Worship Set List

29 06 2010

I meant to include Sunday’s set list in my Sunday Wrap post. Many of you have been asking about the songs we do and who they are by so you can find them on iTunes. Here it is!

Facedown (Matt Redman)

Hosanna (Paul Baloche)

Holy is the Lord (Chris Tomlin)

What a Friend (Martin Smith)

How He Loves (David Crowder Band)


Sunday Wrap!

28 06 2010

Another awesome day of worship at Crosspoint! Here’s a look back at the fun:

– We kicked off our new series, “There’s an App for that”. Week one was setting up the series and talking about humility, Matthew 5:1-5. All summer long we are going to be taking helpful applications from Jesus’ ‘Sermon on the Mount’. The service will be online later this week if you missed it. 🙂

– Absolute all-time funniest video announcements ever in the history of church and cameras!! Mark Brewer and John Sherwood set the bar higher than ever. We were laughing so hard, I’m not sure anyone remembers what we announced! Vid ann’s will be on our Vimeo site later this week as well. That’s a great way to introduce someone to Crosspoint… give them a link to our video announcements. “The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind…” Priceless.

– We had an acoustic worship set with John Sherwood, Amanda Collicott, and Chris Saad. It’s nice to just unplug every once in awhile and lift our voices. Loved it!

– The closing of the message was one of the most intense moments we’ve had. It was sort of a follow up to “Does this honor God?” from a couple weeks back. Humility is the posture of the heart, approaching God on our knees, offering all we have. Don’t be messing with the blessing.

– We called all of our VBS volunteers to the front of the church and we prayed over them! Very powerful.

– VBS kicked off last night! Wooooo Hooooo!! 🙂 We’re going with a shorter vbs, in the evenings, for a variety of reasons. Man, was it good to see all those kiddos and all of the volunteers here last night! You should stop in tonight just to see it. Very cool. Thanks again to Liz Brewer and Team Awesome for all they are doing!

And in other news…

– It’s raining. 🙂 We’re attempting a small veggie garden, so the rain is helpful. Unless it washes everything into the river.

– I’m in the sanctuary, working there because I dropped off my computer for a new case/chassis. Gotta love warranty on a 3 year old macbook!

– Beulah starts this Friday night! http://www.beulahcamp.com if you don’t know what it is. It is a campground on the Saint John River, owned and operated by the Atlantic District of the Wesleyan Church. 300+ cottages, trailer sites, hotels, huge amazing historic tabernacle, beach, ballfield, and a bookstore/cafe run by my amazing wife! 🙂

– The only reason we don’t promote Beulah more is that there is usually a waiting list for rooms, sites, etc. Buuuut, it makes an awesome day-trip if you come down in the morn. There are morning services @ 10:30 and evening @ 7. Well over 1000 each night in the tabernacle.

– Alex Bourque started his summer internship at Crosspoint today! Welcome Alex! Best summer ever coming up.

– All staff will be back for this Sunday and we are looking forward to a spectacular Sunday! We’ll be BBQ’ing after the second service!

Yes, you should.

25 06 2010

Yes, you should invite a child to VBS @ Crosspoint. Starts this Sunday, 5:30 – 7:30. Much awesomeness!

Yes, you should invite someone to Crosspoint for the new series that kicks off Sunday!

Yes, you should get your teens involved in all the fun stuff going on for them @ Crosspoint this summer!

Yes, you should get to church on time and be ready to worship when the countdown hits zero!

Yes, you should bring your bible to church!

Yes, you should pray for our new Director of Children’s Ministry, Emily Woodworth, as she makes her way home from Australia!

Yes, you should set up pre-authorized giving. It’s a huge help to us in the summer!

Yes, you should get baptized! Got another one lined up for July 4th. Want to be on the list?!

Yes, you should get involved @ Crosspoint!

Yes, you should get in a home group this Fall!

Yes, you should be praying for the ‘Go For It!’ campaign that kicks off this Fall!!

Sunday Wrap!

21 06 2010

Sunday was one of my all time favourite services @ Crosspoint! God’s presence was on us from when the countdown hit zero to when we turned out the lights! If you missed it, well, I don’t know what to say. You missed an amazing service.

– It was our annual ‘Grads & Dads’ Sunday. We have a large group of awesome grads this year! We brought them up front, showed them off, and presented them with a small gift. Hey grads, we are proud of you!! Go change your world!

John Sherwood brought the message and knocked it completely out of the park. WAY out of the park!! Johnny, on behalf of every Crosspointer, THANKS!! That was amazing.

Worship was powerful. Really LOVED the version of ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus’! And ‘All the Way My Saviour Leads Me’ was perfect for the theme of the day!

Hugenormous Bigmongous crowd in the first service! Whoah.

– We had a baby dedication in the first service. Little baby Caleb and parents Jared and Tasha.

– The sanctuary was hot. It just was.

– Video announcements with Martin Stoohoover, Stareather, Steatherfeather, were hilarious.

Every Dad left with a Crosspoint measuring tape. Some will even know how to use it.

Some other stuffs:

VBS begins this coming Sunday night, June 27, @ 5:30!!! Woooooooooo!!! Make sure every kid you know, and a few you don’t know, are registered for VEEEEBEEEESSSSSSS! It’s gonna be a blast.

– New Series, “There’s An App for That” starts this Sunday! We are going to study the Sermon on the Mount and APP-ply God’s Word to our lives!

BBQ @ CP is back!! Starting July 4th, stay after the second service and enjoy some good food. Great way to meet people and get better connected at Crosspoint!

– Really looking forward to our board meeting tonight! First board meeting of the church year with the new board. Great group of people. I know it’s going to be a very productive year!

– Going to Grand Manan on Wednesday. My nephew, Jacob Brownlee, is graduating. Really proud of him. Praying for no wind!

