27 10 2010

We’re launching a whale of a series this Sunday at Crosspoint!! Groan.

Seriously though, I am really looking forward to the next three Sundays and I think God is preparing us for some pretty big stuff. Here are a few things to get you thinking and praying about Sunday:

– What are YOU running from?
– What do YOU need to be delivered from?
– What is God calling YOU to do?
– Have YOU turned around, repented, and followed God?
– What is it that YOU need to say yes to?
– Are you ok with whatever God asks YOU to do?
– Is YOUR life headed in the right direction?
– How is YOUR attitude?

So. Pray it up. Pump it up. Talk it up. Invite it up. (?) 🙂


Sunday Wrap

25 10 2010

Hey Crosspoint!! Happy Monday. I love Mondays. Don’t dread them at all. Never met a Monday I didn’t like. Some of my best friends are Mondays. Hope your week is off to a great start! Here’s the wrap-back on yesterday:

– It was ‘Annual Missions Weekend’ at Crosspoint. Whooooo. This doesn’t mean that we only focus on missions for one weekend of the year. Actually, when you think about it, we focus on missions every weekend of the year. But this weekend was when we did our annual missions dinner, bring in a guest speaker, and remind everyone that it’s not all about us.

– The dinner Saturday night was a blast! Lots of give-aways, great meal, great crowd, and our VERY special guest AJ Thomas!! MANY of you commented on how good it was to hear the Deep Water story and to listen to AJ. AJ is a dynamic communicator but more importantly he just wants to bring Jesus to the downtown core of Halifax. Very cool.

– AJ brought the message Sunday morning and to say we were challenged, well, that would be putting it mildly. Thanks AJ for carrying that message in your heart for us.

Video Announcements = BAHAHAHAHAHAHA + tears. Oh man. Email people a link to our site and tell them to watch the announcements. Anyone remember what we were announcing???!

– Loved the worship this Sunday and LOVED how you are standing in spontaneous worship!! It was a ‘quiter’ set but it was still loaded with energy. Watching it online is good, but doesn’t accurately capture the full energy we experience live.

– Ever notice how the people who drive the farthest are there the earliest? 😉

‘Starting Point’, our new believers class is going strong! 11:00, my office.

– I got to speak to a youth class in the second service!! Loved it. Wished I could do more of it. So good to hear the teens ask questions about our vision and where we are headed. Natalie Estey and Judi Pringle are doing a great job with that class!

– I missed not having a baptism on Sunday. I think we need some for this week. Who’s in???

JONAH starts this Sunday!! Invite someone. You’re here because someone invited you. Let’s pack the place out. I’m pumped about the message and it’s only Monday. By Friday I’ll be coming unglued.

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album
“God You Reign” Lincoln Brewster, Today is the Day
“Saviour King” Hillsong United, I Heart Revolution
“How Great Thou Art” Hillsong Conference 2008
“Lead me to the Cross” Hillsong United, All of the Above
“Give Us Your Courage” Tim Hughes, Happy Day

Two Big Things Coming UP:

Crosspoint Christmas at the Playhouse!!! We’ve been working on this for a few weeks now and we want you to know that we’re planning our best ever service for the Playhouse this year! Be thinking about who you want to bring with you. Same as last year, two services with the time at the Crowne Plaza in between. Yes, we rented a bigger room at the Plaza. 😉 This is one of the absolute best opportunities you will ever have to invite someone to ‘church’. By doing it on the 23rd, everyone can be home with family on the 24th.

– Crosspoint is creating a church conference for Atlantic Canada that we will be hosting on April 8th. We need many of you to plan to volunteer on that Friday. Even if you have to take a vacation day! This place will be packed with church leaders from around Atlantic Canada and Maine. It’s going to be an incredible experience you won’t want to miss!

God is good!


21 10 2010

Hey Crosspoint! I hope you’ve been having a fantabulous week. 🙂

– I had 3 trips to Sussex this week. Tuesday night John, Con, and I did the Dairy Town trail for an ‘Atlantic District’ event at Bethany Bible College. About 100 of our pastors gathered to hear Dr. Wayne Schmidt, Pres of Wesley Seminary. Wednesday morning we were back in Sussex by 9 for 5 hours of meetings.

– The entire staff went to Sussex today. We took in chapel at BBC with Dr. Schmidt speaking. The main purpose of our trip was to meet up with with our Crosspoint students at BBC. We took them out for lunch to Pizza Delight. Lots of garlic and laughs. It was SUPER encouraging to hear how they are doing and how God is working in their lives. Very cool!

– I enjoy travel and driving, but all the eating out is catching up to me. 😉 I’ve had more fast food this week than I’ve had in the last 5 weeks combined. Not good.

– Three days on the hard pews in the BBC chapel = pain! Never been more thankful for the padded chairs at Crosspoint!

– I LOVE the drive down through Maugerville and Sheffield.

– I’m pumped about our Missions Weekend this Sat-Sun! AJ Thomas is one of the absolute best communicators you will ever hear. Seriously. Phenomenomanal. I know that this Sunday is ‘between’ series and we’re just coming off a pretty intense 5-week deal, but I’m still expecting this week to be very solid and powerful.

– JONAH – the series, kicks off next Sunday, Oct 31st. I am totally expecting it to be a game changer for a lot of people.

Praying for you all!!

Sunday Wrap

17 10 2010

Another great Sunday at Crosspoint!! Here’s a look back:

– We wrapped up the ‘Go for it’ series. Week 5 was our ‘Celebration Sunday’ for the entire series, changed lives, the campaign, and all that God is doing in our church. It might have been the most energy we have ever had in that building. Certainly a ‘top 3’ kind of Sunday.

