Yard Sale – Sunday Morn – Annual Meeting Wrap!

30 05 2011

Wow! What a weekend around Crosspoint!! I love seeing so many people around the church getting involved and helping out in so many ways. It was a huge weekend with huge results! Here’s the wrap:

– Our annual Yard Sale for Missions was our best ever!! We raised nearly $4000 for the team that is going to Mozambique this summer. Thanks again to so many of you who donated, set up, served, bought, and cleaned up!!! What a team! Special thanks to Pastor Conard and Debbie for their organization and leadership! Best team anywhere! Really. It was a chilly, drizzly day, but it takes more than that to cool off a yard sale crowd. People were here early and they bought like crazy. The bounce castle for the kids, face painting, the BBQ, the bake sale, etc, it all added up to a huge crowd of happy campers making the most of it! Every dollar will make a difference in the life of one of our team members going to Mozambique, and to the people we minister to there, and to our church as everything we do for missions makes us stronger!

– It was week 3 of our #BAMBOOZLED series on Galatians. The ‘preacher creature’ Mark Brewer brought a challenging message on what it really means to be a people of faith. Great crowd. Great energy. If you weren’t here, be sure to ask Pastor Conard about his beard.

– I mentioned, and will be mentioning, how important it is for our giving to stay consistent with our giving over the summer. We need all y’all to give on a regular basis, even when you aren’t here. Our unfortunate pattern has been to take a financial dip in the summer and that leaves us struggling in the fall (juggling badgers) when we should be flying at mach 25. Thanks. 🙂

– If you were here at the right time yesterday you were treated to some of Felicia Betts cream cheese cinnamon rolls. I didn’t get one but I saw a lot of happy faces saying they were epic!

– We had our annual meeting last night! The meeting began with coffee and desserts. I opened the business meeting with a brief ‘state of the church’ address and some highlights of what’s coming up at Crosspoint. I try not to say too much about numbers on Sunday mornings, but I wanted everyone to know what we are a part of right now. The growth in our church over the past 4 years is nothing short of a mriacle. Last year was our best year ever with 82 salvations, 46 baptisms, 424 avg attendance, and a large increase in giving. I expressed my gratitude last night for the Crosspoint Staff and Board who pursue the vision of this church with me. We are blessed!

– Ally, we’ll email or snail mail you a copy of the annual report. If your name isn’t Ally, you have to drive to the church and pick one up yourself.



25 05 2011

Ahem. Did you know that Crosspoint is having a yard sale this Saturday? 🙂

The yard sale is one of the biggest missions fundraisers we do.
The yard sale is a blast. Even if you don’t need any new junk, er, I mean very valuable treasures, the yard sale is a great time to stop in, buy a coffee, and support a great cause.
The yard sale is rain or shine. Good thing! Seems like we get one day of sun for every 962 days of rain.
The yard sale is a bargain! It’s not one of those ‘pay 5x what that is worth because it’s for missions’ sales. We want this stuff gone!!
The yard sale is for a great cause. It really inspires the people in Mozambique to know that we would go to all this expense to come and help them any way we can! It also changes the lives of those who go, which changes Crosspoint. It makes us stronger!

So. We’ll be looking for you on Saturday. Bring the kids. Tell the neighbors. Fill yer trunk!

Sunday Wrap Day Late Long Weekend Here It Is!

24 05 2011

Heyyyyyyyy Crosspoint!! It didn’t feel like the long weekend in May, but according to the calendar it was. We had a great long weekend Sunday here at CP. Here is the ‘day late even pastors need a day off’ Sunday wrap:

– It was week 2 of our ‘BAMBOOZLED’ series! Which means we were in chapter 2 of the book of Galatians. Pastor Conard did an awesome job of helping us to understand again what it means to be crucified to our old selves so that we can be truly free in Jesus – free in grace!

– We had people who decided to start a brand new life with Jesus on Sunday!! Whooo!! That never gets old. That is why we do what we do. Very exciting!! I had the privilege of talking to one of the people who prayed to recieve Jesus after the second service. It was so exciting to see on her face and in her eyes that she knew exactly what she was doing and she was pumped! I gave her one of our new believer’s packets and showed her the resources inside. Wow. It was very cool!!

– Great long weekend holiday crowd! Not just in numbers, but in spirit and enthusiasm. People were really tracking well, singing loud and responding to everything!

– Loved the worship set! I know I say that every Sunday, but we are seriously blessed with the music in this church. “Holding Nothing Back” is one of my faves and I think it captures the Crosspoint story well.

– Loved seeing a row of teenage boys sitting up front in one of the services!!!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Holding Nothing Back” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“You’ll Come” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“Here Is Love” Bethel Live, Here Is Love
“To The Cross” Paul Baloche, Glorious
“In Christ Alone” Newsboys, He Reigns

Sunday Wrap!

16 05 2011

Crosspoint!! Happy Monday 🙂 What rain? Rain? I don’t see any rain. Seriously though, it’s been raining for weeks and we are all getting just a wee bit tired of it. Hopefully this little post will brighten your day.

– Yesterday was week 1 of our new series in Galatians, “BAMBOOZLED”! It really was a stellar day from start to finish! Thanks for all the positive comments we’ve been getting. Bestchurchanywhere!!

