Sunday Wrap!

31 05 2010

Hey Crosspointers!!!!!! I hope you are all having a fantastic start to a fantaastic week! Take every opportunity to make a difference for Jesus in someone’s life this week. 🙂

– We wrapped up our ‘HomeWork’ series on Sunday! Had a lot of great comments about the series…a lot of ‘thanks for doing this series, I needed it’. We’re continually thankful for the way God leads us to the themes that need to be addressed week to week at Crosspoint. Pretty amazing. God is awesome.

– Yesterday’s theme for making the home work was ‘Values’. Pastor Conard did an excellent job of preachingupastorm! Good words from a good man! Remember, don’t confuse values with preferences and build your home on the biblical values that God has given us!

– Series recap: Sacrifice, Priorities, and Values. These are three big honking deals that you have to get right if you really want to make your home work. In fact, I think that we can pretty much boil most everything down into one of these categories. They are foundational. Pray about these things daily, let others hold you accountable, talk it out with trusted friends, keep watch, talk them over as a family, guard them fiercly because the world is out to mess with all three of these truths.

Worship was on another level out of this world amazing yesterday. It just was. Wow. Ruth, Amanda, John, Eric, Chris, Liz. Thanks for leading us. Thanks for putting all the focus on Jesus and none on yourselves. Thanks for working so hard. Thanks for choosing the right songs. Awesome.

– We announced that our new youth pastor is our old youth pastor! John Sherwood has accepted the full-time position of Youth Pastor at Crosspoint!! Woo Hoo!! God has been preparing John for this and we fully believe that he is the right man to be leading our teens! Teens – get ready for the ride of a life time. It is going to be incredible!!

– Great crowd. Lots of new faces. Great energy.

– Loved seeing so many families stand for prayer at the end of the service. That’s the real deal folks. God is with you!


– This is it! This Sunday, June 6th. You don’t want to miss it. We’re going to be casting the vision for Crosspoint like never before. Absolutely everyone needs to be here!! It should be a packed out, amped up atmosphere. Come early. Park far away to make room for others. Rejoice.

– This Sunday is going to be a perfect Sunday to invite someone new to church. It’s not just for the Crosspoint crew. New people will see and feel the energy that a church can have when people rally together for God’s vision!

Annual Meeting – this Sunday night, 5 P.M. Pie. Coffee. Reports. Everyone is welcome. Everyone. We try to keep it as non-boring as possible. 😉 It’s a time to reflect back on all that God did through Crosspoint in the previous church year and then to look ahead and make some projections (staff, budget, board, etc) for the year ahead.

And lastly, I love this church!! 🙂


The really really late I’ve been on a staff retreat give me a break Sunday Wrap!

27 05 2010

Hey Church! I hope you are having an amazing week. 🙂 Here’s a quick look back on Sunday @ Crosspoint:

– The long weekend in May is always one of our lowest attended Sundays of the year! There was still a really good crowd here, and they were pumped!

– It was week 2 of our “Home Work” series. I was preaching for the first time in a couple of weeks. Whenever I don’t preach for a week or two my voice has a hard time getting through both services. I managed to squeak my way through the second service. Sunday’s theme was “Priorities”.  We all have priorities. We make decisions on what will be the most important things in our homes, lives, finances, free time, etc. Making the right decisions about the right priorities will help make the home work!

– Our text was Matthew 6:19-33

– Loved the worship set! Loved the energy!

– Saturday night I felt God telling me that we needed to do a mid-service prayer time at the altar for whoever felt they wanted to come. We had many people in both services on their knees at the altar. Very cool!

Coming Up!!

– Conard Symonds preaches this Sunday and I can tell you it is going to be amazing. Seriously. You won’t want to miss week 3 of the series!

– Ruth says that worship this Sunday is going to be ‘unforgetable’! A lot of anticipation for this Sunday.

– June 6 and 13. Every person. All in. Go for it.     Make sure everyone you know who calls this church their church (or not) knows about the 6th and the 13th!

– Baptisms and memberships. We’d love to hear from you if you are interested!!

– Old Testament class with Prof. Clinton Branscombe, this Saturday, 10-12. We all can/should learn more about the bible! The third and final class of the Old Testament series is on Saturday, June 19th.

Sunday Wrap!

17 05 2010

Here is your weekly look back at a few of the highlights from another awesome Sunday at Crosspoint!

– We kicked off a brand new series, “Home Work”. We’re taking the next 3 (2 now) Sundays to look at a few essential things we all need to make homes work.

Pastor Mark really, really, did a stellariffic job with the first message of the series!! We were all reminded of God’s crazy awesome sacrifice for us, Jesus, and how we need to demonstrate sacrifice towards others.

– The youth band led us in some pretty amazing worship. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for John Sherwood and his leadership. Great stuff guys!

Great crowd. Lots of new faces!

Great atmosphere! Sundays are quite a bit different for me when I’m not preaching. I’m able to mill around more and get a better feel for what’s going on in the lobby, coffee area, etc. People are pumped!!

Coming up 🙂

– Week 2 of “Home Work” is on priorities. It might be a good idea to make it a priority to be at church this Sunday! It’s going to be a great service! Just sayin.

