24 Hours of Prayer

29 09 2010

We’re doing a 24 Hour Prayer Day this Saturday as part of our Go For It Series! We need YOU to sign up and be a part of this awesome opportunity. A few things first:

1) You do not have to pray for the full hour; just pray for a while during your hour, if you wish.
2) There can multiple people signed up at the same time.
3) You don’t have to come to the church — pray where you are! Besides, we won’t be open at 3am. πŸ™‚

So…pick an hour and sign up! You can leave a comment below to let us know when you’ll be praying. There are currently no names signed up for the following time slots:

1pm – 2pm
2pm – 3pm
3pm – 4pm
5pm – 6pm
9pm – 10pm
1am – 2am
3am – 4am
4am – 5am

Soooo….go for it!


Sunday Wrap!

27 09 2010

Yesterday was intennnnnssse. Whew! It was a great day. We’re half way through the ‘Go for it’ series already! Unreal. Here’s the wrap:

4 People prayed to accept Jesus in the first service!!!! That never gets old! That’s why we do what we do.

– It was one of the most intense messages I’ve ever shared in my life. Those messages aren’t fun, they are hard. I was exhausted after the first service and really had to regroup for the second service. All I can say is that God gave it to me and I did my best to deliver it to you. Many of you responded with kind words. Thank you. “We’re not afraid of commitments, we’re afraid of the cost of committing to God.”

– We showed some break down’s on where our weekly giving comes from. Interesting and challenging. The top 20 ‘givers’ of the church give 37% of the total annual income.

Luke 14:16-24 The big feast and the 3 excuses. I hope that ALL of you filled in your registration/meal card for the Campaign Dinner at the UNB SUB, Oct 9th. It’s going to be a blast! We’ll eat, laugh, share, and just talk about God’s goodness to us and his vision for us. It’s going to be a great night!

– If you know someone who wasn’t there Sunday, challenge them to watch the service online this week.

– We dedicated two little twins in the 2nd service: Leah and Lennox. Awesome to see what God is doing with so many young families in our church!!

– Great crowd, lots of new faces. Wooooo!

Great days ahead people. Great days ahead.

Whoops. Almost forgot the set list/artist/album from yesterday:
“Highest and Greatest” Tim Hughes, Holding Nothing Back
“Hosanna” Paul Baloche, A Greater Song
“Mystery” Charlie Hall, The Bright Sadness
“How He Loves” David Crowder Band, Church Music
“Jesus Paid It All” Kristian Stanfill, Passion:Everything Glorious

This Sunday!!

22 09 2010

I know, you are going to be shocked that I am totally excited about this Sunday! πŸ˜‰ Hey, it beats ‘dreading’ Sunday. Here are a few thoughts for ya:

– I won’t be preaching on money! Haha. Some of you just breathed a sigh of relief. Yes, I’m going to show you a break down of our giving patterns, but that will be a minor part of the service.

– I’ll explain some of the things that I just couldn’t take the time to unpack last Sunday. So, if you were a little ‘fuzzy’ after last Sunday, show up this week with an open mind.

– I totally understand that many of you are just getting by financially and the thoughts of a financial campaign just stresses you out. That’s why I emphasized that it’s a campaign for changed lives. I don’t want you feeling guilty, I want you feeling hopeful. Let’s trust God for some miracles!

– It’ll take 4 Sundays to totally unpack this deal. Don’t panic. Don’t get upset over things you don’t understand. Either ask someone who knows, or keep tracking with the series for the full four weeks.

– The service time and message time will be much shorter. πŸ˜‰

– The energy will be equally through the roof as it was last Sunday.

Thanks for praying for us. Thanks for all the encouraging words we’ve had this week. Thanks for being the greatest church anywhere!! See ya Sunday. Bring a bus load of friends with you.

Sunday Wrap “Go for it!” 1

20 09 2010

So, that was awesome! A HUGE thanks to all of you who made it a priority to be here for the launch of the largest campaign in our history!! πŸ™‚ It was a phenomenal Sunday. Here’s the wrap:

– The place was absolutely packed! You couldn’t hardly get through the lobby, to the coffee, or anywhere. People were parking on lawns or wherever they could cram their wheels in.

– Tons of new faces! Even though there were many Crosspointers away, we still had a huge crowd because of all the new folks who were with us! Keep coming. Keep tracking. Great days ahead!

– I preached on money. If you think it’s difficult to listen to a sermon on money, you should try preaching one! It’s not easy. BUT, I have a responsibility to tell you what Jesus says about money. You don’t want to get to the end of it all and say “No one told me!”

“Give. Save. Live.” That’s it. That’s the formula. Every time you get 10 loonies, one of them goes to God’s work. We all need to budget some margin back into our lives.

