30 11 2010

Hey Church!

We’re ramping up for week 2 of our Mistletoe series and I just wanted to give you a little encouragement for the middle of your week. Last Sunday was a day of incredible life-changing grace for a few Crosspointers. Since Sunday we have been hearing specifics on just how important Sunday was for these folks.

I want to remind you that you never know what one invite to church can do. You never know what the person beside has gone through or is dealing with. There are people all over our city and in your circles of relationships that need to experience Jesus face to face the way we did this past Sunday.

So, keep inviting. Keep praying. Keep talking about your church and looking for opportunities to share with others. Pray during our services and pray for us as we put the services together. God is doing great things!

I hope you are enjoying all that is going on as much as we (staff) are!!

See you Sunday for Mistletoe 2. 🙂


Sunday Wrap!

29 11 2010

Good morning Crosspoint and Happy Monday! We had an awesome day here on the hill, behind the mill, in the ville. Here’s the look back:

– We kicked off our ‘Mistletoe’ series! Woooo. It’s always amazing to see how God takes an idea and develops it into something life-changing for many. Thanks to all of you who took chocolates and gave them out as invites to the series! As you know, you can invite anytime. You don’t need chocolates to invite. You never know who might be one invite from coming to church.

– The BIG theme for the series is “God is crazy about you!” Sort of like looking up for mistletoe, if we would look up (and everywhere) we will see unlimited ways that God is giving us ‘unexpected blessings from above’.

– There were at least three people who crossed the line of faith and gave Jesus everything yesterday! Wooooo! That never gets old!!! That’s why we do what we do. Wow. Very cool.

– Loved the video of the ‘unexpected blessing’ surprise Christmas party we threw at EXCEL Pest Control. The unexpected blessing team will be out and around the city this week looking for someone to surprise with Christmas cheer.

– Loved the acoustic worship set! Great to hear your voices singing out!

Great crowd yesterday! One of our largest for sure. If we hadn’t had 7 feet of fresh snow Saturday night, it likely would have been higher. This Sunday should be slammed. 🙂

– We had our new ticket booth up and running and many of you reserved your tics for the Playhouse. Feel free to call us, email, twitter, or comment here to reserve your tickets! It’s going to be our best Playhouse service by FAR!!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is” Chris Tomlin, And If Our God If For Us
“The First Noel” Phil Wickham, Songs for Christmas
“Mighty To Save” Hillsong Chapel, Yahweh
“Forever Reign” Shane & Shane, Dare 2 Share – Unending Worship
“Before The Throne Of God Above” Shane & Shane, Dare 2 Share – Unending Worship

A Few Things!

23 11 2010

1. I am so totally proud of our church and proud to be your pastor!! You are an awesome church!

2. We’re praying for every box of Mistletoe chocolates you give out this week. imagine, some chocolates made in St. Stephen NB, given out around the Fredericton area, from a bunch of fired up Crosspointers, can change lives for eternity! Don’t miss this Sunday!

3. You can start reserving Playhouse tickets this Sunday. It’s possible that all tickets will be spoken for by 12:30 this Sunday! Seriously. The way our church is growing, we’re totally expecting every seat for both services to be taken. Be talking to friends and family and get an idea of how many tickets you are going to need. Don’t wait!! They may be gone.

4. We’ve had many membership inquiries. If you’d like to know more about the Wesleyan Church, Crosspoint, our history, our vision, etc, don’t miss the membership info lunch this Sunday.

Sunday Wrap

22 11 2010

Hey Church! I hope your week is off to a great start. We’re praying for you. Here’s a quick look back at all things yesterday at Crosspoint.

– It was a rare ‘one off’ Sunday for us. A ‘one off’ is a Sunday between two series. Annnnnddd, apparently a very large number of you decided to take off the one off. 😉 You’ve had your skip, now we expect you to pack this place this Sunday!!