Galatians 1:6,7. There is only one way to follow the Way and Jesus is the Way! Don’t be fooled by some poser or quack or bamboozler that tries to lead you away from grace!! God won’t give you a green light on something that is wrong for the rest of us! He won’t rewrite the 10 Commandments just for you!!

– Great to have Pastor Jamie’s wife Catherine and their boys Noah and Aaron with us yesterday!!

– Loved hearing you sing yesterday! Tons of energy in worship yesterday!

– We had a baby dedication in the second service, Clara Evelyn Brewer. Love church growth and all the new babies God is blessing us with. 🙂

Huge crowd yesterday. One of our largest non-holiday attendances. Awesome!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Today Is The Day” Lincoln Brewster, Today Is The Day
“Blessed Be Your Name” Tree63, The Answer To The Question
“You Never Let Go” Matt Redman, Passion:Everything Glorious
“It Is Well” Todd Fields, North Point Live:Awake

Quick Thoughts for Your Day

12 05 2011

Hey Crosspoint! We are praying for you all today, and we’re praying for some sunshine too. 🙂 Here are a few things I wanted to share with you:

– We are really looking forward to our new series, “BAMBOOZLED”, that kicks off this Sunday!! It’s a 6 week series on 6 chapter book of Galatians. Email or Facebook the site to your friends. I think the artwork looks great and the title is, well, intriguing! Haha. It’s going to be great.

– Sunday’s main text is Galatians 1:6.

– Pastor Jamie is off to a great start! I love the plans he is laying out for our teens, his vision, organization, and determination! Keep praying for Jamie, Catherine, Noah and Aaron as they work through all the house selling & relocation jazz.

– Get ready for our annual ginormous Missions Yard Sale!! Saturday, May 28. It is way more than a yard sale. It’s really a ‘Family Day’. There will be lots of fun things for the kiddos and eats for Mom and Dad. Plan on staying for a little while and hanging out with us. If you like us. Haha. Don’t forget that we need all the donations we can get. Bring it in to the church the week before the sale. If you need us to come get the goods, just let us know!

– We’ve had a revival happening in our children’s ministry lately!! Emily Woodworth has been leading children to Jesus practically on a weekly basis!!!

– Satan is a loser.

– Jesus is alive!!!

– “…despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.” Romans 8:37

Mother’s Day Sunday Wrappapalooza!

9 05 2011

Hey Church! I hope your week has gotten off to a great start! We had another awesome day here yesterday. Here is the look back!

Mommmmmmmms! Yesterday was all about Moms. Well, actually, it was all about Jesus, but we did our best to let the Crosspoint Moms know how much we love and appreciate them! Yay Moms!

Kathy Shanks, our special speaker for Mother’s Day totally, totally rocked it. Seriously. Way to go Kathy! Thanks for bringing a perfect and timely message for our church! Many people came forward for prayer and many commented on how Kathy’s words helped them. For those who weren’t here, this is Kathy’s home church and she is the Children’s Pastor at Moncton Wesleyan Church.

Worship was AMAZING!!!!! Woooooooo! Honestly. Alvin Brewer on lead guitar, Nancy Pickell on piano, and the rest of the Crosspoint band – it was one of our best for sure! “All the Way My Saviour Leads Me” is one of my all time faves.

Great crowd! We didn’t hit the big # but it was definitely a good crowd. I think having Mother’s Day that close to Easter was just a little too much church for those who only go 3 times a year. We’ll change that for next year and separate the two days a little better. You’re welcome.

– Lots going on. Check our vimeo site for the video announcements and keep up with all the great stuff happening at Crosspoint!

– Our teens were just back from “Rally in the Valley”, our annual district youth rally, and man were they PUMPED!! Our very own Mark Brewer was the speaker at the rally and from all reports it was insanely crazy good. Saturday night they spontaneously baptized 48 teens!! Wooooooooo. 5 of those were from Crosspoint! 🙂 Awesome stuff for sure.

Don’t forget, our new series on Galatians, “BAMBOOZLED” starts this Sunday. Great opportunity to invite someone to church. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Your Grace Is Enough” Matt Maher, Empty And Beautiful
“Before The Throne” Shane & Shane, UNending Worship
“Praise The Father, Praise The Son” Chris Tomlin, Hello Love
“All The Way My Savior Leads Me” Chris Tomlin, Hello Love

Mother’s Day

4 05 2011

I hope that you know this Sunday is Mother’s Day and I hope you are already planning how you will show your love and appreciation. Crosspoint is gearing up for another huge Mother’s Day. Here are a few thoughts:

– If your Mom doesn’t go to church she’ll probably come with you on Mother’s Day if you ask her. Tell her you aren’t taking her out to eat unless she comes. Haha. I’m joking. Sort of.

– Friends and families you know are open to going to church on Mother’s Day. Even if they made a huge effort to get here for Easter, they’ll come again.

– People who don’t go to church much, but come for Easter AND Mother’s Day, will be in church 2 out of 3 Sundays. That’s a roll. That’s a habit. Who knows, they might keep coming!

– Kathy Shanks is going to do an awesome job! Kathy is from Marysville, from Crosspoint! She is the Children’s Pastor at Moncton Wesleyan – probably 300+ kids every Sunday.

– Really, you never know. Someone’s life might be changed for eternity just by you inviting them to church for Mother’s Day. Go for it! God has been working through our existing relationships for the past few years. He just keeps using us to reach more people. Don’t let a great opportunity pass you by!

Can’t wait!!