Sunday Wrap – January 22nd

25 01 2012

Hey, remember that time we had church? Yeah, that was crazy. Oh, you weren’t there? Well, read this blog post and then you can pretend like you were. Here we go!

First lesson of the day: Don’t let Pastor Jamie shave your head. Or at least buy a good, stable razor.

We then kicked off week 2 of our “Once Upon a Time” series with some stellar worship from Ruthie, Shea and the crew. Here’s the setlist if you want to hunt some of those songs down:

“Your Grace Is Enough” Matt Maher, Empty And Beautiful
“Sing My Love” Jesus Culture, Your Love Never Fails
“Glory To God Forever” Vicky Beeching, Eternity Invades
“The Wonder Of Your Love” Hillsong, Faith + Hope + Love

Huge thanks to Darren Stewart for sharing his story via video this week. Wow. Powerful stuff. LOVE these stories. We could’ve seriously just prayed and sent you home the last two weeks after watching these things. And there’s more stories to come!

This week’s parable was the Story of the Rich Farmer; aka, the guy who just built a bigger barn for all of this stuff, and then had a surprise visit from God.
The main issue we wrestled with was, “God has blessed me with SO MUCH money, time energy and resources, but am I ‘loving my neighbour as myself’ or just building a bigger barn?”

When faced with multiple scriptures all admonishing us to take care of those around us, and then comparing that with our own spending, I think we all had a good reminder of what God is calling us to do. “Well done always trumps well said.”
So, the challenge was given to everyone at all three services: Come to the altar and make a sacrifice. A real, literal sacrifice. Leave your coats. Your shoes. Your hat and mittens. The things you love the most. And give them away to people who need them in our very own city. And WOAH. You responded.

Fur coats. Leather jackets. Brand new boots. The sweaters off your back. More gloves than we can count. A personal tablet. And on and on it goes.
You gave God your best. You walked out to your cars in your socks. You walked out to your cars in your t-shirts. (and it was -30! I promise, we didn’t plan that!)

And we committed to stop building bigger barns.

It was a powerful, memorable morning. I hope and pray that your commitment wasn’t a one-time offering of a coat, but a lifestyle change that will continually show the love of Christ to everyone around us. Awesome stuff, Crosspoint. Keep writing a better story.

Couple of notes:
1) We launch our tithing challenge next Sunday! Have you been talking and praying with your family about this? More details to follow on Sunday.
2) Be praying for Pastor Tim and his family – he’s in Atlanta at the biggest church in the Wesleyan denomination, being poured into by the leadership there. A very cool opportunity. He’ll back this week and ridiculously fired up!
3) Your Connect Groups will be kicking off this week or next, so stay tuned for information about when your group launches. We had lots of new people sign up for a group…awesome!


Sunday Wrap

16 01 2012

Thanks for checking the blog and staying plugged in to what’s happening at Crosspoint. We are far from perfect but we’re doing our best to help as many as possible follow Jesus. Yesterday was a very exciting day. Here’s the look back:

Baptisms!!!! 4 exclamation marks. One for each of the people who were baptized yesterday. 🙂 Baptisms are my absolute most favorite thing to do in ministry. I love seeing people step forward and go public for Jesus. Congratulations again to those who took this very important step/plunge!

– We kicked off our new series, “Once Upon A Time”! It was one of my favorite Sundays ever in the past 5 years. Yep. God’s presence was with us, worship was powerful, and it seemed like a lot of people were doing business with God. The tag line of the series, “write a better story”, is going to be a life changer for many. Forget about your past, what can your future look like if you let God script it?? Anything is possible!

– We’ll use a different parable of Jesus each Sunday in the series. Yesterday’s parable was a more obscure, and I think hilarious, parable, “The Parable of the Friend at Night”. No doesn’t always mean no. Persistence pays off. Ask. Seek. Knock. Receive. Find. Open. Pray about it, look around, and make some noise.

– Yesterday’s video testimony was off the charts impacting. Huge props to Chris Johnson for sharing his story with us and showing us how we can write a better story when we trust God with our lives. Not a dry eye in the place as we watched Chris’s video. Be looking for the video on our Vimeo site and forward it to everyone you know. God is alive and he is working!!

– Huge thanks to AJ Guptill and Brandon Ingraham for creating our best looking stage and lighting design yet!

– Huge crowd yesterday. One of our largest non-holiday non-special event attendances ever. Invite someone this week. Really. It’s a great time of year to invite someone and this series is going to be huge. Found people find people.

– Get in a group, register for Uprising, give like never before, get to know new people, pray hard, thank God for what he is doing and ask how you can be a part of the future!! Great days ahead Crosspoint! 🙂

Set List/Artist/Album
“Hosanna” Paul Baloche, A Greater Song
“Knees To The Earth” Christy Nockels, Passion: Sacred Revolution
“None But Jesus” Hillsong United, With Hearts As One
“Bless The Lord” Watermark, A Grateful People
“Lord, I Need You” Chris Tomlin, Passion: Here For You

Sunday Wrap!

