Sunday crazyawesome Wrap!

31 01 2011

Good morning church and goodbye January. Thanks for coming but we are really looking forward to February. And March. Great, great day at Crosspoint yesterday!! Grab a coffee, put your feet up and let’s look back on the happs.

– It was week 3 of our Guardrails series! I’m loving this series, the energy, the feedback, and the way God is bringing the right message for the right people at the right time. When you plan something months in advance and then someone says, “That message was perfect timing for me…”, that’s pretty cool!

Texts from y’day: Romans 7:15; 1 Corinthians 10:13; and Matthew 4:1-11.

Temptation is always disaster in disguise. Icing sugar on garbage. The hesitation before temptation is your salvation. You are weak when you are weak. Jesus walked away from an empty grave so that you could walk away from sin. Something is always riding on temptation.

Loved the worship set! Loved the ‘Staples sisters from Maple Ridge’ 😉 Loved the closing song!!

Video announcements with “Mark and Johnny in the morning” were a riot!

– We had another person invite Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour!!! Wooooo!!

– Many people at the altars in both services. Write your guardrails down if you have to. Remember, the world is full of attractive things that we have no business pursuing.

– Very solid January crowd. Really! Way to go. 🙂

Set List/Artist/Album
“Rise and Sing” Fee, Hope Rising
“God You Reign” Lincoln Brewster, Today Is The Day
“Forever Reign” Hillsong Live, A Beautiful Exchange
“None But Jesus” Hillsong United, I Heart Revolution
“You Are For Me” Kari Jobe, Gateway Worship:God Be Praised

Pastor’s Chat:
2or 3 times a year we pick an evening and just have a ‘chat’. Chats always include pie and coffee. There was a huge crowd of happy campers here last night to hear more about what’s going on at Crosspoint!

Uprising, our women’s conference is happening this Fri-Sat and the ladies are PUMPED!! 113 have registered so far. It’s gonna be nuts.
Outlandish, our ministry conference is coming up, Thurs-Fri, April 7-8. Details are on our website. Pastors, staff, and anyone who is interested in what God is doing in the local church are invited. Seriously expecting the most intense conference ever in Atlantic Canada.
John Sherwood has resigned from Youth Ministry at Crosspoint to pursue a music career. We’re happy and proud of Johnny, but it won’t be the same without having him here in the office everyday. We’re praying for John and praying that God will lead us to the right person for our Youth Ministry.
– We had a brief update on our Go for it campaign. Don’t forget your commitments. 🙂
– The big announcement of the evening was that Crosspoint will be launching a 3rd Sunday morning service!!! Beginning March 20, we will do a 12 week experiment with: 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30. We’ve talked about every possible option for many months, the time has come to try something. If you weren’t here last night, you need to know that 3 services and their times got a big applause. Would you be willing to be inconvenienced if it means that more people can accept Jesus?

Have a great week! Keep your guardrails. Nothing feels better than freedom! We’re praying for you.


Sunday Wrap!

24 01 2011

Good morning church! Happy Monday 🙂 It’s -24c/-11f out there. Your car probably won’t start, your door won’t open, and you really don’t want to go out anyways. Grab a hot cup of something and reflect back on yesterday @ Crosspoint!

– It was week 2 of our “Guardrails” series. The first week was kind of a general ‘all areas of our lives’ day. Yesterday we zoomed in a little closer and focused on our friendships. The gang. The group. The posse. We talked about 5 potential scenarios that should light up our conscience and cause us to back away.

– “We don’t want you just sitting in rows, we want you sitting in circles…” You really need to be in a small group/home group where you can get to know some people who are heading in the same direction. If you are looking for a group, let us know. We’ll help you find one!

– We had 3 people baptized yesterday!!! In warm water!!! Whooooo 🙂 Love, love, love baptisms. Love seeing people take that step and declare that they are a new creation in Jesus. Love seeing changed lives. Nothing fires me up more!!

– We had two people, Mom and son, who accepted Jesus as their Saviour yesterday!! Whoooo. That never gets old. That’s why we do what we do! Very cool. Always blows my mind. Just amazed at the grace of God and that we get to be a part of this!!

