The ‘Shoulds’

25 01 2010

Church SHOULD be the most energetic, enthusiastic place in town!

Church SHOULD be something you look forward to and not dread!

Church SHOULD be a safe place where everyone feels welcomed!

Church SHOULD be the most creative and innovative place in town!

Church SHOULD be a place where lives are changed for eternity!

Church SHOULD be growing, weekly, as more and more people hear the Good News!

Church SHOULD be giving and meeting the needs of others!

Church SHOULD be alive with enthusiasm!

Church SHOULD include all generations!

Church SHOULD make a difference in your life and in your community!


Sunday Wrap

25 01 2010

Hey-yo! Hope your week is getting off to a great start. Lots going on around Crosspoint, here’s a look back at yesterday:

Two people invited Jesus Christ into their lives yesterday morning, second service! Woo Hoo!! That never gets old. That is why we do what we do! Changed lives. The last 10 minutes of the second service yesterday was absolutely electric!

– It was week 3 of our series, ‘No Perfect People Allowed’. This series just keeps picking up steam. Thanks for all of the encouraging comments we are getting! We looked at the ‘immoral woman’ in Luke 7 and her extravagant gift of worship. Crosspointers, lets come ready to worship this Sunday!!!

– Loved having Jody, Shea and Amanda on vocals yesterday. Very strong and very awesome. 🙂

– People are coming in early to watch the hilarious pre-service countdown Mark Brewer has put together for us. You should click on his name and check out his blog. He’s giving away free iPhones. OK, I made that up. But you should still check it out.

– We had MANY people asking for offering envelopes and getting signed up for pre-authorized giving. Very cool. Thanks!

*If you missed the Bible Class with Dave Higle on Saturday, wow, you missed an amazingly helpful class. You really need to join us for the next one, Feb 6th!

Up to the Minute

21 01 2010

– There are 11 Moms here with their kiddos, having a blast in the fellowship hall!

– Mark, Amy, Sally and Tim are holding down the office.

– We’re all LOVING the new Keurig machine in the office. Wanna try a cup? Stop by! Better than perked and no more dumping unused coffee down the drain. Plus we can do tea, hot choco and a zillion different coffee flavours (for people who drink that stuff).

– The payloader has been here this morning, clearing the snow back as far as possible to make room for as much parking as possible. Why? Because we believe there is going to be another crazy crowd here this Sunday!!!

– The text for this Sunday is Luke 7:36-50.

– You can still give to Haiti this Sunday and we will forward it directly to World Hope. 100% goes to Haiti Relief work.

– The Shakedown is tonight! Know any teens? Invite them to Crosspoint Youth, Thursday nights. Yesterday I heard the band working on new music for tonight – uh – let’s just say I think the teens are going to be blown away tonight. Good times.

Sunday Wrap

18 01 2010

Wow! Awesome Sunday yesterday Crosspoint! Way to go. Here’s a wrap for those of you who weren’t here and a reminder for all who were here:

– It was week 2 of our series, “No Perfect People Allowed”. We can definitely see that this is going to be one of those series that changes us as a church – we’ll never be the same. There have been a few times over the past few years where a certain series pushed us through some barriers. This is one of those series!

– Yesterday’s not-so-perfect-person was Rahab. She helps lost people go from captivity to freedom (Joshua 2), makes it into Jesus’ family tree (Matthew 1), and makes it into Hebrew’s ‘Hall of Faith'(Hebrews 11:31). Pretty cool. It’s a picture of incomprehensible grace because that’s exactly what God wants to do in our lives!

– We had an even bigger crowd than we did 2 Sundays a go. Incredibilisticawesomeness. Many of you are talking about your church and bringing friends with you. This Sunday will be nuts. Just sayin’. 🙂

– John Sherwood led us in some powerful worship. Great moments. Giving God our all.

Rachel Woodworth shared from her Haiti experience. She was in Haiti about a week before the earthquake. We are so proud of Rachel and what we see God doing in her life!

– YOU gave over $5000 to Haiti yesterday!! Over and above all the other offerings. Let’s keep praying and giving and responding as best as we can. From your Pastor – let me say a huge ‘Thanks’ for always being a generous church!

– We launched our new monthly paper newsletter ‘The Loop’. It’s everything that is on our site or in the video announcements, only in print. Thanks to Pastor Mark for making us look good. Again.

On the Radar:

– Our Bible Class with Prof. Dave Higle begins this Saturday, Jan 23rd, 10-12 A.M. Childcare, coffee, snacks, and good solid helpful teaching! If you haven’t pre-registered yet just drop us a line to let us know you are coming. Thanks!

– Funeral service for Al Dennison is at Crosspoint, Tuesday, 3 P.M.


14 01 2010

**Crosspointers  – You have stepped up before to meet many needs and I know that we will give our very best possible response to the tragedy in Haiti! WE WILL BE RECEIVING A SPECIAL OFFERING FOR HAITI IN BOTH SERVICES THIS WEEKEND!! Make cheques out to Crosspoint and we’ll move all funds directly to World Hope International for their Haiti Disaster Response.**

Here is a copy of the news release I received from The Wesleyan Church HQ:


Communications from Haiti have been complicated by the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that struck 10 miles from the nation’s capital, Port-au-Prince, on January 12. Aftershocks, some as powerful as 5.9-magnitude, continue to bring physical and emotional devastation to the country.

