Sunday Wrap

27 02 2012

So, yesterday was an interesting day at Crosspoint. 😉 Here is the wrap for those of you who missed it.

– It was week 2 of our LegoLand series and the theme was serving. Every family, every person working together to accomplish the vision God has called us to.

Nehemiah 4:1-6 The scoffers and doubters were out in full force but Nehemiah wasn’t distracted. Life is too short and the vision is too important for us to put down our tools and listen to all the negative voices. If you have ever felt like your life is rubble or ‘charred stones’, remember that God can rebuild and transform anything and anyone!

– Absolutely loved the worship set yesterday. Wow. I could watch that set over and over again. Very powerful. Rooftops is one of my faves.

– We had a baby dedication in the third service! 🙂 Emma Grace Killam brought her family up to dedicate her. Congrats again to Joel, Mandy, and big sister Leah.

– If you watch the video announcements you’ll see a couple of block heads who work here. (groan)

– 2 more Sundays of the Nehemiah series and then we get into the Easter season. This year’s theme is Altars (spelled with an ‘ae’) The altar is the place where God alters me. We’re going to look at altars from Abraham to the Cross. I’m praying that it will be a powerful holy season for all of us!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Holy Spirit” Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Here On Earth
“You Are My Passion” Jesus Culture, Come Away
“Here For You” Matt Redman, 10,000 Reasons
“Rooftops” Jesus Culture, Come Away

So, that’s it. Did I forget anything?

Oh yeah. I announced my resignation yesterday. Let me say again that you are an amazing church. It’s been a thrill to be your pastor. The Moncton Wesleyan board has recommended my name to the congregation. I will preach there and be voted on March 18th. I will still be at Crosspoint until the end of June, first of July.


Sunday Wrap

20 02 2012

It’s another gorgeous pre-spring day here in the Ville! The sun is shining and we have so much to be thankful for. I hope your week is off to a great start. We really are praying for you and we hope that God will give you open doors of opportunity to share Jesus this week. Here’s the wrap back:

– Yesterday was week 1 of our new series (would be hard to be week 1 of an old series) “LegoLand”. We’re going to spend the next 4 weeks studying the book and the person Nehemiah and talking about how God is building his church.

– Our theme yesterday was “An Unstoppable Vision”. Nehemiah knew that God had called him to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. It was clear. Concise. And compelling. He wasn’t going to stop or be derailed for anything. The vision-pattern that God used with Nehemiah 2500 years ago is the same pattern he uses today. Very cool.

– Loved the worship set. Loved hearing you sing. Loved Alvin Brewer ripping it up on the guitar!!

– OK, those were some of the best video announcements we’ve had in a long time. Very creative. Big props to AJ Guptill for turning Pastor Mark and Pastor Jamie into a couple of block-heads. 🙂 Share the link with your friends and let them get a taste of Crosspoint.

– Terrific crowd yesterday and several new families!! Invite someone for this Sunday?

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Holding Nothing Back” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“I Will Exalt” Bethel Live, Be Lifted High
“Stronger” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“Our God” Chris Tomlin, Passion: Awakening

Sunday Wrap!

13 02 2012

What would a Monday be without the Sunday Wrap blog post?? A Monday. OK, so maybe these posts aren’t life changing but they do represent some life changing things that God is doing in our church. We’re pretty pumped. Here’s the wrap back to another fun Sunday at Crosspoint.

– There was 10 feet of snow! OK, slight exagerration. I’m always amazed at how we can get to the mall or the rink or the coffee shop but if there is a little snow on Sunday morning we cross church off the list. 😉 It really wasn’t that bad in Fredericton. And, I need to say that we had a pretty decent crowd all things considered.

– It was the 5th and final installment of our ‘Once Upon A Time’ series. This has been a top 5 series for us for sure. Several of you have shared how this series has impacted your life and how you are going to ‘write a better story’ with the rest of your life. That’s a God thing.

– Yesterday’s theme was “Lost things matter to God”, Luke 15. It was 3 for 1 Sunday with back to back to back parables. The lost sheep, lost coin, and the lost son. Rumor has it that I nibbled like a sheep mowing down fresh grass. It’s just a rumor. 😉 The sheep was lost through preoccupation, the coin through the carelessness of others, the son through miscalculation. Never stop praying for spiritually lost people to find their direction in Jesus!

– There was a guy leading worship who looked a lot like John Sherwood.

