On My Mind

30 03 2011

Hey Crosspoint! I hope your week is going awesome. I can’t stop thinking about our Easter series kicking off this Sunday, so I thought I’d blog out a few things before I bust!

– I was reading Perry Noble’s blog today and got these gems: Ephesians 2:8-10, Wow, it just fits this Sunday perfectly. Salvation is a gift of grace. I’m hoping that many people see how valuable they are to God this Sunday at Crosspoint. A couple other quotes from Perry’s blog that you’ll probably hear in my message, “Everyone dies but not everyone lives.” Brad Cooper, Newspring Youth Pastor, and “Many people are so busy making a living that they aren’t making a life.” Rick Warren.

– Don’t wait till Easter to invite someone. Let them get the whole series, not just Easter Sunday.

– This past Sunday was more about ‘why we do what we do’ than a typical salvation message and we had 2 people accept Christ!! People are coming who need to hear about grace, they are ready, and they are responding.

– I am really looking forward to sharing the message God has given me for this Sunday. Just sayin. 🙂

– We’d love to have at least 20 baptisms for Easter Sunday!

– We need a huge, over and above, offering for Easter Sunday. It’s the last Sunday of the church year and we want/need to finish strong. Thanks.

– Pray for Jamie and Catherine and their boys as they go through all of the transition stuff. House to sell, house to buy, leaving jobs, starting new, etc. We can’t wait to get them here and get rolling!

– We are hosting a local church conference for Atlantic Canada, “Outlandish”, next Thurs-Friday. Pray, volunteer, give, do whatever you can to help out. It’s really our church doing all we can to encourage other churches. The speakers are from different churches and denominations around the Maritimes. We’re trusting for greater things!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love being your pastor??!!


Hat Trick Sunday Wrap!

28 03 2011

Yesterday was an historic day for our church. It was the first Sunday that we have ever had three morning services! In classic Canadian style we called it ‘Hat Trick’ Sunday and gave away toques. It was an awesome day. Brew up a fresh k-cup and take a few minutes to look back with us.

Huge thanks to everyone who went way over and way beyond to make it happen! You know who you are. People who set their alarm clocks for some ridiculous hour and showed up early and eager to serve. Thank you!

– Some volunteers were here from 7 a.m. till 1 p.m.

– People started showing up at 8:00 for the free toques we were giving away! By 8:15 the lobby was full and we were blown away. We really had no idea that many people would come to church at that time! Wow.

2 People crossed the line of faith and accepted Jesus yesterday! Whoooo. Whywedowhatwedo!!

– The attendance went something like this: 155, 165, 105. When we were promoting this I kept saying that we needed some ‘missionaries’ to go to the first service. I was wrong. It’s the 11:30 that needs the missionaries! By spreading out over 3 services we are opening up seats. You would only open up seats if you thought you that people will invite others and those seats will fill up. They will fill! It takes time. God is with us. 🙂

LOVED the worship set yesterday!! LOVED ‘Freedom Reigns’.

“Home movies with PT” as I gave a little Israel slide show. Wish I could have said more but I think you were able to see how awesome it is. We’ll be going again!

– Easter series, “The Walking Dead” kicks off this Sunday!! Don’t wait for Easter Sunday to invite someone. Crosspoint, YOU are packed with potential!

– If you didn’t get a toque Sunday morning, they are available for sale at the Hello desk. $7.

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Holding Nothing Back” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“Mighty To Save” Hillsong United, The I Heart Revolution
“Holy Is The Lord” Chris Tomlin, Arriving
“Freedom Reigns” Jesus Culture, Come Away
“Rooftops” Jesus Culture, Come Away

Sunday Wrap!

21 03 2011

Whoo! It was great to be back in Freddy Beach for church yesterday! We miss this church something awful whenever we are away. Great to see your smiling faces and to feel that Crosspoint enthusiasm. Here’s the look back at all things yesterday at Crosspoint.

– The Bethany Bible College Chorale were with us! Wow. Awesome job. There were many positive comments about the ministry of the choir here yesterday. Love seeing young people who are giving all they have to Jesus. Thanks BBC. We’ll be praying for you!

– We introduced our new youth pastor, Jamie Cambers and his family!!! Whoooooo. 🙂 Jamie, Catherine, Noah and Aaron will soon be relocating to Fredericton and leading the very important youth ministry at Crosspoint! God is in this all the way and we are super pumped for the teens.

Huge crowd yesterday! Whoa. Even if you don’t count the choir, it was a super crowd. Keep inviting. I know you hear that and you think, ‘someone else will invite someone’. If you are reading this, it applies to you. 🙂 You can do it!

Mygutiskillingmehowdotheycomeupwiththis video announcements yesterday. Hopefully you caught the announcements. That is the whole point!

“Hat Trick” starts this Sunday!!! Three morning services, 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30. Until we have a new facility we just have to keep trying new ways to reach new people. “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape”. Pray for this Sunday. Pray for the band and for my voice – that it will last 3 sermons.

– You have till Wednesday to sign up for Financial Peace University. Anyone who has taken this will tell you that is life-changing. Seriously. It’s like getting a raise. Your finances will thank you.

OK. That’s it. Now have an awesome week. Don’t jump any guardrails. Love others. Invite someone to Hat Trick Sunday. Praying for you.

9 Things You Need to Know!

17 03 2011

Hey Church! I hope your week is going awesome. Pour yourself some hot liquid and take a few minutes to catch up on what’s happening at Crosspoint. Praying for you all!

1. God has given us a great vision for our city. We are serious about leading hundreds of people to Jesus! That’s why we are committed to do what no one else is doing to reach people no one else is reaching.

