Sunday Wrap!

27 09 2011

Good morning Crosspoint! Hope your week is off to a great start. Apparently July decided to show up in September this year. Hey, we’ll take it. Any day of 20+ temps in September is a good day. Here is the look back at Sunday:

– We were in week 2 of our ‘Modern Family’ series. The theme was marriage and our text was 1 Corinthians 13:7. People who stay in love forever choose to stay in love forever. Failure to choose the right things leaves you with no choice. Loving marriages are long on grace and short on memory. Guys want to stamp it DONE. Ladies want to stitch it d-o-n-e. 🙂

– Pastor Conard did a fantastic job setting up the offering and reminding us of times in the past when people made extreme sacrifices for the vision of the church. Thanks to so many of you who have been responding positively!! Great days ahead. 🙂

– We have over 100 people signed up for Connect Groups! Woooo! That’s awesome. There is still time and some groups still have openings. The church needs to grow smaller as it grows larger. Don’t just sit in rows on Sunday, sit in circles with people you can get to know.

– Attendance is way up over the same time a year ago. Lots of new families and faces. Love it!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Awakening
“One Thing Remains” Bethel Live, Be Lifted High
“None But Jesus” Hillsong United, The I Heart Revolution
“Lord I Need You” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Here For You



21 09 2011

You know others.
God loves others.
Others have souls.
Others think about spiritual things.
Others know you go to church.
Others wonder why you don’t invite them.
Crosspoint is others friendly.
Crosspoint is others wired.
The Gospel is about others.
Jesus loves others.
Jesus died for others.
Jesus talked to others.
Others need the Cross.
Others need to be baptized.
Others need a good church.
Others need to follow Jesus.
Others matter.
You work with others.
I know others.
You know others.
Others are in your home.
Others are on your street.
Others are in your coffee shop.
Others prayed for you.
You need to pray for others.
Others invited you.
You can invite others.
Others love one another.
Others matter.
Jesus loves others.

Sunday Wrap!

18 09 2011

Surprise! It’s a rare Sunday night edition of the wrap. We had a huge day today at Crosspoint. Brew up a dark roast and let’s look back at a great Sunday!

– There has been a real spirit of optimism and anticipation around Crosspoint for several weeks now. It feels as though God has been preparing hearts for what he wants to do this Fall. The church was humming and buzzing last week with a lot of preparations and changes for today. Thanks again to the Crosspoint Staff and SO many volunteers who gave everything a huge push last week!!You are the best. Anywhere.

– We kicked off our new series, “Modern Family”. Today was a look at keeping the main thing the main thing in our families and Jesus is the Main Thing! If your family values are God’s values you will have a family of great value. Repeat it. Repeat it. Repeat. Remember the hand — Love the Lord your God, with all your mind, all your heart, and all your strength, commit to these things.

– I heard there were some puns and cheezy corny humor. Really? I don’t remember any. 😉

– We were back to three services today! Actually, it felt good to be back to 3. I was a little worried if my voice would hold out. No problem. Great crowd. Great singing and participation in worship. Great atmosphere all around this morning!! 🙂

– I gave a finance update before the offering and encouraged all of us to take our giving to another level. We are giving below our size and we have to bring the general giving up on a weekly basis. I also talked about the ‘Go for it’ campaign and how we are way below our annual commitments. We need more people to get on that bus and keep the commitments. Really. We need you to be praying about this and helping out any way you can. Thanks!

– We shifted the coffee to the ‘window’ in the Fellowship Hall and we’re now asking for $1 a cup. What a deal! Don’t forget your loonies next week.

– Wow! The Connect Group stuff and sign-ups looked amazing! Great job Mark Brewer! Many of you were signing up and checking out the group options. Awesome.

– Did I already mention the worship??? You were really singing today! Loved it.

– A whole bunch of brand new stuff started up today in our children’s ministry! Way to go Emily Woodworth and Team!! Emily has some new volunteers that are really giving this important ministry a new boost of ideas. It looked awesome today. I really liked registering the kids right in the lobby. Way to go Emily!!

I just need to say again how thankful I am for our volunteers! Today’s services and ministries are the result of a lot of people who are giving a lot of their time and resources towards the vision of Crosspoint. You know who you are. We love you! Have a great week!!

Set List/Artist/Album
“Sing My Love” Jesus Culture, Your Love Never Fails
“Rooftops” Jesus Culture, Come Away
“The Wonder Of Your Love” Hillsong, Faith+Hope+Love
“Saviour King” Hillsong United, The I Heart Revolution

The ‘It’s Almost Sunday’ Sunday Wrap!

8 09 2011

Whew! This week has been non stop madness and awesomeness and just plain crazy. This is the first chance I’ve had to update the bloggy, and I had to get out of the office and go to Starbucks to make it happen. Yes, I just HAD to go to Starbucks. You can pray about my vice. Anyhoo, it was a super solid Sunday so here is the look back:

– It was week one of a two-week mini series titled “Retro”. The old school groovy graphic by Mark Brewer made me want to wear platforms and bell bottoms and a wide collared shirt. I resisted. We took a look back at one of the more impacting themes we’ve ever done at Crosspoint, “Just Walk Across the Room”.

– Great energy in church for a long weekend Sunday! Wow. First service attendance was down but the second service was slammed and hopping.

– Many of the people you come in contact with everyday might just be one good invite away from coming to church. God help us to be outward focused people. When we take an interest in others, others take an interest in Jesus!!

– Many people who don’t go to church can fall into one or more of these categories; the bored, the burned, and the bypassed. We have people from each of these groups that are now worshipping at Crosspoint, loving Jesus and loving others. Very cool.

– Loved the video announcements with Mark and Jamie. They look better on camera. Don’t you think?

– Tons of new faces Sunday. If we can get all of our summer visitors out on the 18th and all of our summer vacationers back on the 18th, we will be rocking for Jesus!! Seriously, please, think of someone you haven’t seen in church for awhile and invite them for the 18th. 🙂

Set list/Artist/Album
“Hosanna” Paul Baloche, A Greater Song
“Your Love Never Fails” Jesus Culture, Your Love Never Fails
“Glory To God Forever” Fee, Hope Rising
“God Is Able” Hillsong, God Is Able

One more word:
I wish you all could feel and sense the energy around the church office these days. The entire team is more together and more amped up for the future than I have ever felt before. We truly believe that God is doing something huge, that lives are going to be changed, that new families and new friends will be showing up, that we will be full all three services, that people will be accepting Jesus, that people will be baptized, and God will be glorified!!! We believe. Join with us and pray for these things.

Love you all! PT