Boxing Day Sunday Wrap

29 12 2010

Before the Christmas break had officially begun, there was some debate amongst the staff about whether or not anyone would show up for church on Boxing Day. Well, you answered our question! We’re were PACKED OUT during our service this past Sunday. Crazy! Thanks for coming out, everyone.

Some of the highlights of the service included:

*Theresa Charters being baptized in the coldest waters that our faucets could produce. I’m surprised we didn’t see small icebergs floating by.
Theresa stood to receive Christ at a recent service and we’re pumped to see her take this next step!

*Angela and Ryan Cochrane had their baby girl Sadie dedicated. Lots of family were on hand to watch this special event. Very awesome!

*We were treated to great acoustic worship set from Amanda Collicott and Shea Guptill. Enjoyed some classic Christmas tunes along with a stripped-back approach to some of our favorite worship songs. Here’s the setlist:

Christmas Carol Medley
“This Is Our God” Hillsong Chapel, Yahweh (with the chorus of “The Wonder Of Your Love” and the bridge from “We The Redeemed” Hillsong Live, Faith+Hope+Love)
“Saviour King” Hillsong Chapel, Yahweh
“In The Bleak Midwinter” Ginny Owens, Bring Us Peace

*We had heard from 4 different staff members via video sermon. It was a fun and unique approach to the Christmas story, and a good opportunity to hear from people you don’t usually even see on a Sunday morning. Thanks for ignoring the buzz, too. 🙂

Remember — we’re back to ‘normal’ this Sunday. Two services, crazy awesome music, and I’ll (Pastor Mark) be preaching. Come check it out!

Pastor Tim and the fam are still on route to Florida — be praying for safe travels for them! They’ve definitely had an adventure trying to get down there…

And a final reminder that we’re all reading through the Bible together this year! We’ll be using to track our daily reading plan, along with some other fun community experiences. There will be more details in this Sunday’s service, but for now, go HERE and sign up.


Playhouse Wrap!

25 12 2010

Hey Peeps! It’s Christmas night and I hope you all have had a great day. We’re heading out on vacay for a couple of weeks, Pastor Mark will be doing the Sunday Wrap after tomorrow, so I thought I’d leave you with a few thoughts on our Christmas Eve Eve service @ the Playhouse.

THANK YOU for inviting everyone you know! Seriously! The Playhouse + Christmas = an awesome opportunity to invite someone to a Crosspoint service.

– My guess would be that we had 1100+/- in attendance. That’s pretty nuts when you think about it. 🙂

– When I stepped out on the stage in the first service I was blown away by how many children there were in the auditorium! Wow. It seemed like every knee had at least three children on it!

– I was super pleased with the service. It’s hard to put something together that will keep the children engaged, and speaks to the adults, and gives you your Christmas fix. We gave it our best shot and we’ve been hearing many positive comments.

LOVED the artwork by Lisa Robinson and her sister Susan. Yes, Lisa is a Crosspointer! 😉 We gave her the idea of transforming a manger scene into the cross and she came up with the rest. Way to go Lisa!!

Loved the music, the kids, the teens video, the graphics, “Like Incense/Step by Step”, Silent Night to mini-flashlights, etc.

– HUGE crowd at the Crowne Plaza!! Wow! I think they were surprised by how many of you showed up. I know that when the second service crowd arrived there was very little food and no punch glasses. Whoops! It’s just good to see so many of you milling around and getting to know other Crosspointers!

– Thanks again to all of you who worked so hard to make the Playhouse the success it was. Thanks to the parents for coming early and staying late. Thanks to the band for all the extra rehearsals. Media people, backstage help, baby sitters, coffee runners, etc. We love and appreciate you all and could never do it without you!!!

Christmas Sunday Wrap!

20 12 2010

Wow! Huge day here at Crosspoint yesterday! Here is the look-back-wrapapalooza:

– Obviously, it was CHRISTMAS SUNDAY and the final week of our Mistletoe Series. We hope that you really enjoyed the whole ‘unexpected blessings’ theme. It’s hard to believe that it is over and we’ll soon be into 2011. Crazy!

– Christmas Sunday is always one of the largest attended Sundays of the year. Yesterday was no exception. The parking lot and the lobby were absolutely slamm’oed nuts. In a good way! 😉 Someone should have counted the number of babies in baby seats. Had to be an all-time high. Very cool.

– I did my best to help us all understand just how much God loves us. Galatians 4:4-7. He wants to adopt us into his family! Christmas isn’t all about you, but it is all for you! It’s always amazing and awesome to see someone invite Jesus into their lives – like we saw in the second service. Whoooo!

LOVED the Christmas music, actually, all the music yesterday!! ‘How He Loves’ with the video mix from ‘The Nativity’ and ‘The Passion’ was the perfect way to wrap up the series!

– Loved the ‘Elf’ voice over video announcements!

– Loved the ‘Unexpected Blessings’ video that reminded us all that we can be blessing people in need in our communities throughout the year and not just Christmas.

