Palm Sunday Wrapapalooza

29 03 2010

We had an amazing Palm Sunday service! Rock solid and Jesus-centered from start to finish. Here are a few of my thoughts:

Worship was incredible. It really was terrific. Really. We took it old school and added a few hymns with a couple of modern hymn’ish tunes. It was one of those Sundays when we could hear you sing — and you sang! Loud ‘n proud.

– By now you’ve noticed that we’ve added a song right before the message in each week of this series. LOVED Amanda and Shea singing “How Deep the Fathers’ Love”. Very powerful and perfect for the topic!! Wow.

– Great job Mark Brewer and AJ Guptill — the 3D announcements were the best yet! We’re expecting you to make us spill our coffee this week!

– Week 3 of our “Easter in 3D” series was on ‘Denial’. The brutal truth is that we’re often in denial about our denial. On this side of the Resurrection, we have all we need to never deny who Jesus is and what He wants to do in our lives.

– Loved sharing communion with our Crosspoint family!

– I was running on less than fumes yesterday. Second service got the full effect of an over-tired, partially caffeinated preacher. 🙂 There were many funny lines that my brake couldn’t stop, that weren’t in my notes. Thanks for laughing along. You’re a great bunch to preach to!

Great crowd again yesterday. Lots of people away though. If we can get everyone here for Easter this Sunday, we should be slammo’ed.

Easter is here! This is the biggest day in the Christian church. Hundreds of people all over our city would come to Crosspoint for Easter if we would simply invite them!!! Make a point of inviting co-workers, family, the people where you buy gas, groceries, the person who serves you coffee, why not invite the entire Tim Horton’s staff?? Seriously!


Update from Georgia!

25 03 2010

We’ve had a great week of ministry here in Macon, Georgia! Hephzibah Children’s Home is doing amazing things with at-risk teens and children. We’re here to serve them anyway we can, but I think this week has done more for us than it has for them. Here are a few pics.

Debbie Symonds and one of her new friends!

Grampy Art Hatfield!

Team Awesome!

Sunday Wrap – Georgia Edition

22 03 2010

I’m in Georgia, having a blast of a time with some awesome Crosspointers, giving a week of whatever we can do for the Wesleyan Church’s ‘Hephzibah Children’s Home’. The facility and the ministry they are doing here in Georgia is first class! There were times of joy, tears, and prayer — all before lunch on our first day!

PUMPED to hear the reports from Sunday @ Crosspoint!!! I asked Pastor Mark to do a guest post for this week’s Sunday Wrap. Here it is: 🙂

Wow – we say this a lot, but we really do mean it – yesterday’s services at Crosspoint were FANTASTIC! Here’s the scoop:

* Worship was seriously awesome. As soon as the countdown hit ‘zero’ we were rocking with a new kick-off song called ‘Rise and Sing’ — and  Amanda Collicott’s solo before the message was out of this world. It was one of those ‘just sit and experience God’ type moments. “Someone should give that girl a medal.”

* The message was, well, we brought the heat yesterday. 🙂 Sometimes the sermon just ends up being the truth of God being presented in a bold and unapologetic manner, and that’s what Crosspointer’s got. Best of all…a bunch of people raised their hands to receive Christ yesterday – AWESOME!

Dr. Art Maxwell brought us an update from Bethany Bible College. We celebrate their announcement of a new president, and we’re also celebrating the fact that we have a crew of Crosspoint teens heading to BBC this fall!

We had another huge crowd — I think that was one of our biggest 1st service crowds ever! The next two weeks, especially Easter Sunday, are looking to be crammed to capacity, so we’re asking some Crosspointer’s to make the ‘huge sacrifice’ of parking in the Mill lot. Hope you can help us out.

Remember to keep praying for Pastors Tim and Conard and the rest of the Crosspoint Crew who are in Georgia at the Hephizabah Children’s Home. We won’t tell them it snowed here today… We look forward to getting a trip update this Sunday!

Who are you inviting to church next week?

