Quick Sunday Wrap & Update

3 01 2011

Happy Monday, Crosspointers!

We had a fantastic morning yesterday, and a fantastic crowd to boot; great to see so many new faces on January 2nd at church! Hope you all enjoyed the morning.

We definitely turned up the volume and had an awesome worship set full of Crosspoint’s favourite tunes. Awesome job by the team!

We then wrestled with this whole idea of slowing down and making time to rest, a much-needed reminder and hopefully a positive resolution for who we need to be in 2011. Anyone buy any of that Pre-Blessed Food yet?!

And yes, it’s true — some of the staff are at a Wesleyan Pastor’s conference in Florida this week! Even if it’s not roasting hot, at least we won’t be wearing mittens and shovelling snow. 🙂 Pastors Ruth and Emily Woodworth will be holding down the fort all week, so be sure to drop by some coffee and treats for them!




One response

4 01 2011

this was a very humorous message,delivered with a lot of chuckles.I am beginning to think if a preist can become a rapper(recent headlines)then Mark can be a standup comedian!!! awesome job as usual:)

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