The Sunday Wrap!

6 06 2011

Happy Monday Crosspoint!! Assuming you all read this on Monday. If not, Happy Whatever Day You Are Reading This to you. We had a very awesome day at CP yesterday. Here is the wrap back.

– It was week 4 of our BAMBOOZLED series! We were in Galatians chapter 4 where Paul uses the illustration of slavery and adoption to remind us how awesome God’s grace really is.

5 people stood to their feet to be adopted into God’s family!!!!! Whoooo! That never gets old and it is why we do what we do! It was very, very exciting! Keep praying for these new believers and others who have recently decided to believe and follow Jesus!

– I mentioned that someone called early Sunday morning to see if they could be baptized. Well, we now have 3 baptisms lined up for this Sunday!!! Let us know if you would like to join them. This Sunday should be amaaaaaazing. 🙂

Great crowd and great energy for this time of year! Lots of new faces and people checking out Crosspoint to see what is going on.

Worship was incredible!!! Wow. Loved the bonus-pre-service song with AJ Guptill on banjo! Loved hearing Pastor Jamie lead on a couple of songs. Rooftops has become one of our anthems that you just love to sing out. Awesome stuff.

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Your Love Never Fails” Jesus Culture, Your Love Never Fails
“How He Loves” David Crowder Band, Church Music
“Take My Life” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Sacred Revolution
“Rooftops” Jesus Culture, Come Away




2 responses

8 06 2011

Of course, the one Sunday I was away, I missed A. J. on the banjo (my favourite instrument) – I presume I can hear it on audio. And I missed Pastor Jamie’s debut solo! Sorry about that! Really pleased to hear more people chose Jesus as their personal Saviour! Praise God!.

9 06 2011

Love the banjo. Been playing guitar for 20 years, started learning Slide Guitar a couple years ago, then in March purchased a Banjo. They are interesting to play

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