Sunday Wrap!

23 04 2012

Brrrrrrr. It’s one of those days when I’ve got a coffee in each hand and I still can’t warm up. Grab a fresh brew and take a couple minutes to reflect back on another God-solid Sunday here on the hill, behind the mill, in the Ville.

– We kicked off a new 3-week series titled, “You Are Here”. May is the beginning of a new ‘church year’ in the Wesleyan world and we wanted to help everyone know where they are with Jesus and what they need to do to move forward.

– Sunday’s theme was from Philippians 3:1-14 ‘Focus, forget, forward.’ Forget means to ‘give over to oblivion’ and the way we do that is by staying focused on Jesus.

– I shared 3 of my near death experiences when I thought I was a goner. Hopefully it caused you to think of what’s really important in this world. That’s what Paul did in Philippians 3. When he looked back and thought about what other people think is important he said that it all comes down to Jesus. Everything else is worthless. If I have Jesus, plus nothing, I have everything! That’s perspective!

– Loved the energy of the worship set yesterday!
LOVVVVVVVVVED Colton rocking the piano and the organ (keyboard) yesterday! 🙂 Mercy! So goooood!

A few thoughts for your week:
We’re praying for you!
You and God can handle anything!
Remember to run everything through these two questions: Does this honor God? Would I take my grandmother?
Invite someone to church. You never know what God might do!
Look forward to Sunday. Expect something awesome to happen.




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