3D Week 2!

18 03 2010

Week 2 of our series “Easter in 3D” is this Sunday! Worship is going to be amazing. Seriously. We hope that momentum builds in this series as we get closer to Easter.

We have a group of Crosspointers leaving Saturday to spend a week of service at Hephzibah Children’s Home in Macon, Georgia. We love being a church that gets outside of our own walls to be involved in God’s work around the world!

Crosspoint Youth – Shakedown – tonight, 7:00 – 8:30. Know a teen? Get them here! Offer to drive, whatever it takes.

And lastly, I’m going to win our office ‘March Madness’ selections. Fact.

Sunday Wrap Tuesday Edition

16 03 2010

OK, so yesterday was a blur. Here’s a wrap back at a very awesome Sunday:

– We kicked off our Easter series “Easter in 3D”. It was a hoot to see the entire congregation wearing 3D glasses. You need to get in on time to see the countdown in 3D.

Worship was absolutely incredible! We had a TON of positive comments. If you missed it, you’re thinking, “Yeah, he always says worship was good.” Trust me. It was one of our best sets ever and people were really in to it.

LOVED Shea singing “Behold the Lamb of God”! Wow. Very powerful. It’s a song we heard at the ‘Unleash’ conference at Newspring Church a couple weeks ago.

– The 1st ‘D’ of the 3D series (there’s actually 4, but 4D would have sounded weird!) was ‘Definition’. We looked at Paul’s explanation from Romans 5:18-21. Adam messed us up. Jesus makes us right. That’s the Easter story in 3D right there!

– We had our first ‘Pizza with the Pastors’ on Sunday! It was a blast. Lots of new people connecting with lots of new people.

– We had a ton of Crosspointers away. Sorry you missed it. Hope you missed us. See ya this Sunday. Bring someone with you!! 🙂

– Many of you went way out of your way to invite new people to Crosspoint. Way to go! Seriously. You never know what that invitation could lead to. Let’s keep inviting throughout the series. It would be great to see the series build in momentum and impact!

Thanks for being an awesome church!!

“Easter in 3D”

10 03 2010

Crazy excited about our Easter series that kicks off this Sunday!!

We’ve asked every Crosspointer to ‘own’ this and take some responsibility for inviting someone to church this Sunday. This is for everyone, all ages, regardless of how long you’ve been coming. It’s going to be an awesome day!!

Also, don’t forget the ‘Pizza with the Pastors’ for all new Crosspointers immediately following the 2nd service.

Also Also, don’t forget the time change this Saturday. 🙂

Sunday Wrap!

8 03 2010

Another very, very solid Sunday at Crosspoint! Here’s the quick look back:

– We had a young adult accept Jesus in the second service! That never gets old! That’s why we do what we do! I had the privilege of praying with her after the service. She was totally ready to trust Jesus with her life!

– People inviting people, lives being changed, people telling people where they can find hope. That’s what’s happening here every week!

– Pastor Conard preached up the last message in our ‘Champions’ series. Great job Con! We were all reminded and challenged to put God first in every area of our lives. That’s when/where we’ll be champs and not chumps.

– Our honorary Crosspoint Volunteer for the day was Amanda Collicott! Yay!

– Great crowd yesterday! Tons of new people. Tons of energy, considering it was a March Break Sunday.

– If you missed the service, you can watch the whole thing online, or just the video announcements. One of the big things I asked you for, every Crosspointer, is to feel some responsibility for inviting and bringing new people with you this Sunday. We’re kicking off our Easter series, “Easter in 3D” and we really want to pack this place out. God is blessing our church, great things are happening, and we want as many people as possible to hear the Good News of Jesus. This Sunday is going to be ridiculously crazy!

– And, one last item, John Sherwood resigned from youth ministry at Crosspoint on Sunday. We’re super thankful for all that John has done with our teens and we’re praying for God’s continued direction in his life. Pray for us as we search for a Children’s Pastor and now a Youth Pastor. 🙂