Sunday Wrap!

23 04 2012

Brrrrrrr. It’s one of those days when I’ve got a coffee in each hand and I still can’t warm up. Grab a fresh brew and take a couple minutes to reflect back on another God-solid Sunday here on the hill, behind the mill, in the Ville.

– We kicked off a new 3-week series titled, “You Are Here”. May is the beginning of a new ‘church year’ in the Wesleyan world and we wanted to help everyone know where they are with Jesus and what they need to do to move forward.

– Sunday’s theme was from Philippians 3:1-14 ‘Focus, forget, forward.’ Forget means to ‘give over to oblivion’ and the way we do that is by staying focused on Jesus.

– I shared 3 of my near death experiences when I thought I was a goner. Hopefully it caused you to think of what’s really important in this world. That’s what Paul did in Philippians 3. When he looked back and thought about what other people think is important he said that it all comes down to Jesus. Everything else is worthless. If I have Jesus, plus nothing, I have everything! That’s perspective!

– Loved the energy of the worship set yesterday!
LOVVVVVVVVVED Colton rocking the piano and the organ (keyboard) yesterday! 🙂 Mercy! So goooood!

A few thoughts for your week:
We’re praying for you!
You and God can handle anything!
Remember to run everything through these two questions: Does this honor God? Would I take my grandmother?
Invite someone to church. You never know what God might do!
Look forward to Sunday. Expect something awesome to happen.


Crosspoint Stampede Sunday Wrappapalooza

18 04 2012

Howdy Pardners. We sure did have a rootin tootin good time down at the church the other day. Ok, that’s enough lame country talk. 😉 What I’m trying to say is that we had a ‘country’ Sunday last week and, well, it was a great day. Here’s the wrap.

– Easter is always a pretty intense time of year in the church and so we decided to lighten things up the week after Easter and do a country Sunday we called the “Crosspoint Stampede”. We had been looking for a spot on the calendar to do a country sing fundraiser for missions and we rolled the two things into one and made a day out of it.

– Pastor John Symonds (Conard’s bro) was out guest speaker. John is one of the my favorite all time preachers. He used the illustration of the Cross as a bridge and had a bridge in the front of the church for people to walk across if they were choosing to follow Jesus. After that he opened up the bridge for anyone who wanted to rededicate or just testify that they are following Jesus. Thanks for coming Pastor John and thanks for bringing a well timed message for all of us!

– You really got into the whole country thing. 🙂 Loved the clothing, hats, boots, etc. I especially loved a couple of our families that went all out and had their entire families decked out in western apparel! That’s the spirit!

– Thanks to Debbie Symonds, Heidi Hoyt, and Gayla for decorating the church!

– I’m definitely not an expert on country music but I thought the music was done with excellence. Seriously. Pastor Jamie and Ruthie put a ton of hours into the morning and evening music. Big thanks to the band, the steel player, Pastor Conard, the vocalists, etc, etc, everyone who made an effort to make a difference. Thanks.

– Brandon Ingraham and AJ Guptill made the very hilarious video announcements. Crazeeee.

– The festivities carried on into the evening with the Crosspoint Country Sing. Our church has pulled off several very large and very successful country sings over the years. Sunday night was no different. It was a huge success. Thanks again to all who sang, played, showed up, gave, etc. We received around $2300 for our upcoming missions trip to Haiti!! Wooo Hoooo!!! Very cool.

Thanks for checking in and staying in touch with what’s happening at Crosspoint!

Easter Sunday Wrap!

11 04 2012

There’s a really good reason why I haven’t updated the blog until now. I forgot. 🙂 Let’s blame it on all the post-Easter excitement around Crosspoint this week. Here’s the wrap:

– Thanks to all of you who prayed for our Easter services and invited your friends and family. Even with the grr-snow we had well over 500 people and many guests!

– We had 3 people stand to their feet to say they’ve decided to follow the Resurrected Jesus!!! This is why we do what we do. This never gets old.

6 people were baptized including one person who stood at the end of the second service and stayed to be baptized in the third service!! It was a super powerful moment. Congratulations to all 6 who were baptized.

