Pastor’s Chat

23 02 2010

Last Sunday we had a ‘Pastor’s Chat’. This is probably the third one we’ve done in three years. We met at 5 p.m. Had pie and coffee and then gathered in the sanctuary. There were probably around 100 people here. (which is really awesome for something like this) The concept behind one of these chats is to simply give us a relaxed forum where I can share some of what’s going on in the church, why we do what we do, and where we’re going. Here is some of what I shared…

– I opened with a brief overview and update of our ministry. We’re still in a God-blessed almost inexplainable season of renewal. Here’s a glimpse of our average morning attendance and how it has climbed the last three years: Jan ’08 = 228; Jan ’09 = 305; Jan ’10 = 356.

– I also shared that we are seeing the type of transformational growth that you really want to see in a church. It’s not just transfer growth or all the church hoppers of the city coming to check us out. People are inviting people who haven’t been going to church and lives are being changed for Jesus. Very awesome.

– I gave an Oromocto update. We suspended our multi-site services in Oromocto back in January and we’re still very much searching for the best solution as we move forward. We’ve picked up 5 or 6 solid families and we still believe that we need to be doing something in O’ Town. We recently met with most of our Oromocto families, staff, and a few key others to discuss some potential options.

– One of the things that we are wrestling with is how to reach/pack in more people here in the Ville. I discussed how we have explored a Saturday night option, 3 Sunday morning services, or a Sunday night alternative. The bottom line is that we keep coming back to two services Sunday morning. So, we’re going to have to cram people in and we’re going to have to ask some of y’all to park down the hill at Marysville Place. Saturday night would most likely only reach other church people who would still go to their own church Sunday morn. 3 services Sunday morning just doesn’t seem possible. Sunday night isn’t real attractive either. We’ve got some creative fun up our sleeves for Easter – to try to tempt as many as possible to sit in the front rows!

– I shared with the gang our Easter series for this year: “A 3D Easter”! Or ‘Easter in 3D’ or something like that. I don’t think they were quite sure what to think. 😉 Picture 500+ people wearing 3D glasses in church! It’s gonna be a blast.

– I shared how Crosspoint has been in a creative process since last fall to find a very short ‘vision phrase’ that sums us up. That process us lead us back to the office of Razor Creative (geniuses who have done quite a few pieces for us over the years). Over the Easter series you will see a brand new video that rolls out this new concept. You are going to love it!!

– Probably the biggest thing that I announced Sunday night is that it is time, God’s time, for us to begin talking about what’s next in terms of building a new church. (!!!) We are growing, spirits are high, momentum is high, God is leading, we are getting more and more crammed, etc, etc. I’m not sure of the details from here, yet, but I hope that the whole capital campaign process, design, dreaming, etc, will be a wonderful crazy awesome experience for all of us!

– I gave an update on our Treasurer/Accountant type stuff. Leslie Saad (love, love, love every Saad and anyone who is related to them!!) is our church treasurer. Leslie is not a professional accountant but is serving her church with her absolute best. We have hired a QuickBooks specialist to help us with some things, Ruth Woodworth has picked up some of the financial work, and we have an Accountant we can call when we need answers on the more difficult stuff. The church is in really good shape financially and we will have a professional Accountant helping us as of May 1. In the mean time, if you have questions, feel free to ask Leslie, but also understand that Leslie might have to find your answer or find someone who knows.

– Children’s Pastor update. Uhh, there isn’t anything to update. The search continues. We appreciate your prayers.

– Assistant Pastor update. Mark is transitioning from ‘Pastor of Creative Arts’ to an ‘Assistant Pastor’ role where he will have more responsibility. Atta boy Mark!

– The last item I shared is that we are going to throw a free dinner on Sunday, March 14, for all those who are new to Crosspoint in the last few months. It’ll be an excellent opportunity for new folks to meet folks, meet the staff, and hear more about what makes Crosspoint what it is. Looking forward to it!

Whew. My fingers are tired. That is all. I need coffee.



22 02 2010

Got this little nugget from a Crosspointer this morning. Enjoy.

Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone will a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistency.

Daniel H. Burnham

Sunday Wrapapalooza!

22 02 2010

Wow. What A Sunday we had at Crosspoint yesterday!! Unreal. Awesome. No joke. Here’s the wrap:

– We baptized 5 people in the second service yesterday!! Changed lives! That is why we do what we do! Baptism just wrecks me. It’s so powerful to see people who want to publicly testify to the change that Jesus has made and is making in their lives! We’ll do baptisms any Sunday that anyone wants to be baptized. We’ll fill the tank and go right back in this Sunday if anyone wants to be baptized! Let us know 🙂

– It was week 3 of our “Champions” series. Every week we’ve been recognizing and appreciating a special Crosspoint volunteer. This Sunday’s volunteer deluxe was none other than Debby Symonds!! Very cool to listen to Karen Ingersoll share all of the things that Debby has led or volunteered at over the years. Debby is certainly one of Crosspoint’s finest!

– There were nearly 400 people here. Just sayin. It’s February…..but Easter’s a comin’!!

Worship was incredible yesterday. Really. We are SO blessed to have the musicians and vocalists that we have!!

– I preached from Ephesians 6:10-17. Don’t be a chump, be a champ. Get your gear on!

That’s a wrap!

