29 04 2010

You are going to love the music and ministry of Elizabeth Rhyno on Mother’s Day!! It’s one of our highest attended services of the year. We have a few other special things for Moms that is going to make it a Mother’s Day @ Crosspoint that you won’t soon forget!! Invite every Mom you know!


Sunday Wrap!!

27 04 2010

Whew! The last couple of days have been a complete blur. Lots of really crazyawesome things going on. I’m running behind on everything…so here’s an overdue wrap of Sunday. 🙂

– It was week 3 of our “Joe” series. This series is becoming one of our most popular and most helpful. We are getting a lot of great comments from awesome Crosspointers on how the series is making a difference in their lives!

– We talked about prisons on Sunday, the things that trap us, and how to not ‘hate the wait’. Remember, God’s presence is a promise, not a feeling. When you are in prison, there are three things to ask: 1. Is God here? 2. Is God faithful? 3. Does God love me? Genesis 39:21 Check it out.

Worship was powerful! Really. Seriously. If you missed it, well, you really missed it. And, I can tell you now that worship this Sunday is going to be in the ‘singyourfaceoffGodisinthehouse’ category. Just sayin. 🙂

– We did a baby baptism in the second service! Yeah, very cool. It was a privilege to baptize baby Brooklyn Burke and to pray over her.

Great crowd, tons of new faces, thanks for the way you are inviting people to Crosspoint. If you haven’t invited someone in the last couple of months — now is the time!!! Go for it!

See ya on Sunday!

Leadership Lessons from the Life of Joseph

22 04 2010

Hey church! We’re hearing lots of great comments from our series on Joseph, creatively titled ‘Joe’. Here are some of the leadership lessons I’ve picked up so far in this series.