– Our District Superintendent, David LeRoy, was with us and brought an excellent and timely message. Since he’s the main man large and in charge of the Wesleyan Churches in Atlantic Canada and Maine, we titled yesterday as ‘The Big Wig’. Thanks for being with us DS and Joanne!

– I asked the band for a high octane worship set and they did not disappoint! Loved it. You need to find someone who is involved in Crosspoint worship and you need to thank them for the time and talent they give so that we can be blessed week after week after week!

– We gave out our inite-box-of-ganongs-chocolates yesterday! I seriously, really feel as though those boxes are going to have a huge impact. Imagine. Your invite could change someone else’s life for eternity. It happens all the time. Just this morning I received an email from a Crosspointer who invited someone to church a couple weeks ago. The person came, loved it, and sent her a very cool email thanking her for inviting her to Crosspoint. Many people would be very open to going to church if someone they knew would just invite them. There are still some boxes here at the church. Sooooo, if you’d like more, drop in and pick up more.

– You can RESERVE PLAYHOUSE TICKETS this Sunday!! That’s reason enough to be here. The Playhouse is limited seating. The tickets will go fast. Both services will be ‘sold out’ (even though it’s free). We have a brand new ticket booth that we’ll be unveiling this Sunday. It’s awesome.

– The Free Membership Info Dinner is this Sunday. If you haven’t signed up, hit ‘comment’ and let us know that you are coming! We’ll provide lunch and childcare.

New Baby Gift Baskets
We started a brand new ministry yesterday. We’re giving really nice, awesome, loaded gift baskets to Crosspoint families with brand new babies. We gave the first one to Mark and Ashley Bird yesterday. Some of the Crosspoint ladies are making baby quilts for the baskets. Yeah. I know. Awesome. 🙂

You can help! We could use your donations of brand new small practical baby items for the baskets. We could also use money to purchase the fabric for the baby quilts. If you bring in new items, you can drop them off at the office or the Hello desk. If you want to donate money, just use an envelope, put your name and ‘baby baskets’ on the envelope and drop it in the offering. Thanks! The baskets are for families that are and have been attending Crosspoint.

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“Holding Nothing Back” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Awakening
“Our God Saves” Paul Baloche, Our God Saves
“What A Friend” Kathryn Scott, I Belong
“Revelation Song” Gateway Worship, Living For You


16 11 2010

Lots o’ goodies going on at Crosspoint these days. I know you get all you need to know via our video announcements, but just in case you’ve missed something, here’s the scoop.

– Mistletoe chocolates: We have 300 boxes that will be specially wrapped and ready for you to pick up this Sunday. They will be at a ‘Mistletoe’ display in the fellowship hall. One per adult. Only take a box if you are going to give it away. That’s the whole idea! Give someone a box of Ganongs and invite them to the series.

– Membership Lunch Meeting: Right after the second service on the 28th. We’ll provide lunch and childcare. Free. 🙂 It’ll be pizza and salad. We’ll try to keep it as close to one hour as we can. Sign up this Sunday by filling out a ‘Hello’ card and putting it in the offering or give it to a staffer or leave it at the ‘Hello’ desk in the lobby. Write ‘membership’ on the card and let us know if we need to do childcare for your kiddos.

– Playhouse Tickets: You will be able to reserve your tickets on Nov 28th and Dec 5th. You will be able to pick your tickets up on Dec 12 and 19th. You can reserve as many tickets as you want, but remember, only give a ticket to someone if you are reasonably certain that they will attend. We don’t want to give out a bunch of tickets to people who aren’t going to show. 2 services, 6 & 8, with in between time at the Crowne Plaza. We were working on the service again today and I can tell you with confidence that it is going to be our best by far!!

Oh yeah. When you are giving away your chocolates, remember that the tag to the series is ‘Unexpected blessings from above’. By giving someone a box of chocolates you are giving them an unexpected blessing. That’s the connection to the series. In case you were wondering.

Sunday Wrap!