Global Partners Director of Operations, Peter Moore, said, “Of the 106 Wesleyan churches in Haiti, the epicenter of this earthquake has directly impacted five congregations in the greater Port-au-Prince area. One of these, the largest Wesleyan church in Haiti, is located in the area that seems to have been hardest hit. We have not yet been able to establish communication with the pastor of that church or anyone associated with it at the time of this posting.”

Thankfully, all Wesleyan missionaries are safe and accounted for.  Our Caribe Atlantic Area Director, Dan Irvine reports, “We are finding the information posted on the major news sources to be accurate and coinciding with the reports that we are receiving locally. The major cell phone provider for the country is not functioning and the only news we are receiving out of Port-au-Prince is internet and radio news.”

There is significant damage in the town of Anse-a-Galets where the Wesleyan hospital is located but at this point we are not aware of any loss of life. Upon initial examination the hospital appears not to have sustained any major damage but as a precaution, the patients slept in the tin roof clinic last night instead of the concrete roof hospital building. Our missionaries on the island of La Gonave have however been hearing the traditional death wail signifying that another family in our community has received devastating news regarding a loved one in the capital city.

The leaders of our National Church and our Global Partners missionaries are grateful for the corporate prayers and support of our global Wesleyan family during this difficult time.  Wesleyans helping Wesleyans in their time of need is the rally cry of the hour for our brothers and sisters in this disadvantaged country.

With 9 million residents, Haiti has been called the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. A report by one news company said that 75% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. Its resources for rescue and relief efforts are almost non-existent. But Haiti has long been on the hearts of Wesleyans. Over the years, scores of volunteers from Wesleyan churches and organizations have been involved in ministries of compassion, both on Haiti’s mainland and on the island of La Gonave.


14 01 2010

Hey Crosspointers! The sun is out in Freddy (yeah, it’s still -somethingawful) and I hope your day is off to a great start. Here are a few randoms for your day:

– “No Perfect People Allowed” week 2 this Sunday. We’re going to look at a very unperfect person and how God used them in great ways. The whole point is that your past doesn’t need to predict/control/determine your future!

– Um. Awesome crowd last Sunday. Still wow. So, we’re expecting momentum this Sunday and it should be electric. That’s not hype, that’s just what’s happening at Crosspoint and I am very humbled to be a part of it. History!

– Our multi-site services in Oromocto are in ‘suspended re-group’ mode right now. We’re EXTREMELY thankful for the families that have been faithfully coming to the theatre, and we fully expect to see them in Marysville, but it’s just not good stewardship at this time to keep meeting in that huge auditorium. The LBA, Staff, O’Town volunteers, and the folks who have been worshipping with us down there are working on other potential initiatives. Our prayer is that God will lead us to an even more effective way of sharing HIS STORY with the people of Oromocto. Thanks for praying with us!!

– I might regret saying this, especially if we get pounded with the storm of the century, but this winter has been very tolerable!

– I know you are praying for Haiti – we need to respond financially as well. The Wesleyan Church has a long and very solid history of mission work in Haiti. Our church had a teen there last week and I believe there are Wesleyans from Atlantic Canada that are there now. Reports are that our hospital and missionaries in Haiti have come through the quake without major injuries. We need to pray for them as  they begin this unbelievable rescue and salvage mission.

– Many of you signed up for the Bible class with Prof. Dave Higle! Very cool. You can still register this Sunday. 1st class is January 23, 10-12 a.m.

– Haven’t seen Avatar yet.

– T-shirts for ‘No Perfect People Allowed’ are available this Sunday for $15. Love ’em.

– We’re introducing 2 new coffee brews this Sunday. A fair trade African medium roast and a fair trade Indonesian dark roast. Caramello will still be on (people would charge the stage if we didn’t have Caramello) and decaf is, well, decaf. 🙂

Sunday Wrapapalooza!

12 01 2010

Wow. Still flying after last Sunday at Crosspoint! Here’s the wrap:

2 HUGE crowds. Like, really big. Seriously. The first service alone looked like the capacity we were at when we decided to go to two services! You are inviting people and they are coming! We’ll continue to communicate the Good News as clearly as we can!

– We kicked off our new series, “No Perfect People Allowed”. The theme obviously resonated and hit home with many of you. That’s awesome! If you know anyone who’s been burned, bored, or bypassed by church before, invite them for this Sunday!

– Many of you LOVED the t-shirts for our series. The t’s will be available at the Guest Center this Sunday for $15. 🙂

– I LOVED the text from Sunday. Matthew 9:9-13. Very cool.

– There were no video announcements Sunday due to one very ill Creative Arts Pastor. Greg Ricker and I did ann’s 1st service, Shane Hoyt and I did them second service. I have hundreds of emails from people wanting to see the same guys do the announcements every week. OK, I made that up. You are all looking forward to the return of video announcements.

Have an awesome week. Can’t wait for Sunday!