Finish Well

17 02 2010

I could have titled this post “Make a Difference” or “Stay Positive” or about a hundred other things that speak of Blair Lyons.

We had Blair’s funeral service today at Crosspoint and I thought all Crosspointers should know just how special Blair was.

You just simply can’t ‘age’ any better than Blair. If anything, he was growing kinder and more positive with every day. As I shared this afternoon, Blair was a pleasure to be around and I looked forward to seeing him every Sunday.

Blair had reasons to complain or to grow negative but he simply wouldn’t allow that stuff to take root in his spirit. Physically challenged in comparison to most of us and yet eager to get up, get out, and get going for Jesus. Church and worship weren’t something that Blair did out of routine or convenience. Blair got here when the doors were open because he loved Jesus. Jesus had made a difference in his life. Jesus had made ALL the difference in his life. For Blair, God was worthy of giving Him our very best.

Blair never complained. Never whined. He was one of Crosspoint’s elder members and somehow I always felt like he understood the vision God had laid on my heart and how it would take something new to reach new people. More than once I left a conversation with Blair feeling reassured of the direction of Crosspoint.

Blair was a supporter. Every changed life. Every baptism. Every victory. Blair knew that God was working and he wanted to be a part of it.

Blair prayed for his pastor. Many times when I was dealing with a ton of pressure I would remember or picture Blair praying for me.

So. How about you? Are you growing less patient, instead of more? Are you getting cynical? Is your fuse getting shorter as you grow older? Are you growing more and more generous with every day? Can you celebrate the good you see instead of focusing on the bad? Do you love to go to church and hardly ever let anything mess that up? Do you pray for your church and pastors? Do people love to see you coming or going?

If you loved Blair, feel free to share some thoughts here in reply. Thanks.

Sunday Wrap

15 02 2010

We had an amazing day yesterday at Crosspoint! Sounds like I’m saying that every week, but seriously. We’re in a season where God is just bringing it each and every week. Here’s the wrappy.

Mark Brewer absolutely preached his face off!! It was exactly what we needed to hear and I know it helped a lot of people. If you weren’t here yesterday, you need to watch it online. It’s pro, stellar, and excellent.

– We were in week 2 of our series, “Champions”. The series is really picking up momentum – yesterday was a blast. One of the key elements of the series is a point in the service where we recognize, thank and appreciate a special Crosspoint volunteer. Yesterday’s Crosspoint Champion was none other than Billy Moore! Years and years of hours and hours of tireless service to the Kingdom!

Robin White, Global Partners Missionary to Japan, was with us yesterday. Great to hear from Robin and pick up on his passion for the people of Japan!

Worship was abbreviated but still awesome yesterday!

– Many new faces yesterday. If we could get everyone there on the same Sunday — CRAM!!!

Here are a few other things going on…

Funeral service for Blair Lyons, Crosspoint, Wednesday @ 2. Come and give thanks for a life very well lived! They don’t come much better than Blair Lyons. I can honestly say I looked forward to seeing Blair every week.

We have many signed up to be baptized this coming Sunday!! Woo Hoo!!! It’s not too late — let us know if you are interested!

Membership Class this Saturday, at the church, 10 – 12 a.m. If you like Crosspoint and you’d like to know more about us, this is the place to be this Saturday morning!

“Pastor’s Chat with PT”. This coming Sunday night, Feb 21, 5-6 P.M. We’ll throw on some hot coffee and enjoy some home made pie. It’s a laid back informal time for me to share in greater depth some of what is happening at Crosspoint. I’m looking at the topics that I’m going to cover and I’m thinking, ‘you don’t want to miss this’! 🙂

Sunday Wrap!!

8 02 2010

Hey Gang! I hope your week is off to a groovetastic start! Here’s a quick look back at all things yesterday at the church in the Ville, behind the Mill, on the Hill.

– We kicked off a brand new series, ‘Champions’. We’re picking up on the Olympics and taking 5 Sundays to study what it means to be a champion in Jesus!

– Every week of the series we are going to highlight and appreciate a special Crosspoint volunteer. Yesterday we showed our love to Buddy Pond, long time, big time, very special Crosspoint volunteer in SO many areas! People like Bud Pond are the people that make this church what it is!!

– Yesterday was the first day of our new ‘drum surround’ enclosure! Hugemongous thanks to another awesome Crosspointer, AJ Guptill, for constructing the enclosure.

– Worship was intense yesterday!

– Great crowds, tons of new faces. Wow.

– Romans 8:31-39 was our text. Read Romans 8 over and over this week. Great stuff!!

That’s it for now! Have a great week. 🙂


4 02 2010

Our newest series “Champions” begins this Sunday @ Crosspoint!

There is a ton of awesome momentum in our church right now and we’re really looking forward to this series. We’re going to tie it in to the Olympics (Go Canada!!) and we’ve got a few other tricks up our sleeves as well.

Don’t forget – bring in bags of clothing, shoes, etc for Haiti this Sunday! They are in desperate need of crutches, so if you can scrounge any up, that would be awesome!

Lots happening in Crosspoint Youth these days. Don’t forget to check their blog for the details.

Lots of great stuff happening with Crosspoint Kids. Can’t give out the details, but I think there is some pretty cool stuff planned for this Sunday!

Bible Class this Saturday morning with Dr. Dave Higle, 10-12. Yes, you should be there. Yes, you should bring someone with you. Childcare. Coffee. Snacks.