Christmas Wrap!

28 11 2011

Crosspoint!! Welcome to another look back at another great Sunday at a little church that has a lot of people and a Big God. I hope your week is going very stellar. Since we kicked off our Christmas series yesterday, let’s call this the ‘Christmas Wrap’ instead of ‘Sunday Wrap’. K? K. Here we go!

– Sunday was week one of our Christmas series, ‘Scrooged’. Like I mentioned yesterday, it’s the sub-theme that I am really stoked about, “Spirit, where are you taking me?” We truly hope that the Spirit of God takes you to some brand new places in your relationship with Jesus this Christmas!

– Our text was John 2, Jesus’ first public miracle, the water, the wine and the wedding. God might do something totally unexpected in your life to take you where he can make you more like Jesus. Sometimes change is painful. If I have to choose between risk and regret, I’ll take risk. When a woman has made up her mind (Mary) not even God gets his way. 😉 What does God need to do in your life for you to see who he is and believe?

3 People believed in Jesus and invited him into their lives yesterday!! Whooooo!! That never gets old. That is why we do what we do. There are several new believers at Crosspoint. We’re planning a baptism for January. Can’t wait!!

– Loved the Christmas music, especially the opening song, “Born is the King”! Great job Shea and Catherine!! Also, I could watch Chris Saad play drums for hours. I don’t know if he could play for hours, but I could watch him for hours!!

– Loved all the new lighting! Whooooo 🙂 Special props to AJ Guptill, Brandon Ingraham, and anyone else who had anything to do with making it look spectacular. Way to go Pastor Mark for casting vision for excellent looking environments for worship.

– Yesterday was week 1 for reserving your Playhouse tickets. You can also reserve them via twitter, facebook, email, whatever. Just let us know! One more week for reserving!! Don’t miss the biggest, easiest, no brainer invite of the year! It’s going to be fantabulous. Honest.

Set List/Artist/Album
“Born Is The King (It’s Christmas)” Hillsong, Born Is The King
“Rooftops” Jesus Culture, Come Away
“Hosanna” Hillsong United, All Of The Above
“Joy To The World” Hillsong, Born Is The King
“O Come All Ye Faithful” Chris Tomlin, Glory In The Highest

Other Stuffs:
– Ugly Sweater Sunday, Dec 11th
– Annual Christmas Missions Offering, Dec 11th

Your mission this week is to invite people to our Christmas service at the Playhouse!! December 23, two identical services, 6 and 8 PM, refreshments in the new Trade and Convention Centre. Found people find people!


Sunday Wrap!

21 11 2011

Hey Church! Happy Monday and welcome to another look back at another great Sunday at Crosspoint!

– Yesterday was the final Sunday in our ‘Elements’ series. This was an impacting series for sure! I’m constantly amazed (not surprised) at how God leads us to exactly the right series and themes for exactly the right time. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from Crosspointers who have found this series to be a lot of help. God is good!

– We took time in all three services to honor and appreciate Bud Pond who is retiring after serving Crosspoint (Olivet) as custodian for 46 years! Bud and Wilda joined us on the stage while their daughter Carolee and Pastor Conard presented them with gifts and words of appreciation. Thanks again Bud for doing far more than just cleaning the church. You served the Lord with excellence!

– Sunday’s ‘Element’ was ‘The Bible’. It was a fitting way to wrap up the series. Pastor Mark brought another slammalicious stupendtacular sermon! I am still laughing over the “Under 30 men’s swim team bible with water proof pages.” 🙂

– Always love hearing the soaring harmonies of the ‘Staples Sisters’ from Maple Ridge! 🙂 That’s Amanda Collicott and Leah Staples for those of you who are wondering what I’m talking about.

– Lovvvvvvvvved hearing you sing yesterday!

– Another big crowd yesterday! We need a bigger auditorium for the 10:00 crowd. Just sayin’.

– Hope you caught the video announcements. Lots going on.

Communion this Saturday, 4-6 PM. Drop in. Live worship. Pastor Conard and I will serve you communion. Stay for a few minutes, as long as you like. If you want to come and spend time in prayer or just sit in God’s presence for awhile, feel free. Looking forward to kicking off Advent and our Christmas series with communion!

Crosspoint Christmas at the Playhouse!! Whooooooo! Tickets will soon be out. Please be inviting people now. It’s going to be an amazing evening!

Set List/Artist/Album
“I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous)” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Everything Glorious
“Unending Love” Hillsong Live, God Is Able
“Lead Me To The Cross” Hillsong United, All Of The Above
“You Gave Your Life Away” Paul Baloche, Our God Saves

Sunday Wrap!

14 11 2011

Hey Church!! Yesterday was our annual “half the church is shopping in Maine” Sunday. 🙂 It really was a great day of worship though. Here is the wrap back for ALL those of you who missed it. You know who you are. 😉

– We continued our “Elements” series with the theme of “Prayer”. I’ve really enjoyed this series and I think that it has been helpful to many. We’ve received a lot of positive feed back from new people and people who have been here forever. That’s pretty cool.

– I find prayer to be one of the toughest subjects to preach on. It is vast and mysterious. I know that it works. I know God wants us to pray. And I also know that the results are totally in God’s hands. Prayer might not always move God but it moves us closer to where we need to be. It doesn’t change God but it changes us.

– The big point yesterday was that answered prayer can’t be the reward of prayer. Relationship (with Jesus) is the reward of prayer.

– Most of us would say that we move back and forth between frustration and fascination in our prayer lives. That’s normal. If you are getting a dial tone from heaven don’t give up!