June 6 and 13th “Go For It” Sundays. Every person. All in. Gonnabeawesome.

– Next Old Testament class with Clinton Branscombe, Saturday, May 29, 10 a.m.

Go For It!

15 05 2010

We’re asking every person who calls this church their church to be with us for June 6 and June 13th. They are going to be unforgettable days in Crosspoint’s history! We’re going to blow up the vision clearer than we ever have before. Seriously, if you know people who only come once a year you need to tell them to be here on those days.

Can you do me a favour? If Crosspoint has made a difference in your life, if you are really glad that God has led you to Crosspoint, if you now have a relationship with Jesus because of the work that Crosspoint is doing, would you give us a shout out here on the blog? Many people check the blog and we’d love for them to hear/see your story.

Mother’s Day Sunday Wrap

10 05 2010

One of our biggest Sunday’s of the last couple years! Thanks to all of you for inviting others. Special thanks to all of our Moms! Here’s the wrappy:

Elizabeth Rhyno was our special guest and she really did a terrific job! Perfect balance of message, music, and motherhood! Everyone enjoyed your ministry Elizabeth! Thanks for ‘whipping’ up a song for us. 🙂 If it goes #1, multi-platinum, we’ll all be able to say ‘we were @ Crosspoint when she played it public for the first time’!

– The place was packed! Really great crowds in both services! 475 for those of you watching from afar and wondering how many people we get.

Video announcements were hilarious. Mark keeps setting the bar higher. You’ll have to watch them online later in the week. And forward the link to your friends. That’ll make them thin, “What kind of church is this?” And that’s a good thing!

– We had fun drawing names and giving away gift certificates to Cora’s and two local spa’s. Thanks to Avalon Spas, Pauline Rioux, and Pampering Plus, Kelly Lynds.

– I gave bouquets to 4 very deserving Moms. These ladies have had a lot thrown at them over the past year and we just wanted to remind them that we love them and we’re praying for them. 🙂

– The new coffee system was a hit! Hopefully we’ll have more/different flavours for you to sample this Sunday!

– Every mom received a Crosspoint reusable bag. Yeah, they left holding the bag. It’s useful. It looks good. It promotes the church. I like them!

New series, “Home.Work” starts this Sunday!!!

Mother’s Day!!

7 05 2010

I don’t think you need more reasons to come to Crosspoint for Mother’s Day, but maybe you know someone who isn’t sure about doing the whole church thing. Here are a few more reasons you’ll want to be here with everyone you know!

– Our special guest is going to blow your socks off. Seriously. Elizabeth Rhyno is a pro. You are going to be amazed. And ministered to. And blown away. And amazed again!

– The band is cranking up a very stellar Mother’s Day worship set. The music you hear each week at Crosspoint is on par or better than any East Coast music you can find!

– We have some new coffee blends to throw at your palate this Sunday!!

– You can take your coffee in to the worship service with you!!

– The energy will be very high!

– The place will be packed!

– We have some Mother’s Day surprises up our sleeves. You’ll just have to come to find out what they are. 🙂

– We have a special gift for every Mom!

So there you go. Tell the world. Load your car. See you Sunday.

Sunday Wrap

3 05 2010




That was one of the best Sundays I have ever had, anywhere, anytime. That was awesome. Here’s the wrap!

– It was week four of our ‘Joe’ series. This has been one of the top 3 or 4 series we have done over the last 3 years. A lot of really solid spiritual traction and growth going on.

– Joe-4 was all about ‘Forgiveness’. The whole point of the story is that forgiveness = freedom. Forgiveness is a feast. Un-forgiveness is a famine! Anything less than forgiveness is bondage. The whole point of your story is that you would know God’s forgiveness in your own life and that you will show others the same forgiveness!

Worship was just awesome. It sounds like a broken record…I just don’t know how to say it any other way. Hit ‘comment’ and tell us what you thought of the worship. I am so proud of our team, the songs they choose, the work they put in to it, the excellence they bring, the spirit and attitude they share, etc. Wow.

Amanda Collicott on ‘Knees to the Earth’. Out of this world.

Mark Brewer’s video announcements we’re very funny. 🙂

One person prayed to accept Jesus in the 1st service!! Woo Hoooo!

– Lots of people commented on the help they’ve received and the decisions they’ve made in this series.

Coming up…!!!

Mother’s Day this Sunday with special guest Elizabeth Rhyno! We have a few special things up our sleeves that is going to make this an unforgettable Mother’s Day @ Crosspoint. It’s one of the highest attended services we have. Come early. Bring everyone you know. It’s going to be a blast!

June 6th and 13th: Back to back VISION Sundays! Every single person on the planet who is connected to this church in any way needs to be here!! From Woodstock to Sussex to Gagetown to MacAdam (yes, we’ve had people from all those places coming to CP) absolutely everyone needs to be here for those Sundays. And yes, they will be stellar!!

– New series right after Mother’s Day: “Home.Work.” We’re taking 3 weeks to look at some things that make homes work. Single, married, kiddos, no kiddos, young adult, senior adult, teenager…there will be something for everyone! Can’t wait.

Thanks for being the greatest church on the East Coast!!