– We welcomed in some very sharp new members in both services and we did a baby dedication in the 1st service. I also got to hold up two brand new babies who were at Crosspoint for the very 1st time. 🙂

– The Children’s Christmas Store was another major thing that happened yesterday. We moved it to a room in the children’s ministry area which was a huge improvement. Many munchkins got to ‘shop’ for Mom and Dad, Grandparents, etc. For a few of the kids, this was their only opportunity and provided them with a nice gift to share with their parents at Christmas. That’s awesome.
**CROSSPOINT AT THE PLAYHOUSE** this Thursday the 23rd!! There are a few tickets left for the 8:00 P.M. service. Tell everyone you know. People love going to the Playhouse and they are very open to Christmas programs. We’ve been working on our best service ever. Yeah.
That’s all.

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“All Creation Sing (Joy To The World)” Fee, Christmas Joy
“What Child Is This” The Museum, O Come All Ye Faithful:A Christmas Album
“Angels From The Realms Of Glory” Downhere, How Many Kings:Songs For Christmas
“Adore Him” Kari Jobe, Worship And Adore
“How He Loves” David Crowder, Church Music

Crosspoint Christmas!!

15 12 2010

Hey Church! I hope you are having an awesome week, staying above water (wasn’t that storm something) and enjoying the Christmas season. The church office is hustling and bustling (although I’m not sure I’ve ever bustled) and I wanted to give you a few quick words of encouragement before things get really nuts. 🙂

– I’m really excited about my message for Sunday! You’ve heard that before, but I totally know that God is giving me the words to say for the right time and the right people. I’m going to do everything I can to help people see that Jesus is way more than a tradition or a legend. Pray with me that we will see MANY people cross the line of faith in Jesus this Sunday!!!

– So, now you know how important it is to invite someone to church this Sunday. It could change their life forever. You know us enough to know that we will simply present the truth as well as we can, with a little quirkyness and humour, and give people an opportunity to decide for themselves without too much pressure and hype.

– I’m totally expecting the music and energy to be off the charts this Sunday. Just sayin’.

The Playhouse is going to be fantastic. I could tell you more, but I want you to come with expectation and suspense. Let’s just say that we’ve planned the best service we’ve ever done. Ever. You can easily invite anyone you know to this and they will not be disappointed. There are still some tickets available for the 8:00 service, but we’ve given out more tickets than we ever have before!! Very cool!

The 26th! We’ve been working on this service too because we know that everyone will be wiped, whipped, and whacky. PJ party for the kids and a few twists for the adults. All 6 of the staff have a part in the message that Sunday. Worship will keep you awake and of course we’ll do our best to make it a quality experience worth coming to. One service, 10:30.

2010 has been a ridiculous awesome year for Crosspoint and for many of our families. Thank you for all of your support. Thank you for inviting others and just being pumped about your church and about Jesus. We’re completely expecting the momentum to roll into 2011. It should be quite a ride!

If you can get someone here for this Sunday…do it! 🙂

Sunday Wrap

12 12 2010

Hey Crosspoint! Monday is coming quick, here’s a look back at today’s services at Crosspoint before you start another week:

– It was week 3 of our ‘Mistletoe’ series. Wow. Tons of new faces. I met many people today who said they were invited to the series by a Crosspoint Mistletoe box of Chocolates. Very cool!

Pastor Mark brought an awesome word from the Word on “God uses unexpected people and unexpected circumstances to do extraordinary things”. We knew that Mark had a cold or something this week and we knew that his voice was wonky, but we thought he was going to be ok. 5 minutes into his message in the first service and, well, it wasn’t pretty! 😉 I thought I was going to have to grab his notes and do my best to deliver a sermon I had never seen. Mark stopped mid-sentence and just began to pray and ask God to help. His voice improved while he was praying! Seriously! It was very cool. God used him to bring us a message that we needed to hear. Way to go Mark!

Many people did some good ol’ bizness with God in both services. That’s how it works: God shows up, we listen, we respond, God changes us, we go out!

Awesome crowd! Many of you must have decided to switch from 1st service to 2nd today. Next Sunday should be nuts!

– It was ‘Ugly Sweater’ Sunday @ CP! What a hoot! I loved the looks on people’s faces who didn’t know what was going on. Congrats to Bill Moore and Eric Collicott for being especially awful.

– Loved the ‘Unexpected Blessings’ video with Barry and Gracie Schriver!! Great to remember our seniors and to let them know how much we appreciate them. Those of you who are new to Crosspoint — people like Barry and Gracie have been praying for you long before you even knew there was a Crosspoint!

Lots going on:
– Don’t forget to pick up your Playhouse tickets! There are a few left for the 8!
– Kids Christmas Store this Sunday. Send your little tyke with a couple of loonies and toonies.
– One service on the 26th! PJ party for kids, solid service with a few twists for the adults.

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Sing To The King” Candi Pearson, Passion:Sacred Revolution
“You’ll Come” Hillsong, This Is Our God
“Christmas Offering” Casting Crowns, Peace On Earth
“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” Ginny Owens, Bring Us Peace
“Jesus Messiah” Chris Tomlin, Hello Love

Things to Remember

8 12 2010

Hey Crosspoint! I hope you are all having a superfantabulous week! Here are a few thoughts for you as we ramp up for the final two weeks of our Christmas series.