9 01 2012

Every week, well almost every week, I do a quick blog summary of the services at Crosspoint for those who weren’t there, those who are never there, and those who like to follow from afar. This is that post.

Gigawatts!! It was week 2 of our mini-series “Back to the Future”. One week to look back and one week to look to the future. Special props go to guitarist/vocals Martin S (no one can spell his last name) for wearing some seriously retro back to the future sneakers. Nice.

– Loved, totally thoroughly enjoyed, the worship set! The songs fit the message and the theme perfectly. Great energy and by far the best ‘transitions’ between songs that we have ever, ever had. Thank you again to all of you who work so hard on this behind the scenes. You know who you are. And to Ruth Woodworth who ultimately gives point leadership to everything we do musically.

– Since we’re on the topic of worship, let me say again how much I love the total media, tech, and lighting package we present every week. It’s so good that you often don’t notice it. Exactly! It’s not intrusive but it helps us focus on Jesus.

– Well, the preacher was rusty and the crowd was kind. Ha! That’s the best way I can describe the message.

– Every January I share a few things that remind us of why we do what we do. Let’s never take for granted what God is doing here people. Our culture, our mission, and our style are all working together to help us share Jesus with as many people as possible. Many churches would give their choir robes to be doing what we are doing.

Great crowd yesterday! Great to see new faces and to see some faces we haven’t seen for awhile. Seriously. Great to see you. If you know anyone who is missing, give them a little nudge. Or a big nudge.

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Holding Nothing Back” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“You’ll Come” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“Amazing Grace” The Almost, Southern Weather
“Hosanna” Hillsong United, All Of The Above
“I Will Exalt You” Hillsong, Faith + Hope + Love

Coming up!!
– Youth Baptisms this Wednesday! Come out and cheer them on! 7 PM
– Baptisms this Sunday morning, January 15th, all 3 services!!! If you haven’t been baptized we would love to celebrate this very important step with you. What are you waiting for? Dive in!
– Connect Groups! Every person who goes to this church should be in a connect group. Sign ups are coming. Start the new year right and join a small group of people!
– Brand new series for the new year, “Once Upon A Time”. You can write a better story! Follow the parables of Jesus and see how your story meets God’s story! Invite someone!


3 01 2012

Hey Church!Hope that your 2012 is off to a great start. We had a slamtastic time in Ontario last week. Good travels, great company, and way too much eating. It’s good to be back in the Ville and we are totally amped, pumped, stoked, (and other words that used to be cool years ago) about this coming year at Crosspoint!! Seriously.

Crosspoint Christmas at the Playhouse!! By far, like really far, our best night ever. I am so thankful to God for the entire evening at the Playhouse. The kids were awesome. The youth were incredible. The quartet, the worship, the band, the video announcements with Aaron Cambers, the crowd (the HUGE crowd!), the response to the message, and on and on. We probably had between 1000 and 1100 people and 80+ indicated a new decision for Jesus!! Thank you so much, so many of you, for the many hours of hard work, the praying and the inviting. You are making a difference. Jesus is making the difference. Wow.

– We left for Ontario early in the morning on Christmas eve. I think it’s only the 2nd time in 20 years that we’ve been to Gayla’s home for Christmas day. Great drive. No problems. No speeding tickets. I only get speeding tickets when Conard is in the car with me.

– Heard great things about the Christmas morning service here at Crosspoint. Way to go Mark, Jamie, Ruth, Emily and others for putting in the extra effort. Looks like we had many new faces on Christmas Sunday and January 1st.

– We kicked off a 2-week miniseries on Sunday titled, “Back to the Future”. It was an icy morn and New Year’s Day and we still had a very decent crowd. We had multiple shredders at the front of the church and gave you an opportunity to put the past in the past. Now, let’s focus on our future in Jesus!!

– I’m looking forward to preaching this Sunday. Uh, that’s the understatement of the year. (The year is only 3 days old!) I can HARDLY WAIT to preach this week. I’m always a little more wound than usual when I haven’t preached for a Sunday or two. Should be entertaining. Come to the first service for the full effect. 😉

Two things that I am really, really excited about:
Youth Baptisms next Wednesday!! Wow. All invited. Come cheer on some of our teens who are taking this huge step in their journey with Jesus. It’s going to be power-full!!

New series starting January 15th, “Once Upon a Time”. We’re throwing a lot into this series because we truly want everyone to ‘write a better story’. Each week you will hear from a Crosspointer whose life has been radically transformed by Jesus. We’ll be preaching from the parables of Jesus and seeing our story in God’s story. Also, we’re doing BAPTISMS in all 3 services on January 15th. Get the year started right, don’t wait, don’t put it off. Let us know if you’d like to be baptized on the 15th!!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“One Thing Remains” Bethel Live, Be Lifted High
“Jesus Paid It All” Kristian Stanfill, Passion: Everything Glorious
“I Will Exalt” Bethel Live, Be Lifted High
“Freedom Reigns” Jesus Culture, Come Away
“Break Every Chain” Jesus Culture, Awakening: Live From Chicago