Sunday Wrap

26 03 2012

Hey Church! Hope your week is getting off to a great start wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Yesterday was a huge day here at CP. Brew up a dark roast, take a break, and recap Sunday with us.

– Let’s begin with the end. At the end of the service our Vice Chair Deluxe, Stephen Woodworth took the stage and made an announcement. The Search Committee and the Board are unanimously recommending Mark Brewer and Conard Symonds as co-lead Pastors of Crosspoint for a 2 year period. Over that time Mark’s role will gradually increase. I love it. I’m pumped about the future of this church. I give huge props to the board for taking the unique culture of Crosspoint into consideration and taking a non-traditional approach for the future. There was loud applause and cheers each time Stephen made his announcement. God is good.

– We were in week 2 of our Altaers series. Some guy named Tim Guptill preached. Our theme was confession and repentance from Isaiah 6:1-7. It’s easier to see others sin than our own but Isaiah didn’t do that. He ‘fessed up. Don’t run. Don’t hide. Don’t justify or rationalize. Call it what it is and lay it on the altar. God will burn it away and set you free!

Loved our communion time. Very cool. We intro’d communion after the first song or so and let you go to 1 of 4 stations in the sanctuary to take the elements. I thought it worked really well. The worship time was perfect and powerful.

Huge crowd yesterday. One of our largest non-holiday attendances ever. Second service was absolutely crammed other than the front two rows. (558 for those of you dying to know what a large attendance is at CP)

– If you got to service late and missed the video announcements, where were you??!! 😉 You need to hit our vimeo site or facebook page and get the announcements. Lots going on that we don’t want you to miss.

Set list/Artist/Album
“Amazing Grace” The Almost, Southern Weather
“Hosanna” Paul Baloche, A Greater Song
“When I Survey” Kathryn Scott, Satisfy
“O The Blood” Kari Jobe, Gateway Worship: God Be Praised
“Take My Life” Chris Tomlin, Passion: Sacred Revolution

*Membership Class this Saturday, March 31st, 10-12:00 A.M. Overview of our history, the Wesleyan Church and key doctrines, beliefs, things you need to know. And coffee.

*Baptisms on Easter Sunday!! If you are a follower of Jesus and you have not yet been baptized there is no better time than Easter Sunday at Crosspoint!!! Let us know. We’d love to celebrate baptism with you.


Sunday Wrap ‘Summer in March’ edition

21 03 2012

Crosspoiiiiiinnnntttt!!! 🙂 Oh hi. Thanks for stopping by our little blog space on the interwebs and staying in touch with what God is doing in us. We’re all a little more crazy than usual this week because it is +25 degrees in March! Here is the wrap up for the week.

– Sunday was week 1 of our Easter series, “Altaers”. Yes, that is spelled with some weird Greek letter that is both an a and an e. The altar is the place where God alters us. Altars alter. Really, seriously, looking forward to this series and its impact on our church. We need this. We need to get back to the altar – a place before God where God can change us.

Pastor Jamie brought an amazing word from the Word on Sunday!! Whoooooo. I watched it this morning and grinned the whole time he was preaching. Thank you Jamie for listening to God, putting in the study time, and delivering the message with sincerity and excellence.

– Looked like a lot of you were genuinely participating in the worship service. Awesomesauce. That’s the way it should be. We know its a good Sunday when we can hear you singing. Hold nothing back Crosspoint. Go for it!

Pastor Mark was the guest speaker at Deep Water church in Halifax. Deep Water has had a few special guests in to speak lately and they had booked Mark a long time ago. If you follow Twitter you’ll see that he didn’t do very well. *sarcasm* They almost broke Twitter with their enthusiasm for Mark and his message. No surprise there. Mark is a gifted communicator. Way to represent us and preach Jesus, Mark!

– I was also a guest speaker someplace last weekend. 😉

Lots happening around Crosspoint. Lots of great things going on, new faces, and changed lives. Keep praying for us as we follow God’s lead through this transition.

Altaers week 2 this Sunday! Invite someone. Call someone who hasn’t been to church in a long time and invite them back. Looking forward to it!

Sunday Wrap

14 03 2012

Happy Wednesday Crosspointers and happy ‘ice-rain’ day to all the kids who have today off from school! If you aren’t reading this on a Wednesday, well, happy whatever day you are reading this on. Hey, we hope your week is going well. Here’s the wrap back to our services on Sunday, March 11, 2012.

– Sunday was the fourth and final week of our ‘LegoLand’ series. We had lots of fun with the lego theme, lego in the lobby, lego on the Hello desk, giant lego on the stage, lego heads on Mark and Jamie (some would say an improvement), etc. The real point was to study the book of Nehemiah and see the difference made by an unstoppable vision.

– It was the second Sunday of March break. We’ll look forward to seeing you all back in church this Sunday. 😉

– Sunday’s theme was around the people’s response to God after God had helped them to accomplish something huge. They had a friend day, a potluck, a bignormous worship service, etc, etc. The people declared to God that they would follow all of his commands, everything, whatever he wanted them to do. Nehemiah 10:29b So, how do you respond to God when you think of all he’s done in your life? How have you responded since Sunday? Is he first in your life?

– Sunday was one of those days when the worship set really connected and people were singing out good and loud! We lovvvvvvvve to hear you sing in worship!!!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Holy Spirit” Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Here On Earth
“Today Is The Day” Lincoln Brewster, Today Is The Day
“Before The Throne Of God Above” Shane & Shane, Dare 2 Share – Unending Worship
“Lead Me To The Cross” Hillsong United, All Of The Above
“Jesus Paid It All” Kristian Stanfill, Passion: Everything Glorious

**Special Night of Prayer**
This Saturday eve, March 17, drop in prayer time at the church from 6-8. Come and pray for the church’s search for a new lead pastor and for the Guptill’s transition! Very important stuff peeps.

Sunday Wrap March Break Edition

8 03 2012

Happy Thursday, yes, I know, it’s Thursday and not Monday when the wrap usually comes out. I’ve probably caused your whole week to be ‘off’. Orrr, you really don’t care. For those of you watching from a distance, it’s supposed to be +13 degrees in Freddy Beach today!!! Bring it on!

– Sunday was the third week of our “LegoLand” series in the book of Nehemiah. Pastor Mark brought a strong message encouraging us all to do God’s good work without distraction. Whenever. However. Whoever.

– It was the first weekeknd of our March break here in NB. I think I remember March break Sundays being low attendance Sundays with a lot of people away. Not last Sunday. Mercy. Great crowd. Tons of new guests. Lots of new families having a look around. Very awesome!

Pastor Jamie led a fantastilicious worship set! Who loves Pastor Jamie?? Meeeeeeeeeeee. 🙂

– Work has already begun on the youth room reno’s thanks to the Ed Stratton Moustache Fund. Thanks again to all of you who supported this. We have a fantastic group of teens who are growing spiritually and leading others to Jesus. If you haven’t prayed for them yet today now would be a good time.

– Hard to believe but our Easter series, “Altaers” starts next Sunday, March 18th. Easter is an easy and natural time to invite others to church. As always, we’ll do our best to present the story of Jesus and the Resurrection in a way that makes sense and changes lives. Can’t wait!!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“God Is Able” Hillsong, God Is Able
“You Alone” David Crowder Band, The Lime CD
“Saviour King” Hillsong United, The I Heart Revolution
“Always” One Sonic Society, Forever Reign