– Sunday was the 4th and final week of our Altaers series. Sunday’s theme was, “If it’s true, what do I need to do?” We used Paul and his transformation and his message about the resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15. If Jesus is alive, everything matters. If he’s dead, nothing matters.

– OK, so, ‘Death In His Grave’ at the end of the service was one of the most epic, most intense moments we have ever had! Unreal awesome. Way to go Ruth Woodworth and the entire worship team for pulling it off. Band, choir, and Morgan MacGregor rapping it up!

– I need to go back and watch the video announcements. I missed them because I was getting changed for baptisms. I could hear people laughing out loud so I’ll assume they were up a notch or two for Easter.

– A big thank you to all who helped out with the Missions Breakfast on Easter Saturday! 🙂 Thanks too if you came out to eat bacon for Jesus and donated to the cause. It was a ‘sizzling’ success.

“Crosspoint Stampede” is this Sunday. Country Sunday in the morning and a Country Concert in the evening. Should be a foot stomping, toe tapping, plaid-denim day. Whatever that means. Looking forward to it!

Set List/Artist/Album
“Happy Day” Jesus Culture, Your Love Never Fails
“He Is Lord” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“To The Cross” Paul Baloche, Glorious
“Aftermath” Hillsong United, Aftermath
“Death In His Grave” John Mark McMillan, The Medicine

Sunday Wrap

4 04 2012

Hope your week is going well! No I don’t. I hope your week is going AWESOME. And if it isn’t, His grace is enough to get you through. Get out your Keurig or your french press, brew something dark and bold, and catch up on what happened at Crosspoint this past Sunday. (No tea or Tim Horton’s allowed) 😉

– Sunday was week 3/4 in our Altaers series. We’ve been following the altar theme from early Old Testament into the life of Jesus. The altar is the place where God alters me. No gimmicks. No hype. Just surrendering whatever we have to with God because we know that Jesus surrendered his life for us.

– Sunday’s texts were Romans 8:3 and 1 Peter 1:18-21. We used a credit card to illustrate how the Law of Moses was making our minimum payment just trying to keep up with our sin. 1 Peter says that we’re born with a balance and we all know that we wrack up a lot of debt/sin in a lifetime. Grace is a zero balance. Grace is being debt free. Jesus came to be the payment for our sins! That’s good news!

– Loved the video that Pastor Mark put together to highlight and congratulate Amy Vail for her photography win on Facebook and donating the winnings back to an orphanage in Haiti. Very cool. That’s the church being the church. Those are the things that people need to see the followers of Jesus doing.

– Pastor Mark and Ruth Woodworth led a membership class on Sunday and 16 new people signed up to join Crosspoint. Wooooooooo. 🙂

– What else happened on Sunday? 3 PEOPLE GAVE THEIR LIVES TO JESUS!!!! 🙂

– There was a meeting at the church on Sunday night but I can’t remember what is was about. I think they were voting on something. Probably voting to purchase new espresso machines for the lobby.

– Awesome turn out and a God-is-in-this result of the vote Sunday night to elect Pastor Mark and Pastor Conard Symonds as co-lead pastors for a 2 year term!! Congrats to both men. Big props too to Vice Chair Stephen Woodworth, the search team, and the church board for handling this transition with excellence. Over the next 2 years Pastor Mark will increase his responsibilities in a transitioning type role. God has been clearly leading, grooming, and raising Mark up in his wisdom, skill, and leadership. Pastor Conard is a highly, highly respected leader and man of God. Huge thanks to Conard for being willing to step up and let God use him for such a time as this. Great days ahead Crosspoint!!

10:00 a.m. Corbett Avenue Wesleyan Church. Please help us get the word out on this! This is our annual combined service between the 3 Wesleyan churches in Fredericton. Crosspoint will be leading worship.

Easter Breakfast for Missions!
Crosspoint, this Saturday, 8:30-10:00.

Invite people to church for Easter. Seriously. Don’t be shy. People are interested in going to church for Easter. They are curious. Many people even feel they should be in church for Easter they just don’t know which church to go to. You have a great church! We won’t embarrass you! We’ll do our best. There will be baptisms. There will be unexpected awesomeness. There will be coffee. There will be tons of people. Found people find people. Let’s pack this place for Jesus!!