Kelly Lynds shared a bit of her story in the video testimony of the week. These videos have been ginormously impacting for all of us. Big thanks to all who let us film your story. You are making a difference.

– We announced that Kathy Shanks is coming on staff at Crosspoint! Kathy’s position will primarily be in Children’s ministry and she will also assist us in areas of finance and administration. Kathy is from Marysville, this is her home church. She is currently serving as the Children’s Pastor at Moncton Wesleyan.

– I love Brandon and Emily Ingraham. They are rock solid servants of Jesus. I am so thankful for Emily and how she has served her church for the past two years in Children’s ministry and many other areas as well. We’ll be praying for you as you head back to Hillsong Australia to finish your education. Thanks for coming home and stepping in when your church needed you! That’s huge.

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Holy Spirit” Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Here On Earth
“You Are My Passion” Jesus Culture, Come Away
“Nothing But The Blood” Jesus Culture, Awakening
“You Never Let Go” Matt Redman, Passion: Everything Glorious
“How He Loves” David Crowder Band, Church Music

Sunday Wrap

7 02 2012

Oh hey. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 This is the place to keep tracking with what’s going on at Crosspoint. Well, we can’t cover everything that’s going on, but we can hit the highlights from Sunday and a few other points of interest in the life of our church. This has already been a crazy week for Jesus in our church. Lots of good going on. Here’s a look back at this past weekend @ CP…

– Sunday was week 4 of our “Once Upon A Time” series! If God has been speaking to you in this series, if you are committing to write a better story, leave a comment on this post and share with others.

– We looked at a very famous parable of Jesus that is on the end of his most famous sermon. It’s Matthew 7:24-27, the wise and foolish builder. There is a huge difference between being a listener to Jesus and a follower of Jesus. The person who follows Jesus is wise. Not the person who gives the most or attends the most or knows the words to all the songs, etc. Obedience is the depth that will hold you in any storm.

Big response to God’s word in all 3 services!!!

– We had another powerful ‘write a better story’ video from another Crosspointer. Thank you Michelle for sharing with us!! 🙂

– Excellent response so far to the ’90 Day Tithe Challenge’. We’ve heard several stories of people trusting God and God blessing people. It’s not too late to start!

In other news…

Uprsising was OUTSTANDING!! HUGE thanks to the entire team that carries the vision, plans it all out, recruits the volunteers, prays it through, and makes it happen! You know who you are. You are making a difference!

Shave Ed’s Moustache! Great job on the video announcements Ed. You’re a natural. Thanks for putting your moustache up for shave/auction as a fundraiser for the CPYouth. If we raise $2000 Ed will shave off his 41 year old moustache. Love it. Our youth group is exploding, great things are happening. Lets’support them!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Here For You” Matt Redman, 10, 000 Reasons
“Unending Love” Hillsong, God Is Able
“We The Redeemed” Hillsong, Faith + Hope + Love
“God Of This City” Chris Tomlin, Hello Love

Sunday Wrap

2 02 2012

OK, so it’s Thursday and this is my first opportunity to make this post. Hope your week has been rolling along well. Except for the snow. And the snow days. And the shoveling. And the snow. But hey, it’s February which means we’re another month closer to the big melt.

– Sunday was week 3 of our “Once Upon A Time” series. The series has been picking up traction each week. Sunday’s theme was on heaven and forgiveness, “The Unforgiving Debtor” from Matthew 18. Forgiven people forgive others. People who know grace, show grace. If you are thankful for what God has done for you, reach out to someone else. You never know, you might change a life for eternity!

– Loving our ‘write a better story’ videos that we’re doing each week. Very powerful There’s just something about hearing the transformation story of someone from your church that reminds us of why we do what we do. Thanks again to those who have been willing to take a camera for the cause!

– We threw out a ’90 Day Tithe Challenge’ and several of you responded!! Thank you 🙂 Our church and our budget have both been growing exponentially over the last several years. Many of you are giving sacrificially and we appreciate you. Great things are happening and we have great days ahead.

Set List/Artist/Album
“Revelation Song” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“He Is Lord” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“There Is A Redeemer” Kathryn Scott, We Still Believe
“This Is Our God” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“All The Way My Savior Leads Me” Chris Tomlin, Hello Love

Uprising is this weekend!! Crosspoint’s women’s ministry event of the year. It’s going to be fantastic.