Worship was very stellar yesterday. You were singing, you were into it! Great stuff. I’m always thankful for the many hours and hard work that our band gives to God each week. Seriously. We are blessed more than we know with quality people who are committed to excellence for Jesus!

Crazy video announcements yesterday. “…escalator…That reminds me…” Good times.

Set List/Artist/Album
“Everlasting God” Lincoln Brewster, Let the Praises Ring
“O For A Thousand Tongues” David Crowder, Passion:God of This City
“Jesus Messiah” Chris Tomlin, Hello Love
“It Is Well” Todd Fields, North Point Live:Awake
“Wonderful God” Paul Baloche, Glorious

What else?

“Uprising”, Crosspoint’s conference for women is coming up soon, February 4 & 5. We are really pumped about how many have already registered. It’s going to be a fantastic time of encouragement for the ladies!

Pastor’s Chat with PT, this Sunday, Jan 30, 5:30. Pie, coffee, and some casual conversation on what’s coming up at Crosspoint. I’ve got a few things to share that you will only hear at the chat. Don’t miss it!

Today is the first day of the last week of January! February is a short month. March will be here soon! Hang in there. Stay warm. Have a great week!


20 01 2011

Woooooo!!! We are beyond excited to announce that Crosspoint is hosting a brand new ministry conference for Pastors, Staff, Leaders, and Volunteers, Friday, April 8th, 2011!

Go here now!

Register soon because we fully expect a sell out!

Tell everyone you know!

It’s been TOOOOOOO long since there was a ministry conference like this in Atlantic Canada. Help us get the word out. It is going to be a day that we believe God will use to change lives for eternity!!!


Sunday Wrap!

17 01 2011

Hey Crosspoint! I hope your week is off to an awesome start! Used any guardrails yet?? We had an awesome Sunday yesterday. Here’s the wrap:

– All joking about warm weather aside, it really was GOOD to be back at Crosspoint yesterday!! We visited a much larger church while we were in Orlando and it just couldn’t compare to Crosspoint. There is something special about the ‘feel’ and the people of our church.

– We kicked off a brand new series titled, “GUARDRAILS”. It was a very solid Sunday, lots of people totally in to the worship, lots of new faces, and happy campers. We should have snapped a pic or two of the Guardrails for those of you who weren’t here. “Thanks” to the NB Dept of Transportation for loaning us a couple of guardrails for a few weeks. “Thanks” to Shane Hoyt for installing them.

– “Your greatest area of regret probably could have been avoided if you had some guardrails in place.” A guardrail is: A personal standard of behavior that becomes a matter of conscience that serves as a guardrail to you. “This is the craziest place you’ve ever been, sober.” No one plans to mess up their life. The problem is, we don’t plan NOT to mess up our lives.

– Sunday’s text: Ephesians 5

Set List/Artist/Album
“Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Awakening
“Hosanna” Paul Baloche, A Greater Song
“Our God Saves” Paul Baloche, Our God Saves
“How Deep The Father’s Love For Us” Nichole Nordeman, Worship Together:Everlasting God
“Praise The Father, Praise The Son” Chris Tomlin, Hello Love

Coming Up

– Baptisms this Sunday!!! We’ll even warm the water up for you. 😉 There are 3 or 4 lined up and this would be a great way for you to start 2011. If you know that you’ve accepted Jesus but you haven’t been baptized, jump in! No, seriously, go for it!

– Pastor Chat with PT, Sunday eve, January 30, 5:30. Pie, coffee, and some relaxed conversation on things happening at Crosspoint, where we are going, etc. These are always enjoyable evenings with great attendance. Also, there will be childcare. Woooo.

We are already looking forward to this Sunday. Keep inviting others!! Church was packed yesterday and we’re expecting it to continue this week. You keep inviting and we’ll keep figuring out how we are going to get everyone in. Have a great week. Heed the Guardrails.


13 01 2011

Hey Crosspoint!!

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how excited we are for our brand new upcoming series: Guardrails!!