2. You are God’s plan! We need every Crosspointer to seriously pray about, and then do something about, who they can invite to church. You are here because someone invited you. You enjoy the services, your life has been blessed with new relationships, God is working in your life, now it’s time for you to invite someone else!

3. We’re approaching the Easter season and people will naturally be open to the idea of going to church. People start walking in the Spring. They go out more. They think about making positive changes. WE CANT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!

4. Next Sunday, March 27th, is one of the most important Sundays in the history of our church. Seriously. We launch the Crosspoint “Hat Trick” – 3 SERVICES!!! We might be the only church in Atlantic Canada with 3 Sunday A.M. services at one location. I haven’t preached in a few weeks which = FIRED UP! I’m hoping for our largest crowd ever. All we need to do is all show up on the same Sunday! You can help with this. Call, email, tweet or Facebook every Crosspointer you know and say, “PT really needs everyone there on the 27th”.

5. We are really excited about our Easter series, “The Walking Dead”! Many people are just going through life but not really living. Jesus came to give us the craziest most fulfilling life possible. 🙂 For 4 Sundays we’ll look at people who came alive when Jesus changed their lives. Of course, the whole thing will explode with our Easter Sunday celebration of the empty tomb. Can’t wait!

6. We are planning to do baptisms on Easter Sunday! Whooooo! LOOOOOVE baptisms. If you have not yet been baptized in your decision to follow Jesus as your Saviour, we would love to see you take the plunge on Easter Sunday! Let us know.

7. We’re planning for a special Easter Offering. Every week we bring our tithes (10%) and offerings to God but we are asking everyone to pray now about what they would be able to bring as an over-and-above offering. Easter is the last Sunday of our church year and we want to finish super strong!

8. We are creating/hosting a local church conference called “Outlandish” for all of Atlantic Canada on Friday, April 8th. We need many of you to take the day off (if possible) and come be a happy, smiley, ultra helpful CP Volunteer. 🙂 Email Pastor Mark if you can help us out. People from all over the Maritimes are registering and we want to give them the very best experience that we can.

9. We need your prayers! Staff, congregation, new believers, marriages, relationships, ministries, finances, vision, etc. Thanks.

Sunday Wrap

14 03 2011

Happy Spring! Despite the fact that we all lost an hour of sleep yesterday, you’ve got to admit that it was nice and light out at 7:30pm. Right? OK, so maybe you don’t care.

Regardless, we had some FANTASTIC services at Crosspoint yesterday! God’s presence was very evident, and at the end of 2nd service we had some people make the decision to follow Jesus! Crazy awesome.
Here’s a quick breakdown:

Worship was nuts. Stop and think about how awesome it is that we had a full band bringing their all for both of our March break Sundays. Yeah, that’s awesome. Kudo’s to the team for really leading us in some serious worship yesterday. “Like Incense” is always a fantastic way to cap off a Sunday!

Here’s the full set list:
“Hosanna” Paul Baloche, A Greater Song
“Glorious” Paul Baloche, Glorious
“You Gave Your Life Away” Paul Baloche, Our God Saves
“Turn Your Eyes” Vicky Beeching, Yesterday, Today & Forever
“Like Incense/Sometimes By Step” Hillsong, A Beautiful Exchange

And we wrapped up the Groundhog Day series by looking at the Prophecy books. Specifically, we looked at the Silent Years in between the Old and New Testaments and what we’re supposed to do when it seems like God is being distant and unresponsive. Remember — don’t equate your impatience with God’s indifference. His timing is perfect.

Next week — the Bethany Bible College chorale is with us! It’s going to be a fun and energetic morning of worship, so don’t miss it.

Next next week — Hat Trick Sunday! CRAZY! Three services – 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30. The first 25 to attend the earliest service get a Crosspoint toque. 🙂

And a huge WELCOME BACK to the Israel team! We’re thankful for safe travels and a life-changing trip. And also for a less-quiet office atmosphere because it was driving your Assistant Pastor nuts. Welcome home.

Sunday Wrap

8 03 2011

Happy March Break! Unless of course you’re still working, which in case, Happy Normal Week.

We had a couple of fantastic services this past Sunday, and despite quite a few folks being away, we had a great crowd. Thanks for showing up and worshipping your faces off!

The music this week was seriously good. Seriously. We had a full band that cranked out some awesome tunes and you responded fantastically! Here’s the set if you want to hunt down some of these on iTunes:

“The Solid Rock” Charlie Hall, Passion:Hymns Ancient & Modern
“Our God” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Awakening
“You Are For Me” Kari Jobe, Gateway Worship:God Be Praised
“We The Redeemed” Hillsong, Faith+Hope+Love
“Rooftops” Jesus Culture, Come Away

We had some fun with video announcements this week. It was a ‘video interview’ with Pastor Tim, who was not aware that he was being interviewed. Led to some good laughs. Hopefully you actually caught some of the announcements! If not, just a reminder that Hat Trick Sunday is on March 27th — THREE SERVICES! 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30. Be here, invite friends, etc etc. You know the drill.

For week 3 of our Groundhog Day series we covered the Wisdom and Poetry books. The focus was on Proverbs, and Solomon, and what it means to live with wisdom and discipline. Remember, everything that matters is hard, and hurts, but it’s worth it! Don’t give up. Finish well. Also, I’m not held responsible if any of your children float down the Nashwaak River on chunks of ice this week. 🙂

Keep praying for our Israel team — they’ve landed safely and are having an incredible time. We look forward to hearing all the stories when they get back! Well, once the jealousy wears off.

Have a great week, and don’t miss the wrap-up of our Groundhog Day series on Sunday!