  1. Your dreams aren’t all about you. Genesis 37:5 This is about pride. From an early age people start telling us that God has great plans for our lives. OK. But what about God having great plans for our lives to impact other people’s lives? What about God having great plans for us to be simple, humble, obedient servants? What if we truly saw our lives as one of God’s resources to point others towards Him? I can’t, or shouldn’t, pursue my dreams simply for myself. It’s not all about me! Each of us should take inventory of the other lives around us that we are impacting. As we pursue our dreams, are we making others better? Are we valuing others? God won’t give you a dream that is at someone else’s expense.
  2. Don’t assume that everyone who doesn’t understand you or agree with you is against you. 37:21 This is about security. Seeking 100% approval from everyone is the autobahn of insanity. Helping people to understand is a good thing…condemning them when they don’t is shallow insecure leadership. Joseph’s brothers certainly didn’t understand him, and most of them would rather kill him than bow down to him (foreshadow of the Cross) but Reuben was coming back to bail a brother out. When people don’t understand me, I assume that they are against me. That’s simply not true. They can be very supportive of my ministry, the vision of the church and all that God is doing, even if they don’t have a clue why I do what I do.
  3. Sometimes the people closest to you will misinterpret you the most. 37:18 You would think that the people who know you best would be most excited about your dreams and ambitions. The truth is, unless your dreams will make them rich they really aren’t all that interested. Most people can’t hear someone else’s vision without thinking of what it will do for them or what the downsides are for you.
  4. Pits are places of preparation. Joseph had a few pit stops but he didn’t let the pits stop him! God knew that what Joseph needed most was a good pit where he could be prepared. A place where his character could be transformed. We wouldn’t choose a pit and if we saw one coming we would avoid it at all costs. But when we are on the other side of a pit we realize that it was the place where God prepared us for the next chapter of our lives. Pits are part of God’s plan.
  5. Life is full of pit people. 37:23 These are the “Yeah, but…” people. They live in a pit, they love their pit, and they love pushing other people in to pits. Avoid the pit people! They are pitiful. Full of pit. Pit people go after what matters most to you. Joe’s bro’s ripped his fancy coat from him. The only way pit people can feel better about themselves is if they make others feel worse. Lowering you to their level seems to make their pit a little better. Don’t let pit people kick dirt on your dreams.
  6. Success has a way of presenting a whole new set of temptations. 39:7 Potiphar’s wife, Hotiphar, (credit Ed Young Jr with that one) was Joe’s biggest challenge yet. He was doing well, he was succeeding, he was blessed, and in the middle of all that blessing he ran in to a good looking offer. Success can lure you away from the things that made you successful. That’s the brutal reality. There is an attraction to success that can distract you from your vision if you aren’t careful. In failure we are tempted to give up. In success we are tempted to give in. Both are deadly.
  7. The world is full of attractive things we have no business pursuing. 39:9 This does not refer to the old Porsche that I really want! It’s a matter of focus, integrity, and character. If the temptation doesn’t remove itself from me, I need to remove myself from the temptation. Do the right thing, even if no one else knows.
  8. Authority is a privilege to use wisely, not a tool to cover up my sin. 39:9 It would have been easy for Joseph to arrange a little Hotiphar time. He had earned his position of authority and he wasn’t going to toss it away for a fling. Authority always involves loyalty, trust and accountability. If it’s true for the President of the U.S., it’s true for me and it’s true for you. Leadership is taking the authority you have and using it to accomplish God’s purposes for your life. There are landfills full of ministry right-offs because of people who didn’t know how to handle authority.
  9. Always do the right thing, even if you don’t like the result! 39:20 Jail or death. Those were Joe’s options. Right is right even if it doesn’t end in my favor. I’m thinking of professional golfers who go out of their way to tell the world when they deserve a penalty. Even if they know it might cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Golf is a game of honor. Honor never goes out of style. People admire and will follow strong-backed leaders who will step up and make the right decision, even if it costs them something.
  10. Never forget that God is the source of all your accomplishments. 40:8; 41:16 Joseph took every opportunity to point others towards God. He could have hidden the source of his wisdom and taken all the credit for himself. When people notice God’s blessing in your life, you had better be quick to tell them where that blessing comes from!
  11. Ups and down don’t mean that God comes and goes. God was with Joseph. He succeeded in prison. He succeeded in Pot’s house. Joseph didn’t crumble when things were tough and act as though he was orphaned by God. God’s presence is a promise, not a feeling.

Sunday Wrappy

19 04 2010

Hey Crosspointers! I hope you are off to an amazing start to your week. Here’s a wrap back on yesterday:

– We were in week 2 of our “Joe” series. Somewhere between a pit of betrayal and a prison of accusation, Joe ran in to Potiphar’s wife Hotiphar. The world is full of attractive things that we have no business pursuing! The character that Joe developed in the pit helped him stand strong in the face of temptation. Stand strong church! Be people of character! May our bosses, families, and everyone around us see the difference that Jesus makes in a person’s life!! 🙂

– Loved worship yesterday. Great songs, great sound, great Spirit! Love hearing Jody and Shea when they are giving it all they’ve got!

– Missionary guest, Stephen Smith, was in the house and shared his calling with us.

– We had many people in both services at the altars! Never a bad thing!

Great crowd. Many away, many under the weather, but still a real good crowd.

– Lots of new faces! Keep talking about Jesus and what He is doing at Crosspoint!!

Better Assumptions!

15 04 2010

Why do we always assume the worst? Why do assumptions look down instead of up?

For instance, just the fact that I’m writing about this will cause you to be suspicious about ‘what’s really behind this post’. Why are we like that?

I went in to the cash stop this morning to grab some moolah for a muffin and possibly lunch. I was on my way to Starbucks. Yeah. Last Thursday I tried doing my sermon study in the office and it just didn’t happen, so today I struck out for my alternate place of study. Left the car running, ran in to the big place of money, came back out, and the car was not running. Hmmmm.