I’m totally expecting this to be very helpful to all of us as we get this year started right and set our sights on all of God’s best for 2011. If you know anyone who you haven’t seen at Crosspoint for awhile, or ever, give them a nudge. Say something like, “I’m not sure what’s going to happen but Pastor Tim is ready to explode!!”

See you Sunday 🙂

Coasters, Conferences and Coffee!

11 01 2011

Hey Crosspoint!! Whooooo 🙂 We are back from the mostly sunny and often chilly state of Florida. It is sooooooooo good to be back! We really had a fantastic trip and it was great to hear the many reports of good things happening back here while we were away. I’m not sure where to start or how to possibly sum up the last two weeks, so I’ll just start bulleting out some thoughts here and see what happens. Give me some grace though. I’m running on a couple hours sleep and my head feels like it’s on the interstate.

– BIG thanks to Ruth and Emily Woodworth for holding down the fort while we were away!! It’s huge to be able to go away and know that everything is going to be taken care of with excellence!

– The primary reason for our trip was a pastor’s conference put on by the Wesleyan Church in Jacksonville, FL. Around 1800 pastors gathered for a few days of sessions and seminars. The speakers and worship leaders were excellent and it’s important for pastors to just sit and take something in for a change! I can speak for Mark, John, Conard and myself when I say that we are recharged, refueled, renergized and ready for 2011! Thank you, Crosspoint, for generously sending us to this valuable experience!!

– We built a family vacay around the conference. We went down early (after a cancelled flight and a quick car rental) and stayed a few days after. We met up with Crosspoint’s Treasurer, Tim Henry, and his fam Kim, Tyler and Jeremy for the first few days of parks. After the conference we parked it up with Conard and Debbie, Mark and Liz, and John Sherwood. We squeezed every ounce out of Florida that we could. I’d like to know how many miles we walked!

– It was pretty astounding and humbling to meet people at the conference who have been following the Crosspoint story. People we hadn’t met were telling us that they watch the services, read the blogs, follow on Twitter, and are cheering us on. Very cool. We have a responsibility here to help other churches experience the same types of things we have!

I’m sure I’ve got more to report, but the coffee just isn’t going to the top floor today. Here are the set lists from the last two Sundays:

January 2

“All Because Of Jesus” Fee, We Shine
“Lead Me To The Cross” Hillsong United, All Of The Above
“We The Redeemed” Hillsong Live, Faith+Hope+Love
“You Gave Your Life Away” Paul Baloche, Our God Saves
“Jesus Paid It All” Kristian Stanfill, Passion:Everything Glorious

January 9

“Today Is The Day” Lincoln Brewster, Today Is The Day
“Holding Nothing Back” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“Grace Will Be My Song” Fee, We Shine
“All The Way My Saviour Leads Me” Chris Tomlin, Hello Love
“Nothing But The Blood” Matt Redman, Facedown

“GUARDRAILS”, our newest series, kicks off this Sunday!! This series has been in the planning for many months and I’m totally expecting God to use it to blow us away with his grace! Can’t wait. The new year is usually a time when people are open to new ideas and fresh starts. Take the leap and invite someone to church this Sunday. I’m expecting the energy to be very high!

So, what is your favorite Florida park, coaster or ride, and why?

Quick Sunday Wrap & Update

3 01 2011

Happy Monday, Crosspointers!

We had a fantastic morning yesterday, and a fantastic crowd to boot; great to see so many new faces on January 2nd at church! Hope you all enjoyed the morning.

We definitely turned up the volume and had an awesome worship set full of Crosspoint’s favourite tunes. Awesome job by the team!

We then wrestled with this whole idea of slowing down and making time to rest, a much-needed reminder and hopefully a positive resolution for who we need to be in 2011. Anyone buy any of that Pre-Blessed Food yet?!

And yes, it’s true — some of the staff are at a Wesleyan Pastor’s conference in Florida this week! Even if it’s not roasting hot, at least we won’t be wearing mittens and shovelling snow. 🙂 Pastors Ruth and Emily Woodworth will be holding down the fort all week, so be sure to drop by some coffee and treats for them!