– “We live under the assumption that the extra is for our consumption.” – Andy Stanley

– I gave another overview of the culture at Crosspoint, how we got there, what it takes, and why it is so important. We’re ‘doing what no one else is doing to reach people no one else is reaching’. People are free to have an opinion, they don’t have to agree with everything, and we’re always open to people’s suggestions. But, when you outright fight against every change you are saying, “I want what I want and everyone else can get lost.” When you found Jesus it was because there was a church, a group of people, who were doing whatever they could to share Jesus with others.

– There were 25 kids in the nursery yesterday!!! That’s just crazy. You should get the names of the nursery workers and send them flowers. Or pie. Or coffee.

– This campaign is not about money. It’s about changed lives!

– We baptized 5 people yesterday!! Unbelievable! Wow. I am completely humbled and blown away by what God is doing. Wow.

– A night out, Campaign Dinner, Saturday, October 9th, 6:00 PM. More details this Sunday.

– We almost went to Future Shop yesterday to ask for an empty TV box. πŸ˜‰ If you weren’t here, you’ll have to watch the video.

Luke 12:13-21, 33,34. Don’t be a fool. All the extra isn’t for you. God wants to work through you and your resources to change lives for eternity.

– It’s a ‘heart issue’. That’s why we get tense when we talk about this stuff. Luke 12:34 When Jesus gets ahold of your heart the tension will let go and you will look forward to seeing more changed lives as the church goes forward.

– We blasted 4 paper canons during the last song! Those things are a hoot, until you have to pick up 23 million pieces of paper. The kids had fun playing in it after the service. Good times.

Set list from yesterday:
“Jesus Saves” – Tim Hughes, Happy Day
“Holding Nothing Back” – Jesus Culture, Consumed
“Thank You” – Hillsong, Beautiful Exchange
“Our God” – Chris Tomlin, Passion: Awakening
“Stronger” – Hillsong, This Is Our God

Coming Up:

Tonight, Creation Ministries International speaker Richard Fangraad at Crosspoint. 7 PM. Great opportunity for learning more about God’s word and Creation.

Saturday, “Go for it” prayer time #2, 6-8 PM.

– Back to two services this Sunday! Keep tracking with the series, you won’t want to miss any of the details. Gonna be another great Sunday to invite someone!

Go for it – Prayer Events

15 09 2010

The ‘Go for it’ campaign officially starts this Saturday with 5 hours of prayer at the church. We’re going to God before we go to the people. We want to seriously ramp up the prayer volume of our church during the campaign and onward. Join us. Don’t sit on the bench. Don’t look on from a distance. Prayer isn’t something that only super-spiritual people do. It’s for all of us!

Here are the upcoming prayer opportunities for the campaign:

Week 1 = 5 hours of prayer. Saturday, Sept. 18. 3pm-8pm. Drop in to the church. We’ll give you a few instructions when you get here. Stay as long as you want.

Week 2 = Night of Prayer and Worship. Saturday, Sept. 25. 6pm-8pm. Stay for two hours. There will be some worship. Don’t think, “how will I stay on my knees for 2 hours?”. We’ll mix it up for ya.

Week 3 = 24 hours of prayer. Saturday, Oct. 2 at 8am – Sunday, Oct. 3 at 8am. Sign up for an hour. Pray from anywhere.

Week 4 = Prayer and Fasting. Monday, Oct. 4 – Friday, Oct. 8. Lunch and Supper hour at the church. Skip a meal and come to the church to pray. Yes, wanting God more than food will elevate your spiritual life. Try it.

Sunday Wrap!

13 09 2010

Another incredible day of worship at Crosspoint! Wow! I’m not even sure how to properly describe the energy and presence of God. The place was packed. The people were ready. The whole morning rocked. Here’s a wrap:

Pastor Mark wrapped up his two week series on worship, “Plastic Jesus”. Excellent preaching Mark! Thanks for the extra load you’ve carried the last couple of weeks and thanks for bringing us a timely series in the life of our church. As I said yesterday, “This is one of those ‘never be the same again’ moments.” From this point on we all need to be better worshippers 24/7.

– The worship yesterday was off the planet. It was amazing. One of the top 5 sets we’ve ever had. It had everything – some familiar, some new, some creativity, versatility, and straight on Jesus focused. I was SO proud of the entire music/worship/sound/media/production team yesterday. They are really stepping it up and taking it to a whole ‘nutha level. Way to go! Great days ahead!

Huge crowd. Really. For this time of year, that was an awesome crowd. Way up over the same time last year.

– Lots of serious decisions made. I really felt that we gained ground as a congregation yesterday. It starts today – how will you worship God with every area of your life and everything you do today. The way you work. The way you interact with others. The way you talk to others and respond to others. The decisions you make. The priorities you choose. The things you watch and listen to. The things you decide to not do and walk away from. The people you pray for, etc.

