Crosspoint Stampede Sunday Wrappapalooza

18 04 2012

Howdy Pardners. We sure did have a rootin tootin good time down at the church the other day. Ok, that’s enough lame country talk. 😉 What I’m trying to say is that we had a ‘country’ Sunday last week and, well, it was a great day. Here’s the wrap.

– Easter is always a pretty intense time of year in the church and so we decided to lighten things up the week after Easter and do a country Sunday we called the “Crosspoint Stampede”. We had been looking for a spot on the calendar to do a country sing fundraiser for missions and we rolled the two things into one and made a day out of it.

– Pastor John Symonds (Conard’s bro) was out guest speaker. John is one of the my favorite all time preachers. He used the illustration of the Cross as a bridge and had a bridge in the front of the church for people to walk across if they were choosing to follow Jesus. After that he opened up the bridge for anyone who wanted to rededicate or just testify that they are following Jesus. Thanks for coming Pastor John and thanks for bringing a well timed message for all of us!

– You really got into the whole country thing. 🙂 Loved the clothing, hats, boots, etc. I especially loved a couple of our families that went all out and had their entire families decked out in western apparel! That’s the spirit!

– Thanks to Debbie Symonds, Heidi Hoyt, and Gayla for decorating the church!

– I’m definitely not an expert on country music but I thought the music was done with excellence. Seriously. Pastor Jamie and Ruthie put a ton of hours into the morning and evening music. Big thanks to the band, the steel player, Pastor Conard, the vocalists, etc, etc, everyone who made an effort to make a difference. Thanks.

– Brandon Ingraham and AJ Guptill made the very hilarious video announcements. Crazeeee.

– The festivities carried on into the evening with the Crosspoint Country Sing. Our church has pulled off several very large and very successful country sings over the years. Sunday night was no different. It was a huge success. Thanks again to all who sang, played, showed up, gave, etc. We received around $2300 for our upcoming missions trip to Haiti!! Wooo Hoooo!!! Very cool.

Thanks for checking in and staying in touch with what’s happening at Crosspoint!




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