– We had a Pancake Breakfast for the 1st Service crowd. Wow. Totally surprised and pleased by how many showed up. “If you cook it, they will come”. 🙂 That was probably the largest crowd we’ve ever had for a 9:30 service.

– We had two baptisms. One in each service. Very cool. No, seriously, the water was FREEZING!!! I’m not sure if we should figure out how to warm it up or just leave it cold so that people really remember their baptism. Congrats to Chris and Katelyn. That is why we do what we do. Changed lives for Jesus!!

– I preached from Hebrews 10:32-39. Staying faithful. Not throwing it away. Even in the face of persecution. Crosspoint is not going back, you are not going back, we are going to move ahead as a church and continue to see hundreds of changed lives. No matter what you face in the future, hold on to the Truth! God’s faithfulness to us is unchanging. Our faithfulness to him can’t be situational.

– I missed video announcements in both services as I was getting changed for baptisms. Watched them tonight on Vimeo and they were awesome. Way to go Mark Brewer and Johnny Sherwood for keeping us laughing and on the creative edge.

– We celebrated communion together!

Worship was amazing. Again! That was by far the best consecutive 5 weeks of worship we’ve ever had. Perfect song selections. Musicianship. Worship leading. Engagement. Powerful moments. Etc, etc, etc. Ruth Woodworth and her team are leading us with excellence!!

Huge crowd again this week! Keep inviting. You never know when someone will show up.

Wooooooooooo. Thanks again for being the best church anywhere!!

Sunday Set List/Artist/Album:
“Holding Nothing Back” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“Our God” Chris Tomlin, Passion:Awakening
“Our God Reigns” Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, David Crowder and Charlie Hall, Passion:Everything Glorious
“We The Redeemed” Hillsong, Faith+Hope+Love (with the chorus of “The Wonder of Your Love” Hillsong, Faith+Hope+Love)
“Rise and Sing” Fee, Hope Rising

Coming Up:

Missions weekend at Crosspoint!! This Saturday/Sunday. You can still get your tickets for Saturday night’s Missions Dinner. They are available until Wednesday. Call, email, or comment here on the blog. Seriously, it’s going to be an awesome dinner and our speaker, AJ Thomas, is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. Anywhere. AJ will keep you laughing and challenged. You will love him. He’s also preaching at Crosspoint this Sunday morning. It’s a great Sunday to invite others because I am positive that everyone is going to love AJ. I’ve preached 5 weeks straight, so I’m looking forward to the break. 😉

– Our next series, JONAH, starts October 31st! Even people who have never been to church have heard of this story about some guy who was swallowed by a giant fish. JONAH is all about ‘deliverance’. Being set free by the mercy of God from something that will take you down. Whatever you’ve been running from, whatever you need to turn from, things are gonna change in the JONAH series. Can’t wait.

– I’ve got a lot of travel and meetings ahead of me this week. Appreciate your prayers. Have an awesome week!

Celebration Sunday!

14 10 2010

This Sunday is week 5 of our ‘Go for it’ series. We’ve prayed, we’ve listened, and we’ve sacrificed. Now we party! Seriously, you don’t want to miss Crosspoint this Sunday.

– We’re sharing communion together, both services.
– We have a baptism in the first service. You could be baptized too, just let us know!
– Pancake breakfast for the first service.

I’m going to be preaching on Hebrews 10:32-39 — Being faithful, holding on to what we know is true.

Now would be a great time to invite someone to Crosspoint. You’re probably here because someone invited you. Go for it!

Sunday Set List

12 10 2010

Songs/Artists/Albums from last Sunday’s super high-octane worship set:

“All Because of Jesus” Fee, We Shine
“Holding Nothing Back” Jesus Culture, Consumed
“Our God Saves” Paul Baloche, Our God Saves
“There is a Redeemer” Kathryn Scott, We Still Believe
“Like Incense/Sometimes by Step” Hillsong, A Beautiful Exchange

The Sunday + Go for it! Wrap

10 10 2010

What a day! What a week! What a series! I am one very proud pastor. I have the greatest church on the planet. Today was one of the highest-energy services we have ever had. Wow. Here’s the wrappa:

– It was week 4 and Commitment Sunday of our ‘Go for it’ series. We’ve been talking about this for 5 months! We had a fantastic campaign dinner last night and people showed up for church ready to blow the roof off!

– The worship was incredible today. You were totally into it!! Great songs, great energy, just a fantastic time worshipping together. The final song, “Like Incense/Step by Step” was soooooooo good!! LOVED the guys on the drums. Yes, 3 extra drums + Chris on his kit. Loud and awesome. Chills.

– We did something in the first service that we don’t think we’ve ever done before. We had a baby dedication and then the Mom was baptized right after the dedication. Very cool. We had another baptism in the second service and had another young lady stand to accept Jesus in the second service. Whooooo!! This is why we do what we do!

– We had been asking you for the ‘largest offering in our history’. We really needed it to catch up from summer, etc. Well, you came through big time! As of right now the offering is at $26,000. Incredible!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🙂

– We made our commitments to pay off the church debt. It was powerful to see all of you brining them up to the altar. I don’t have a total yet. 😉 We’ll celebrate the whole deal this coming Sunday!

– Speaking of celebrating, we have something special for the first service folks this Sunday. Come early and enjoy a pancake breakfast! Yup! We barbecued all summer after the second service and we thought we’d do something for the first service gang.

Thanks again for being so positive throughout this series. Thanks for inviting others. Thanks for showing up expecting something good to happen. Thanks for responding to the challenge. Thanks for supporting our staff. Thanks for being such a generous church. Thanks for being unselfish. Thanks for doing whatever it takes to share the Good News of Jesus!

Great days ahead!!! 🙂