15 11 2010

Good morning church and happy Monday!! Thanks for being the greatest church anywhere. Here’s the wrap back on all things yesterday @ Crosspoint:

– It was the final week of our Jonah series. A short, 3 week series, on a short book, with really HUGE impact on our church! Many of you have been commenting on how this series has been helpful and impacting in your life. The big thought on Sunday was, “What God does in you and for you is not all about you.” The Good Samaritan text I used is Luke 10:25.

– Great energy in our services yesterday. The place was humming and buzzing. Love it!

– 5 Changed lives for eternity yesterday!! Wooo Hoooo!! That is why we do what we do. Imagine, we get to be a part of this week after week. Never take it for granted. Always rejoice. Always. Very cool.

– Loved the worship set. Loved hearing you sing. Loved seeing people zone in with Jesus.

– We announced that we just had our largest non-holiday attendance ever, AND, we’re going to be giving each of you a tangible opportunity to invite someone to the Mistletoe series!! We’re going to have the overflow ready and looking better in the fellowship hall. We’ll also need some of you to start parking in the mill lot or anywhere else. This Sunday you’ll be getting a specially wrapped box of Ganong Chocolates to give to someone and invite them to Mistletoe. It’s gonna be sweet. 😉

– So, if you don’t mind, hit comment and share a brief word of something God has done in your life during the Jonah series. It’s a huge encouragement to others to read these stories. Thanks. 🙂

Set list/Artist/Album (thanks Amanda Collicott!!)
“Hosanna” Hillsong United, All of the Above
“This is Our God” Hillsong, This is Our God
“Beautiful Exchange” Hillsong Live, A Beautiful Exchange
“How He Loves” David Crowder, Church Music
“You Never Let Go” Matt Redman, Passion:Everything Glorious

Sunday Wrap!!

8 11 2010

OK, so I am totally blown away by what God is doing in our church. Wow. What a Sunday! Here is the wrap-back:

– It was week 2 of our Jonah series. I think I can honestly say that we had no idea a 3 week series on a small book would be SO impacting in our church. God always has a plan and He knew exactly what we needed to hear. Pastor Mark absolutely slammed it out of the park with his message. Wow. We all need second chances. And thirds. And 427ths.

– It was the Sunday before Remembrance Day and we had a special time of prayer for our military families. THANKS to all of our military families for participating yesterday. It was super powerful to see you standing at the front of the church and then kneeling to be prayed for!! We intentionally ‘only’ did prayer with no other traditional elements of a Remembrance Day service. We wanted all the focus to be on the fact that we need to be praying for our military families. We love them. We support them. We’re proud of them. 🙂

– There was a lot of ‘life-change’ going on @ Crosspoint yesterday. A lot. People were totally engaged with the worship, tracking with the message, and ready to respond to God. We had two people accept Jesus in the first service and then John Sherwood led a teen to Jesus out in the lobby. Wooo!!! This is why we do what we do.

– Have you noticed how awesome the lighting and media has been lately? AJ Guptill and Pastor Mark have ratcheted things to another level. Very nice. Great job gents!

– Um, I don’t like to say much about our numbers but, we had a ridiculous crowd here yesterday. By far the largest non-holiday attendance. First service was pretty much slammed. Keep inviting, keep sharing. God is good!

– Crosspoint hosted the monthly city-wide youth service, “Sunday Night Live” last night. Pastor John and the youth band were incredible. So awesome to see a church packed with teenagers (and a few older teenagers) worshipping Jesus!

Set List/Artist/Album
“Everlasting God” Lincoln Brewster, Let the Praises Ring
“Hosanna” Paul Baloche, A Greater Song
“Jesus Paid it All” Kristian Stanfill, Passion:Everything Glorious
“All The Way My Saviour Leads Me” Chris Tomlin, Hello Love
“Stronger” Hillsong, This is Our God

Thanks for being the greatest church anywhere! Have a great week. Jonah 3 should be ‘off the hook’. 😉