Sunday Wrap!

25 07 2011

Happy Monday Crosspoint and welcome to another wrap-back at all the happenings from Sunday. Here we go!

Summer Sundays have a completely different feel to them. Obviously, they are a lot hotter and stickier, but they are also a little more relaxed and casual. God’s presence was definitely with us and over all it was a very solid summer day of worship.

– We continued our ‘Summer Blockbuster’ series with the movie, “The Hangover”. Our text was 1 Corinthians 10 where Paul reminds us, “Just because I could, doesn’t mean I should”. There are a lot of things in culture that we simply wouldn’t accept if they weren’t so funny. We need the Holy Spirit’s help to stay on the right side of life’s guard rails. Paul used communion to illustrate the two ‘table’s of this world. We can’t eat from God’s table in communion and then consume whatever else we want from culture.

– Loved the ‘planking’ video announcements! Hee-larious. What a bunch.

– We had a family dedication in the second service! Cool.

– We said good bye to Kory and Tannis Gregory and kiddos. One of our amazing military families from O’Town. Moncton isn’t too far away. Visit often!

– We shared communion together! Always love sharing communion with you. Powerful.

– We prayed over and commissioned the team that leaves Wednesday for Mozambique. Please continue to pray for the team and their ministry over the next couple of weeks.

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“The Solid Rock” Charlie Hall, Passion:Hymns Ancient & Modern
“O The Blood” Kari Jobe, Gateway Worship:God Be Praised
“Stronger” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“You Gave Your Life Away” Paul Baloche, Our God Saves

This is the last Sunday Wrap for awhile since I’m going to Africa and back. Don’t forget to come support Pastor Jamie this Sunday. You should make signs and posters and generally embarass him while he preaches. Also, our very own Brent Ingersoll is preaching on August 7.


Summer Stuffs

21 07 2011

Crosssspoinnnnnnnnt!!! It’s me, PT, and yes, I still work at CP! I hope you all have been enjoying your July. Remember, no complaining about the heat no matter how hot it gets. 🙂 When you have a 14 month winter you don’t complain about the summer. Seriously though, I hope you are getting a little time off and lots of ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. Mmmmm. Here are a few quick things on my mind today:

– I am super stoked and excited for this Sunday!! Honestly. I know that I say those things a lot but it really is how I feel. I’m not sure what God is going to do but I know He will be with us and he has been stirring my heart for quite a while about this Sunday.
– We’re going to take communion together this Sunday! That wasn’t in our original planning but the more I worked on the sermon the more it just seemed like the right thing to do. Can’t wait!
– Yes, “The Hangover” really is the movie title for this Sunday. **Do not go see this movie** No, I didn’t watch it to ‘study’ for the message. I don’t need to see it. 😉 I’m not going to bash and trash the movie, I’m not going to make fun of people who do, but there is an important message in there for all of us.
– We will be praying for our Africa Team this Sunday. 9 of us leave for Mozambique on Tuesday.
– Aug 14th is going to be a huge day for CP. 2 of our own Crosspointers are going to share their stories of healing. I’m going to speak a little bit about healing and we’ll have a special time of prayer for anyone who wants to be prayed over and annointed with oil. It’s also the day we are planning to baptize people in the Nashwaak River! Let us know if you would like to be baptized.
– We’ve had many new visitors this Summer and hopefully many who are planning on making CP their church. Keep inviting! People just seem open to visiting churches in the summer.
– This Sunday is Kory and Tannis Gregory’s last Sunday with us. Well, last Sunday while they are living in Oromocto. We know they’ll be back to visit. Be sure to hug them and their kids this Sunday!

That’s it for now. Thanks again for all you do to make this the absolute best church anywhere. There might be better churches, but for us who show up here every Sunday, we just couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. God is good. Lives are being changed. Not to us, but to Your name be the glory.


Sunday Wrap

19 07 2011

Happy Tuesday everyone! Pastor Mark is here writing up another edition of the “Tim’s Away so Here’s the Sunday Wrap on Tuesday” Sunday Wrap.

And you know what? I never know how to start the Sunday wrap. So I’m just going to start it.

Sunday’s movie was X-Men! It was kind of a redemption movie for all the men who had to sit through Twilight last week. 🙂

Worship was fantastic and high energy and you were all singing along, even though we did a couple of relatively new tunes. It’s always great when we can back away from the mics and still hear you all belting it out. Here’s the set:

“Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Awakening
“Lord I Need You” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Here For You
“Forever Reign” Hillsong, A Beautiful Exchange
“Hallelujah” Hillsong United, United We Stand
“Our God Saves” Paul Baloche, Our God Saves

Pastor Conard borrowed an X-Men t-shirt to preach in and did an awesome job (1) explaining who the X-Men are and (2) connecting their story to the Bible and making it relevant for all of us. Great sermon on the power of God. And we got to see PT as Professor X, which really works well on multiple levels.

Pastor Jamie took some time to update us on what’s happening with our teens this summer. The middle-schoolers took off for Magic Mountain yesterday and enjoyed a boiling afternoon in the sun, and the whole crew go tubing down the Nashwaak River later this week. Always be praying for our teens! Stay up to date HERE.

Remember: There’ll be a time of prayer this Sunday for our Mozambique team.

Next Sunday: THE HANGOVER. No, seriously. That’s the movie. Tim will be preaching. It will be awesome. Don’t miss it!

Sunday Wrap

12 07 2011

Good morning, everyo — OH MY WORD IT’S THE MIDDLE OF JULY. Wow. Hope you’re enjoying the summer, Crosspoint!

Week 3 of our Summer Blockbuster series was a blast. Here’s some highlights:

*Great crowd! As Tim said, there were more people in church on Sunday than there were on Easter just 5 years ago. If you you’ve been in church on a Beulah Sunday in the past…then you know that this is CRAZINESS. Very awesome.

*Worship was awesome! Jamie intro’d a fantastic new song (Glory to God Forever) and the closing song (Be Thou my Vision) was perfect for the message. Here’s the whole list:
“Hosanna” Paul Baloche, A Greater Song
“Glory To God Forever” Fee, Hope Rising
“Stronger” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“Be Thou My Vision” Jars Of Clay, WOW Worship Yellow

*We had a winning movie ticket! We scanned quite a few tickets, which is awesome, and a visiting family walked home with $20 in movie money. Keep handing them out – there’s more available at the Guest Center.

*The movie this week was TWILIGHT. Yeah. I know. But somehow a love triangle between a human girl and a vampire and a werewolf turned into a timely message about 1 John 2:15 — “do not love the world…”
If you missed the service, you can watch it here:
July 10th

*Be praying for Pastor Tim and the family as they’re away this week on a much deserved vacation!

*There’s some awesome youth events happening this July. Check out the details HERE.