is off to a great start. For those of you cheering us on from outside Fredericton, it is a cold, damp, windy, chilly, wear a sweater day. Ahhhhhhh, we need some summer’y weather soon. 🙂 Here is the wrap back on yesterday @CP:

– It was week 5 of our BAMBOOZLED series. I’m really enjoying going through a book of the Bible one chapter at a time. We were in Galatians 5 yesterday talking about the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’. If you aren’t growing spiritually, there is something wrong with your dirt. You have to be where you need to be in order to become who you need to be. The 8 things of Gal 5:22,23 are the produce that God wants to produce in you. Are you growing? Can others tell?

– We had 3 baptisms yesterday!!! Whoooo. This is why we do what we do! I love seeing new believers take this important step in their journey. Fires me up!! 🙂 I love being in a church where baptisms are normal and happen all the time. We don’t have to reflect on ‘the good ol’ days’. We can say, “remember yesterday??!!” Awesome. Thank you Jesus!

– Many people made some serious decisions and commitments yesterday. “What would happen if every one of us made Jesus first in every area of our lives 24/7 this week?” Thankful for the opportunity to pray with several people at the altar yesterday. Love it.

– We got out some of the details on our Beulah Sunday day that is coming up on July 2nd. We’re really hoping that many or most of you will plan to be there. Gonna be a blast! We’ll have more details soon on directions, etc.

Cash for Cambers day, June 26th! We want to shower Pastor Jamie and Catherine with some love and let them know how glad we are that they are joining us. We’ll have a basket out for you to drop something in. 🙂

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“God You Reign” Lincoln Brewster, Today Is The Day
“We The Redeemed” Hillsong, Faith+Hope+Love
“The Wonder Of Your Love” Hillsong, Faith+Hope+Love
“Our God” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Awakening

The Sunday Wrap!

6 06 2011

Happy Monday Crosspoint!! Assuming you all read this on Monday. If not, Happy Whatever Day You Are Reading This to you. We had a very awesome day at CP yesterday. Here is the wrap back.

– It was week 4 of our BAMBOOZLED series! We were in Galatians chapter 4 where Paul uses the illustration of slavery and adoption to remind us how awesome God’s grace really is.

5 people stood to their feet to be adopted into God’s family!!!!! Whoooo! That never gets old and it is why we do what we do! It was very, very exciting! Keep praying for these new believers and others who have recently decided to believe and follow Jesus!

– I mentioned that someone called early Sunday morning to see if they could be baptized. Well, we now have 3 baptisms lined up for this Sunday!!! Let us know if you would like to join them. This Sunday should be amaaaaaazing. 🙂

Great crowd and great energy for this time of year! Lots of new faces and people checking out Crosspoint to see what is going on.

Worship was incredible!!! Wow. Loved the bonus-pre-service song with AJ Guptill on banjo! Loved hearing Pastor Jamie lead on a couple of songs. Rooftops has become one of our anthems that you just love to sing out. Awesome stuff.

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Your Love Never Fails” Jesus Culture, Your Love Never Fails
“How He Loves” David Crowder Band, Church Music
“Take My Life” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Sacred Revolution
“Rooftops” Jesus Culture, Come Away

Yard Sale – Sunday Morn – Annual Meeting Wrap!

30 05 2011

Wow! What a weekend around Crosspoint!! I love seeing so many people around the church getting involved and helping out in so many ways. It was a huge weekend with huge results! Here’s the wrap:

– Our annual Yard Sale for Missions was our best ever!! We raised nearly $4000 for the team that is going to Mozambique this summer. Thanks again to so many of you who donated, set up, served, bought, and cleaned up!!! What a team! Special thanks to Pastor Conard and Debbie for their organization and leadership! Best team anywhere! Really. It was a chilly, drizzly day, but it takes more than that to cool off a yard sale crowd. People were here early and they bought like crazy. The bounce castle for the kids, face painting, the BBQ, the bake sale, etc, it all added up to a huge crowd of happy campers making the most of it! Every dollar will make a difference in the life of one of our team members going to Mozambique, and to the people we minister to there, and to our church as everything we do for missions makes us stronger!