Have a great week!!

“Does this honor God?”

17 06 2010

“Does this honor God?” Those were the four words that I challenged Crosspoint with at the end of our ‘Go For It’ series this past Sunday. As our church continues to grow, and God continues to bless, and we move towards what’s next, it’s absolutely essential that every one of us steps things up spiritually.

This isn’t anything new. In fact, scan through the Bible and you’ll see multiple examples of God asking the people to come clean, refocus, and step up spiritually before he could take them into whatever was next.

“Does this honor God” needs to be the filter that we run everything through:

– How we spend our time.

– Where we go.

– What we watch, see, or pay to watch.

– What we spend.

– What we feel we ‘need’ to have.

– The things we say, repeat, or joke about.

– People we talk about.

– Our thought life.

– Our attitudes.

– The things we choose to focus on.

– Things that bring us down.

Pretty much every area of our lives.

So, how are you doing so far? Have you been asking yourself that question? Has it impacted any of your decisions? Maybe some will even click ‘comment’ on this post and share their stories to encourage others. Taking the land, paying off debt, seeing hundreds of lives changed in this city for Jesus is far more of a spiritual issue than a financial one. If we get the spiritual right, the financial will follow.

Sunday Wrap

14 06 2010

Wow! Yesterday was another great day to be at Crosspoint! God is good. Here is a quick look back:

– We wrapped up a two week mini-series titled “Go For It”! Thanks to every one of you who made it a priority! To those of you who missed it, well, uh, I don’t know what to say other than “Where were you???!!!”

– We announced the launch of a massive campaign coming this fall! It’s intially a debt reduction deal but ultimately every dollar given takes us closer to a new facility on our Cliffe Street property that will better enable us to fulfill the vision God has given to Crosspoint!

– The energy was SUPER high for both Sundays!! It’s really encouraging to see how pumped everyone is. Thaks for all of the positive comments you have been sending our way!

– More memberships and a baptism yesterday! Woo Hoo!! I seriously wish we had baptisms every Sunday. Who is next?? 🙂

– Pastor Con and I did a tag team message yesterday. That was a blast! We did our best to weave some stories from our past with where God is taking us now. We value our roots and look expectantly towards the future!

– LOVED Amanda singing the Jesus Culture version of “O Lord, You’re Beautiful”.

– I brought a word from God about Crosspoint ‘stepping it up’ spiritually. This is going to be HUGE for any future success of our church. Read the OT and pretty much everytime God was taking the people to a new land he asked them to clean up and step up spiritually. Remember the four words I shared for us to filter every area of our lives through: “Does this honor God?” Live by those words and you will see (and make) a difference!!

In other news:

– “Dads and Grads” Sunday this week!! If you are a grad, we really need to hear from you. If you are a dad, know a dad, or have ever had a dad (think about it) you need to be here!! It’s going to be a great Sunday.

– I need to go kayaking.

– Our golf team shot a +6 at the BBC tournament on Saturday. Two rounds of golf in a 24 hour period has me walking a little funny today!

– There is a crew here today taking out a wall between two offices to make one really nice open environment for four people. It’s going to look great when it’s done!

“Go For It” Sunday Wrap

7 06 2010

One of the craziest Sundays in our history. Here’s the wrap!

– We’ve asked everyone to do their best to be @ Crosspoint for June 6 and 13. We had 420 fired up amped up pumped up people!

– It was “Go For It” week 1. Pretty much every area of the church, every ministry, every thing we do was on another level. I can’t say enough good things about our team and the all-out effort everyone put in to this series. Sunday was pretty much ‘churchasgoodaswecandoit’!

– Loved the “Go For It” t-shirts!

– Loved the new look of the cafe area!

– Loved the iPad at the Hello desk!

– Loved the new look of the platform!

– Worship was incredible. I’ve heard PCD do “Revelation Song” live, and I like our version better. Just sayin. 😉 Tremendous energy in the sanctuary Sunday morn. Very powerful.

– Our videos were unbelievable. Seriously. I know you probably think I’m using too many positive adjectives and exclamation marks but if you were there you agree and if you weren’t there, you need to watch them online. The “Go For It” video that chronicled our church’s history was pro, stellar, and awesome. Very inspiring! Way to go AJ Guptill and Mark Brewer!

– We took in 13 new members!

– We baptized 4!

– 2 People stood to invite Jesus into their lives!! That never gets old. That is why we do what we do!!!

– I preached with my notes on an iPad and it was way better than paper. I think I’m hooked.

– I did my best to pour out the vision that God has given to all of us. It’s not my vision, it’s ours. God has called us and is using us to see hundreds of people in our city choose Jesus!! Staying where it is comfortable would be a tragedy. If we believe what we believe, we really don’t have a choice but to “Go For It”!

– We announced yesterday that we will launch a full-blown large scale campaign this Fall! Woo Hooooo! It’s not about a building or nice drawings – it’s about doing whatever it takes to reach as many people as possible. No regrets. No looking back. No should’ves, could’ves or might have been’s. Everyone. All in.

In other news:

– We had our Annual Meeting last night. Great crowd!

– We began the meeting by eating pie and drinking coffee.

– Awesome ministry reports praising God for another fantastic year!

– We received around $397,000 last year!

– Budget for this year is projected at $425,000!

– We elected new board members, etc. Good times!

– Went to the gym today. And I hurt.

– Can’t wait to get my kayak on the river after a week of rain!

– Consumed less than 2 cups of coffee today. (for those who think I drink too much!)

– Gayla’s birthday is tomorrow. Woo Hoo!

– I’m playing in the Bethany Bible College golf fundraiser this Saturday and I haven’t swung a club yet this year.

– This Sunday is going to be awesome!! Wanna get baptized?? 🙂