Top Songs @ Crosspoint

24 08 2010

Amanda Collicott and Ruth Wordworth do an awesome job of finding the right music for Crosspoint! Here are the songs that we’ve done the most over the past 12 months:

This is Our God – 8 Sundays

Be The Center, Everlasting God, Hosanna (Baloche), How He Loves, You Gave Your Life Away – 7 Sundays

God You Reign, Jesus Paid it All – 6 Sundays

All Because of Jesus, Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone), Before the Throne of God Above, Hosanna (Fraser), Jesus Messiah, Today is the Day – 5 Sundays


Sunday Woooooooooooooooo Wrap

23 08 2010

Wow. Simply wow. I’m trying to find the words to describe yesterday and it seems like everything I come up with fails to describe it. I’ve just been smiling, thanking God, and agreeing with so many of you who have been sending in positive words. Here is my meager attempt to look back at yesterday and forward to the future:

5 People stood to their feet in the second service to invite Jesus into their lives. To accept Him as their Saviour. With everyone looking around, these 5 ‘took a stand’. This is why we do what we do!!! It was incredible. 🙂

13 People were baptized in the Nashwaak River!! Wooooo!! Man, I love baptisms! It was a perfect day, perfect site, beautiful crystal clear water, etc, etc, etc. None of us will every forget it. Probably 150 or so Crosspointers came down to the river to join us. There were tears, hugs, pictures, video, singing, etc. One of the best days of ministry I’ve ever had.

– We had around 400 people. In August. Yeah, August! People will go to church in the summer IF there is something going on!!

“Life Support” was our guest band and led us in worship. Thanks guys, awesome job!

– I continued our ‘Apps’ series with a message on prayer. Relationship (with God) is the reward of prayer!

– Thanks to all of you who make this church what it is! Thanks for praying for us, supporting us, encouraging us, giving, volunteering, etc. We could never do what we do without such a supportive and awesome group of people around us!

Coming up @ Crosspoint:

– Pastor Conard wraps up the Apps series this Sunday! Go Con Go!
– This sunday is our last BBQ of the summer.
– “Go For It” series and campaign launches Sept 19. Yes, you need to be there!

Baptisms in the Nashwaak!!

19 08 2010

Sunday Wrappers

16 08 2010

Hey Church! The best word to describe church at Crosspoint yesterday is ‘powerful’! Here is a quick look back:

Pastor Mark continued the ‘Apps’ series with a timely message on Trust. Mark has a God-given gift of weaving real life, humor, and scripture into something engaging, entertaining, and challenging. Way to go Mark!

– It’s always amazing when we plan a series months in advance and the topic that falls on a given Sunday is the exact topic that those people needed to hear that day. Thank God for his guidance and a touch of ‘mystery’ that none of us can plan.

– People at the altar both services…Second service the altar was slammed! Probably 30 people straight across the front of the church. Very powerful. Very cool.

“Potluck Shmotluck”. Yeah, there were eats after church but the real reason we were there was to experience the life changing transformation of Jesus! So, after the bignormous altar call, we herded across the hall and fellowshipped together. LOVE just mingling around and getting to know people.

– We introduced ‘name tags for everyone’ yesterday! Almost every person in the church had a name tag on. I heard many positive comments on how it helped us approach people and (hopefully) remember people’s names.

– Many people signed up for baptism yesterday!! Woooooooooo! It’s not too late. Let us know if you want to be a part of this celebration, this Sunday, in the Nashwaak River. Can’t wait!!!

– Praying for Pastor Mark’s youngest daughter Caitlin, and mom Liz, still in the hospital. Hoping that they get home soon. 🙂

*No BBQ this Sunday. Just baptisms. 🙂

Here is the set list and artists from yesterday:

“Today is the Day” Lincoln Brewster, Today is the Day

“Our God Saves” Paul Baloche, Our God Saves

“The Solid Rock” Charlie Hall, Passion:Hymns Ancient and Modern

“I Will Exalt You” Hillsong, Faith Hope Love

“You Never Let Go” Matt Redman, Passion:Everything Glorious

Top 5 Ice Creams

12 08 2010

OK. It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Top 5. One of our absolute fave things about summer is stopping for an ice-cream. Usually it’s at Balemans in Brown’s Flat near our cottage. Here are my top 5 things that I love to see someone scooping into a cone: (Feel free to dispute, challenge, argue, and make a case for your fave!)

5. Black Raspberry Cheesecake. Not very exotic or adventurous, but solid.

4. Mocha Double Double or Mocha Almond Fudge. Mocha sounds like coffee. So I like it.

3. Black Cherry. If I ordered a sundae, I wouldn’t eat the cherry. But for some reason I really like this stuff.

2. Hoof Prints. I think its close to Puppy Paws. Chocolate ripple with choco covered caramels. Mmmm.

1. Caramel Cowmotion. Caramel with caramel with little chocolate covered caramels. Yippeee.

What a Bunch

10 08 2010

Part of the team we had at the Leadership Summit last week.

Why We Do What We Do

10 08 2010

If you’ve been at Crosspoint for 2 weeks or 20 years, it’s super important that you understand why we do what we do. If you lose sight of this, you’ll start to think about how you like church to be done. You’ll wish we did it your way. There just isn’t any way for hundreds of people to go to the same church and for everyone to have it their way.

We do what we do so that people will know who Jesus is, invite him into their lives, and live sold out for him.

We’re not just here for new people, or spiritually seeking people, or young people or any other stereotype you can think of. We’re here for everyone. You are either being introduced to Jesus or you are becoming more like Jesus. Either way you need a great church to be your place of worship, teaching, and fellowship (community).

We work really hard to create a church culture that people look forward to coming to. The music, messages, and media are all designed to help us communicate Jesus in a way that people can respond to. Anticipation and expectation are better than dread and duty when it comes to church!

If you attend on a Sunday and think, “That’s not my thing.” Let me challenge you with this: What’s more important, your personal preferences or changed lives? If you leave and go somewhere else, make sure they are leading people to Jesus, baptizing them, and seeing real growth. I’d much rather go to a church that is alive and is taking some risks for the Gospel!