– Thanks for inviting others! Keep it up. It works. I was blown away by how many new faces I saw and new people I met last Sunday. New people invite new people. Found people find people. Why is Crosspoint so intense on inviting people? Because we seriously believe that Jesus is the answer. God has given us a great vision for our city/region and we’re going to do all we can to share Jesus with as many people as possible!!

– The whole ‘Unexpected Blessings’ theme has been really good for us. God shows up in ways that we don’t usually expect and he blesses our lives beyond what we could imagine. We’re hearing stories of how God is unexpectedly doing some pretty cool things in people’s lives. We have another great video planned for this Sunday!!

– What do ugly sweaters have to do with Christmas? Mmmm, nothing. It’s just another opportunity to not take ourselves too seriously. It’s quirky things like this that get people talking. We don’t want to be ordinary. Too boring. Life is too short for boring church. Find something hideous and wear it with pride this Sunday. BTW – you are going to love the prizes!

– There are a lot of awesome things going on around Crosspoint. I wish we had time to share them all on Sundays, but we don’t. We had a very good response to our missions offering for church planters – thank you very much! We’re also putting a roof on a church in the Congo, buying mattresses for bible college students in Sierra Leone that had most of their facilities destroyed, and we’re raising money for bicycles for these pastors. These men walk up to 22 miles one way to the college on Monday. Sleep on concrete all week then walk home on Friday to lead their churches. For $100 you can buy one of them a bike. We have 11 sponsored so far and we’d love to do another 11. Let us know. 😉

– First service for the Playhouse is ‘freed’ out. (Can’t be sold out if we don’t sell tickets) We’d really love to pack out the 8:00 as well. It’s not too late. If you know anyone who would be open to a free, high-quality Christmas deal at the Playhouse, send them an invite!!

Holiday services: One service on the 26th @ 10:30,we’re going to be doing some fun stuff for the kids, the ‘message’ will be something we’ve never done before, worship will be stellar! We want to pack everyone in and share the service and the season together. January 2 and 9th – Pastor Mark and I are going to do a 2 week series. Mark is going to challenge us and our walk with Jesus for 2011. I’m going to follow that up with the church we need to be in 2011. Looking forward to it! We’ll start a brand new, huge series on January 16th titled “Guardrails”. Seriously gang, it’s going to be a pwerful series for us all. Pumped!!

Great days ahead! Thanks for being the best church anywhere!!
PT 🙂

Sunday Wrap

6 12 2010

Woooo! What a Sunday @ Crosspoint! Here’s a look back at the awesomeness:

– It was week 2 of our Mistletoe series. The ‘Unexpected Blessings’ just kept coming. We had a surprise video and surprise baby dedication with Allison Dossev and her little guy Sam. Allison, Ted, and Sam were one of our very first families at our satellite project in Oromocto. Last winter/spring God nudged Ally to invite some of her O’Town military friends to Crosspoint. Well, the rest is a miraculous story of God’s grace that is still going strong. Multiple families, multiple salavations, baptisms, changed lives, etc. It’s simply been a God thing. We video’d Ally showing up unannounced at their homes on Saturday. Tears, hugs, screams, more tears. Good times! So, who are YOU inviting to church this Sunday???!!!

– Our text yesterday was Matthew 2:13-15. Following God is always the best idea. Sometimes the best way to draw near to God is to flee what is wrong! God leads you where he needs you. Just a clarification for the first service crowd — we don’t really know how old Jesus was when the wise men arrived. Could’ve been a toddler or even older. Either way, when it’s time to flee, it’s time to flee. I seriously hope that you and your family are dialed in to God this Christmas and that you draw nearer than ever to Him!

– Loved the Christmas songs, loved hearing you sing. I especially love the way our worship team is presenting old Christmas hymns with a brand new sound, great energy, and fresh creativity. Just awesome!! I thought ‘Our God’ was the perfect song to wrap up with yesterday.

– I met a ton of new people yesterday! Crazeeeeee. 🙂 If I see you in the mall, I will be smiling. (Had to be here to know what that means.)

– Great crowd yesterday. I was hoping that we would break 500 so that I could wear a Habs jersey on ‘Ugly Sweater Sunday’. Didn’t happen. Speaking of sweaters, Jinglers on Prospect is a good place to look for something hideous. They had multiple bins full of Christmas sweaters last year.

Playhouse Tickets!!! This is the easiest and best opportunity of the year to invite someone. Really. Almost anyone is open to taking their family to a Christmas service. Gonna be awesome. Can’t wait!!!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Center Of It All” Tim Hughes, Holding Nothing Back
“O Come All Ye Faithful” Chris Tomlin, Glory In The Higest
“O Holy Night” Chris Tomlin, Glory In The Highest
“He Has Come For Us (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)” Meredith Andrews, Come Now Our King
“Our God” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Awakening