– It was week 3 of our #BAMBOOZLED series on Galatians. The ‘preacher creature’ Mark Brewer brought a challenging message on what it really means to be a people of faith. Great crowd. Great energy. If you weren’t here, be sure to ask Pastor Conard about his beard.

– I mentioned, and will be mentioning, how important it is for our giving to stay consistent with our giving over the summer. We need all y’all to give on a regular basis, even when you aren’t here. Our unfortunate pattern has been to take a financial dip in the summer and that leaves us struggling in the fall (juggling badgers) when we should be flying at mach 25. Thanks. 🙂

– If you were here at the right time yesterday you were treated to some of Felicia Betts cream cheese cinnamon rolls. I didn’t get one but I saw a lot of happy faces saying they were epic!

– We had our annual meeting last night! The meeting began with coffee and desserts. I opened the business meeting with a brief ‘state of the church’ address and some highlights of what’s coming up at Crosspoint. I try not to say too much about numbers on Sunday mornings, but I wanted everyone to know what we are a part of right now. The growth in our church over the past 4 years is nothing short of a mriacle. Last year was our best year ever with 82 salvations, 46 baptisms, 424 avg attendance, and a large increase in giving. I expressed my gratitude last night for the Crosspoint Staff and Board who pursue the vision of this church with me. We are blessed!

– Ally, we’ll email or snail mail you a copy of the annual report. If your name isn’t Ally, you have to drive to the church and pick one up yourself.

Sunday Wrap Day Late Long Weekend Here It Is!

24 05 2011

Heyyyyyyyy Crosspoint!! It didn’t feel like the long weekend in May, but according to the calendar it was. We had a great long weekend Sunday here at CP. Here is the ‘day late even pastors need a day off’ Sunday wrap:

– It was week 2 of our ‘BAMBOOZLED’ series! Which means we were in chapter 2 of the book of Galatians. Pastor Conard did an awesome job of helping us to understand again what it means to be crucified to our old selves so that we can be truly free in Jesus – free in grace!

– We had people who decided to start a brand new life with Jesus on Sunday!! Whooo!! That never gets old. That is why we do what we do. Very exciting!! I had the privilege of talking to one of the people who prayed to recieve Jesus after the second service. It was so exciting to see on her face and in her eyes that she knew exactly what she was doing and she was pumped! I gave her one of our new believer’s packets and showed her the resources inside. Wow. It was very cool!!

– Great long weekend holiday crowd! Not just in numbers, but in spirit and enthusiasm. People were really tracking well, singing loud and responding to everything!

– Loved the worship set! I know I say that every Sunday, but we are seriously blessed with the music in this church. “Holding Nothing Back” is one of my faves and I think it captures the Crosspoint story well.

– Loved seeing a row of teenage boys sitting up front in one of the services!!!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Holding Nothing Back” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“You’ll Come” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“Here Is Love” Bethel Live, Here Is Love
“To The Cross” Paul Baloche, Glorious
“In Christ Alone” Newsboys, He Reigns

Sunday Wrap!

16 05 2011

Crosspoint!! Happy Monday 🙂 What rain? Rain? I don’t see any rain. Seriously though, it’s been raining for weeks and we are all getting just a wee bit tired of it. Hopefully this little post will brighten your day.

– Yesterday was week 1 of our new series in Galatians, “BAMBOOZLED”! It really was a stellar day from start to finish! Thanks for all the positive comments we’ve been getting. Bestchurchanywhere!!

Galatians 1:6,7. There is only one way to follow the Way and Jesus is the Way! Don’t be fooled by some poser or quack or bamboozler that tries to lead you away from grace!! God won’t give you a green light on something that is wrong for the rest of us! He won’t rewrite the 10 Commandments just for you!!

– Great to have Pastor Jamie’s wife Catherine and their boys Noah and Aaron with us yesterday!!

– Loved hearing you sing yesterday! Tons of energy in worship yesterday!

– We had a baby dedication in the second service, Clara Evelyn Brewer. Love church growth and all the new babies God is blessing us with. 🙂

Huge crowd yesterday. One of our largest non-holiday attendances. Awesome!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Today Is The Day” Lincoln Brewster, Today Is The Day
“Blessed Be Your Name” Tree63, The Answer To The Question
“You Never Let Go” Matt Redman, Passion:Everything Glorious
“It Is Well” Todd Fields, North Point Live:Awake