This Weekend!!

29 07 2010

We are AMPED UP for an awesome Sunday @ Crosspoint this weekend! It’s been a great summer so far, lots of awesome God stuff going on. Hope you are planning on being here and bringing 17 of your closest friends with you!! 🙂

– We’re back to the “There’s An App for That” series!

– This week’s App is “Integrity”, Matthew 5:27-30

– I haven’t preached in a few Sundays and I’m totally looking forward to it!!

– According to John Sherwood, worship is going to be ‘Sweet’. I believe it.

– There will be a BBQ! “If you grill it, they will come.” – Old Wesleyan proverb.

– Lives will be changed for eternity. Just saying.


Sunday Wrap

26 07 2010

Wow. Hard to believe that yesterday was the last Sunday of July! Crazy. If you weren’t here, you should have been! 😉 Here’s a quick recap:

– We took a one-week hiatus from the Apps series and welcomed a very special guest/friend – CK Chitty. CK is the CEO of Hephzibah Ministries in Macon, GA.

Worship was amazing yesterday, but especially the 2nd service! Between services the band talked about ratcheting things up a notch and getting people engaged and involved in the worship. They came out fired up and pumped and it was electric! Amanda and Shea took it to a wholenuthalevel. No turning back. Awesome.

BIG crowd in the second service! Tons of new faces. If we can get everyone here and fired up for this Fall, it should be off the charts! (keep inviting everyone you know!!)

– I announced yesterday that we’d like to do a baptism in the Nashwaak. Well, the response was very good! 🙂 All we need now is people to baptize. We have 1 and we’d like to have at least a dozen. Let us know if you are interested!!

– LOVED seeing so many people staying for the BBQ yesterday! Thanks again to Con and Debby and their awesome team of volunteers!!!

– I shared that we need some really good offerings over the next few weeks. If you weren’t prepared for it yesterday, you’ve got all week to get ready! 😉 Remember — It’s a lot better to dig deep and help fund a growing church than trying to keep a dying church alive! If you love Crosspoint, and you are thankful for all God is doing, we need you to step up big time!!

– I poured coffee all over one of my favourite shirts. Awesome.

– I am preaching this Sunday and I CAN”T wait!!! I’ll probably explode!! You might want to be there.

Here is yesterday’s worship set list. Artist and album.

“Holding Nothing Back” – Jesus Culture, Consumed

“You’ll Come” – Hillsong, This Is Our God

“We the Redeemed/The Wonder of Your Love” – Hillsong, Faith+Hope+Love

“Healing is in Your Hands” – Christy Nockels, Passion:Awakening

“Highest and Greatest” – Tim Hughes, Holding Nothing Back

Mature Believers

22 07 2010

I think I said something like this at the end of the second service on Sunday, but not in the first. It wasn’t planned, no notes, just something that bubbles out every now and then. I’ve said it a few times over the past few years but thought I’d post it here for any who missed it. 🙂

– Mature believers would gladly sit in the lobby and give their seat to someone who needs to hear about Jesus!

– Mature believers don’t need to hear their favorite song as long as the worship music is leading people to Jesus!

– Mature believers would park down at the Mill and walk to the church in the dead of February if it meant that someone who needed to hear about Jesus had a parking spot!

– Mature believers are going deeper in their faith all the time and are glad that new seekers can understand the message.

– Mature believers love a full lobby, waiting for a restroom, or running out of coffee because they see all the new people who are hearing about Jesus!

– Mature believers don’t have to have everything their way because they realize it simply isn’t possible and they understand the vision of the church to reach every possible person for Jesus!

Crosspoint has MANY mature believers!! Keep it up church. 🙂

Sunday Set List

20 07 2010

Here are the tunes we enjoyed on Sunday. Look ’em up on iTunes and enjoy!

All Because of Jesus by Fee

In Christ Alone by Stuart Townsend

Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin

Kindness by Chris Tomlin

Wonderful God by Paul Baloche

Sunday Wrapapalooza

20 07 2010

So, I didn’t get this post done yesterday. But, I had a really good excuse. Keep reading…

– Another very stellar summer Sunday morning at Crosspoint! Week 4 of our ‘Apps’ series. The theme was ‘Salt and Light’ from Matthew 5 (where we are studying from all summer).

– Thank you Johnny Sherwood for another challenging message!

– It was only about 100 degrees in the sanctuary. Much cooler than the week before. 😉

– Really good crowd for the 3rd Sunday of July. Keep inviting others!!

3 People stood to invite Jesus into their lives!!! Woooooo!!! This is why we do what we do!! It’s just so cool to see people take a stand and cross that line of faith and trust Jesus as their Saviour! Wow.

– It was ‘Potluck Sunday’ at Crosspoint. Making the ancient Wesleyan Proverb true, “If you cook it, they will come.” Thanks to all of you who helped out, cooked, set up, cleaned up, invited others, etc. It was a great day! Another one coming up in August…

Other stuffs:

– Our newest staff member, Emily Woodworth, was in the house on Sunday! Welcome Emily!! We’re seriously looking forward to an amazing children’s ministry that 100’s of families are going to want to be a part of.

– We welcomed Emily to the Crosspoint staff by taking a boating day-trip on Pastor Conard and Debbie’s boat. Fredericton – Oromocto – Gagetown – lunch – Fredericton. Lots of bald eagles, salmon jumping, even a close encounter with a muskrat. Fun times. So, now you know why I didn’t get my blog post done until today. 🙂

CK Chitty, CEO of Hephzibah Ministries is with us this Sunday.

– I can tell you now that the worship set for this Sunday is one of those ‘don’t miss’. Seriously. You want to be here and it’s a great day to invite someone!

– Youth trip to Magic Mountain tomorrow.

– Don’t forget to pray for our campaign coming this Fall – “Go For It”.

– Don’t forget the key phrase to filter everything through, “Does this honour God?”

Thanks for being the greatest church anywhere!!!

Potluck Update

15 07 2010


Rolls, Drinks, and Desserts are provided.

Please bring your favorite dish, hot or cold.

Salad isn’t provided, even if you read it somewhere on someone’s blog earlier this week.

If you want to eat salad, you should bring a salad. Or, invite the person you know who makes a killer salad!

The weather is looking good. It’s going to be a very awesome day.

Potluck @ CP

14 07 2010

We’re mixing up the summer BBQ’s this year and throwing in a couple of potluck’s. After all, you can’t be a church and not do a potluck! This Sunday is “bake, cook, or buy something amazing and bring it to church day”.

– Rolls, drinks, salads, and desserts will be provided.

– Just bring the one main dish, big enough to feed a small village.

Can’t wait!