Tim Guptill is the lead pastor @ Crosspoint Wesleyan Church in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. 




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31 03 2009
Adam Mikilia

Hey Tim, Boy was I confused! I thought you were at the CWC in Lynchburg, Va USA. No wonder you were talking about 3 feet of snow – you are in the Great White North! I live in Alexandria, VA (right outside Washington, DC) and my son goes to Liberty Uni. in Lynchburg. I’m a high percentage Wesleyan (over 50% but under 100%) and after seeing your tweets and other stuff I wanted to visit downthere. That church did not have a Tim G. on the list of pastors so I checked a little further – now if I want to go to your church – I will have to travel more than a little futher. Oh well – maybe sometime I will get to go up north, but not in the winter.
Anyway – blessings on you and have a cup of coffee and think of me :-).

2 04 2009

Hey Adam,

Thanks for the good word! I’ve been to Alexandria – to World Hope’s HQ.

Drive north for about 16 hours and you will find us. We’ll have the coffee on.


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