– We prayed for Pastor Conard as he is leaving for the Congo today. Yeah. Con go to the Congo. πŸ™‚

Here’s the set list, artist and album:
“You’ll Come” Hillsong, This is Our God
“This is Our God” Hillsong, This is Our God
“Saviour King” Hillsong, I Heart Revolution
“Like Incense/Sometimes by Step” Hillsong, A Beautiful Exchange
“I Exalt Thee” Jesus Culture, Your Love Never Fails

What’s Coming Up:

One Service Sunday this Sunday, 10:30!! Whoooo! We’re kicking off our campaing, “Go for it” by cramming in every person who calls Crosspoint their church. It will be controlled chaos and a lot of fun. Come early, expect it to be nuts, and just enjoy the day.

Creation Ministries International speaker, Richard Fangraad, is at Crosspoint Monday, Sept 20th. One week from today. 7 PM. No childcare. Most of us have questions concerning creation, evolution, age of the earth, dinosaurs, ice age, fossils, etc, etc. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the bible and what it says about these things.

Baptisms this Sunday!! Yeah, we just did baptisms and more people want to be baptized. That’s the way it should be! This time we are in the church, not the river. πŸ˜‰ If you need to take this important step in your faith, let us know!!

Things You Need to Know!

8 09 2010

I’m back from a little vacay and totally ready for this Fall @ Crosspoint!! Thanks to Mark Brewer for the last couple of posts on this blog. Yes, that was Mark writing the last two posts, not me. The more we work together, the more we sound alike. Summer was crazy around here. Seriously. Tons of new faces, changed lives, and bbq’ed burgers. I hope you can feel the momentum and I hope you are pumped for the future!!! Here are a few things you need to know:

– Week 2 of ‘Plastic Jesus’, a series on worship, is this Sunday! Worship is a HUGE part of our Christian lives and it’s a HUGE part of Crosspoint. We don’t want you to be just ‘attending’ or watching. We want you engaged and participating in the worship. We want you living lives of worship. Come expecting an intense encounter with Jesus!
– The “Go For It” series/campaign that we’ve been talking about for months begins September 19th!! This is a ginormous event in the life of our church. It’s not just another series or a campaign about money. It’s all about seeing hundreds of lives changed for Jesus! It’s about knowing that your children and their children and their children will be proclaiming Jesus long after you are gone. Start praying now and open your heart to what God wants to do. I’m totally expecting this series to blow the roof off this place.
– Yes, the “Go For It” series is still a great time to invite new people. It’s not for ‘insiders’. You can know that I’ll do whatever I can do to help your guests feel comfortable. Even though it’s a campaign, I think your friends will be able to see right away that this church is on fire! We’ll keep enough humour and quirkiness in the series to keep people from freaking out. πŸ˜‰
– Sunday, September 19th, is “ONE SERVICE SUNDAY!!” It’s going to be controlled chaos! We’re doing one service so that you can see and feel the sheer volume of people we have coming to Crosspoint. If you come to the same service all the time, you probably don’t interact all that much with 1/2 the church. Well, we’re going to shoehorn and sardine the whole awesome crowd for one Sunday. YES, you should definitely invite people!! Lots of people. Think about it…When was the last time you had to leave early for church to get a parking spot? Or a seat? Or to sign your kids in to their areas? Or to get coffee? People think that churches are dead. When you bring them here, they will be blown away. πŸ™‚ Invest and invite, invest and invite, invest…
– The campaign is 5 weeks. A four-week sermon series and then a Celebration Sunday. We are also having a fantastic, classy, campaign dinner on Saturday, October 9th. More details on that later, but get your babysitter now and block the date out on your calendar. Hundreds of us are going to a classy location for an awesome ‘campaign dinner’. Yum.
– A brand new web design is in the works. Can’t wait!
– We’re really pumped for the two series following “Go For It”. Also, can’t wait!
– We’re getting really low amounts of $ in the baskets for coffee on Sundays. Boo. You should be dropping at least a loonie. Refills free.
– Small Groups will be starting soon. Watch for details. We want every Crosspointer to be in a group. It’s the best place to really experience community.
– Tuesday morning seniors started yesterday. I love our seniors. Every ONE of them! We have the best seniors of any church any where.
– Monday, September 20th, Creation Ministries International speaker, Richard Fangraad, will be giving a live presentation at Crosspoint, 7:00 PM. Yes, you should come. And bring someone with you! We all have questions about creation, age of the earth, evolution, etc. There will be time for Q & A. Sorry, but we aren’t able to do childcare for this event. Send one spouse if you have to and tell them to take good notes.

Whew! That’s it for now. Wow.