– The ongoing dialogue between your heart and heaven is prayer.

– We had a mid-service open altar time of prayer. Very refreshing.

Shea totally gave 110% into leading us in worship. Wow. Great job Shea. 🙂

Pastor Jamie had 29 teens in the youth class!! Whoooooo!!

– Later in the afternoon we had a missions meeting to share details on upcoming trips. Haiti, Hephzibah (children’s home in Georgia) and possibly Cuba all coming soon to a CP near you. If you have any interest make sure you let us know soon.

Ugly Sweater Sunday, December 11! Prizes, laughter, and public humiliation. Get hideous Crosspoint.

Set List/Artist/Album
“You’ll Come” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“Saviour King” Hillsong United, With Hearts As One
“Revelation Song” Gateway Worship, Living For You
“Be Thou My Vision” Jars Of Clay, WOW Worship: Yellow

It will be here before you know it. You totally need to be inviting people now. Tickets will go FAST!! Two services, 6 and 8, December 23rd. Coffee and Punch will be at the new Trade and Convention Centre. We also have a special room rented there for the kiddos. We are doing everything we can to make sure that this year’s service is our best ever by far. Can’t wait!

Thanks for being such an amazing church. There have been several really exciting things happen in just the past few weeks that just confirm what God is doing in our church. Great days ahead!!

Sunday Wrap!

7 11 2011

Crosssspoiiiiinnntt!! I hope you are all having a great start to another week. Yesterday was definitely one of the best Sundays we have ever had. Ever. Here’s the wrap!

– It was week 5 of our ‘Elements’ series and also our annual missions weekend. Our special guest was Dr. H.C. Wilson, General Director of Global Partners (Missions) for the Wesleyan Church.

– We had a packed out, sold out missions dinner on Saturday evening with HC sharing about what God is doing around the world in Wesleyan Churches. It is always fascinating, humbling, and motivating to hear how people are serving God, sometimes under extreme threat of persecution, in our churches, hospitals and mission posts. Special thanks to Pastor Con and Deb and their team for a tremendous dinner and evening!

– HC brought a poweful message Sunday morning on the impact and potential of the Jesus Film. He shared stories of salvation and miracles from the Jesus Film and we learned that it is the most successful evangelistic tool since the beginning of the church in the book of Acts. Think about that.

– We were challenged to give the ‘change’ in our pockets to help resource Jesus Film projects around the globe. Some of you wrote checks, some of you dug deep, some of you gave everything you had. The total so far (it’s still coming in) is around $3300!! That’s amazing.

Yesterday was the largest ‘non holiday, non special event’ attendance in the history of our church. 558. Woooooo!!! Very exciting. 2nd service was especially packed. Wow.

– Loved the video announcements from the Cranberry bog. Special thanks to the Nason family for inviting us down. 🙂

**There are many, many great things happening at Crosspoint these days. Many changed lives, many acts of service, new people going to groups, new people volunteering, new levels of giving and generosity, life change happening with our children and teens, tremendous unity and optimism, greater worship, etc, etc. We have so much to be thankful for. Spread the word. Invite someone this Sunday. You never know the difference that it might make!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Holding Nothing Back” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“This Is Our God” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“Oh Lord You’re Beautiful” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“We The Redeemed” Hillsong, Faith + Hope + Love

Test Drive Sunday Wrap!

1 11 2011

Hey Church! I hope you are all having a great week. Sorry that I’m a day late or so with this post but our youngest, Autumn, was in the hospital for a couple of days (asthma) and I’m just getting back into the shwing. So, I learned something this weekend… Don’t plan a ‘friend day’ type event on the same day as a mega-snow-wind-blech nor’easter! Still though, we had a lot of new faces come and give CP a test drive on Sunday. All in all it was a great day. Here’s the wrap!

– It was week 3 of our ‘Elements’ series and it was also ‘Test Drive Sunday’! We encouraged every Crosspointer to invite someone to come take us for a one hour spin and see what we do. Huge thanks to all of you who invited someone! Even though it was snowing sideways we had a lot of new faces with us. Great stuff!

– Our ‘Elements’ theme of the week was ‘Service’, James 2:14-17. Many times we would rather swerve than serve. Faith without serving is dead and useless. If you are following the Servant, then you probably should be serving. We have opportunities everyday to simply serve someone else and let them see the real Jesus.

– Free coffee, free snacks, and we even threw some free CP toques into the crowd! Lots of fun.

WE GAVE AWAY A FREE CAR!!!! Is that nuts or what??!! Seriously. If you weren’t here then you missed one of the best announcements we’ve ever made. One of our Crosspoint families donated a car for us to give to a deserving family. So awesome!! Makes me smile. 🙂 I love this church!!!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Here For You” Matt Redman, 10,000 Reasons
“All Because Of Jesus” Fee, We Shine
“The Wonder Of Your Love” Hillsong, Faith + Hope + Love
“Take My Life” Chris Tomlin, Passion: Sacred Revolution

Coming Up:
– Missions dinner with special guest, Dr. H.C. Wilson, this Saturday, Nov 5. If you don’t have tickets, contact us right away!! HC is the General Director of Global Partners, the missions force of the Wesleyan Church International. HC is one of the premiere leaders in our church and by far one of the best communicators you will ever hear.

– This Sunday morning, week 4 of our ‘Elements’ series, Dr. H.C. Wilson is our special guest speaker. He is one of my all time favorite preachers/speaker/communicator. You will absolutely love it. Can’t wait!