I kept cranking the ignition. It kept not running. (great grammar!) Crank. Nothing. Crank. Nothing. In between cranks my mind was defaulting to the worst possible assumptions. “It’s broke. It’s going to be expensive. It’s something serious. It’s a 10 year old car. Maybe I’m doing too many repairs. Maybe I should just get a newer vehicle. Do I call my mechanic or CAA??” CAA is good, and I highly recommend them, but they can be slow. So I called Andy the mechanic. And, after 3 or 4 technical type questions he zings me with this little bit of genious…

“Is it out of gas?”

“Uh. Yup. Completely. Wow. I haven’t look at the gauge in days. Thanks Andy!!”

It was a simple issue with a simple solution solved by a simple question.

I was ready to give the car away and go buy a newer one. I had convinced myself of all the worst possible scenarios. My assumptions were all negative, none positive.

Here’s the deal. I don’t want us to just settle for being a normal church with all the normal murmurings, suspicions, and negative tones. I understand there will always be questions and we don’t always understand why something is done or how a decision was made. That’s normal. But wouldn’t it be awesome if we just covenanted with each other and with God to not assume the worst possible scenario when we really don’t have all the information? I think we can do better.

Now, as your reading this, you are getting suspicious! 🙂 Reality is that we can’t take the time every Sunday to explain everything that is going on. Especially not if it involves individuals.

Being a part of a great, awesome, growing church like Crosspoint means that you need to have a high level of trust in its leaders. The staff and board members of Crosspoint church are smart, responsible people who are giving everything they’ve got to see God’s vision accomplished for our church. There are many levels of accountability built in to everything we do.

So, what do you do if someone approaches you with a negative tone of suspicion assuming the worst about something they really don’t have the facts on??? Ask questions. Make sure they’ve asked the right questions from the right people. You might also want to ask yourself, “What is this person’s motive?” If you don’t want to be in those conversations, just tell them “You know what, I don’t need to know everything about everything, but I do know that God is blessing our church in unprecedented ways!” That should do it. 😉

Simple solutions to simple issues resolved by simple questions.

Don’t walk on an angle. Don’t be a pit person. Roll your sleeves back down. Be nice.

“Rejoice in the Lord always, I’ll say it again, Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4

Sunday Wrap!

12 04 2010

Hey Crosspoint! And friends looking on from afar. 🙂 Here’s a quick look back at a few of the goings on:

– The Kelly Jay Band led us in worship!! They were terrific. Very stellar. Very pro. Kelly is a true artist who knows how to engage a congregation in worship. Thanks Kelly, and Band!

– We kicked off a new series, “Joe”. We’re spending some time looking at the ups and downs of Joseph, how they look totally familiar to our own ups and downs, and what God wants to teach us in those times. ‘Pits are places of preparation.’ I unintentionally used 101 ‘P’ words in my message. 3/4 of the way through the first service I thought, “Is it just me or is there a bunch of silly alliteration in this message?” Yeah. Oh well.

– Loved the video of the people jogging and biking into the pit. Funny when it happens to someone else. Not so much with us.

– Sunday must have been ‘Easter Hangover’ day. Let’s take a mulligan and get the energy back for this Sunday!! Come ready to dive in right from the very first chord of the very first song right to the end of the service!! 🙂

Thanks for being a great church!

Go For It!

9 04 2010

Anyone notice the new video we used every Sunday of our Easter series?

“Go For It!” is the phrase that we’re going to be using around Crosspoint. A LOT!! This is our time. God is doing something special. It’s time for us to Go For It! All of us. All in. All the way.

If it’s time to build a new church, we need to Go For It!

If we’re asking people to sacrifice big time, we need to Go For It!

If we’re inviting people to accept Jesus, they need to Go For It!

None of us want to look back with regret and wonder what could have been if we had only ‘gone for it’.

One other cool note: Razor Creative helped us boil down a lot of thoughts about the vision of Crosspoint and came up with the ‘Go for it’ concept, font, etc. We were completely stuck in the creative process and they nailed it for us! As a bonus, they created the ‘Go For It’ video for us, without me even asking. They just supplied it. How cool is that?