Sunday Wrap – Playhouse Edition!

27 12 2009

What a week it has been for Crosspoint! One of our highest attended Sundays, EVER, and our largest ever event, BY FAR! We have ministered to hundreds, and hundreds of people in the past 7 days. We’ve done our best to tell GOOD NEWS about Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. Here’s my humble attempt to wrap it all up:

– First of all, from my family, we want to sincerely thank so many of you for your kind generosity shown to us at Christmas! The cards and gifts of appreciation really mean a lot to us. Thank you!

– For those of you who are following this blog from afar, the ‘Playhouse’ is the local professional theatre that seats around 650. We rented it for the first time last year, did two services there this year, and I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be there until we build a new church.

– We have our Christmas Eve service on the eve of Christmas Eve because the Playhouse isn’t rentable on the 24th. It was an adjustment at first but I think most people are enjoying having Christmas Eve available for family, etc.

– It snowed all night (early morning) and all day on the 23rd. Boogers! The day of our biggest outreach of the year and we had 25+ centimetres of the white stuff.

– BUT, people showed up in spite of the snow. It was a beautiful winter-Christmas night. We’re not exactly sure how many we’re there, but it was far more than we had last year. It looked to be 3/4 full in the first service and about half for the second. Way to go Crosspoint!! Thank you for inviting so many friends and family!!

– We rented the ‘Garrison Room’ at the Crowne Plaza, across the street from the Playhouse. This was Ruth Woodworth’s awesome idea! It was obviously a VERY GOOD idea because pretty much everyone trudged through the unshoveled snowbanks to get there. We’ll be more ready for you next year. 😉

The kids were amazing. As always. The surprise number from the Southern Gospel Quartet was a huge hit. The graphics, videos, and band were world class. Thanks to our staff and the many volunteers for making it all happen!

– Today was ‘Turkey Hangover Sunday’ at Crosspoint. The Sunday right after Christmas is always a little more challenging to keep the energy levels high. Still, it was an excellent Sunday all around.

Pastor Conard brought an excellent message on the topic ‘Guilt’. If you didn’t get to hear it, go to our site and have a listen. Great job Con!

Pastor Mark gave us a montage of highlights from 2009’s Video Announcements. Very cool to look back on ALL that has happened this past year. Wow!

– Very awesome to see families from Oromocto in church with us today. Woo Hoo!! That just blows me up!

Please be in prayer for the Shannon family, Keith and Alberta. Funeral service tomorrow, Monday, 2 PM, at Crosspoint for their son Terry. Seeing Keith in church this morning just did something for me. He’s a man of faith who has an unwavering trust in God.


Sunday Wrap

21 12 2009

Wow. Yesterday was one of the absolute best services we’ve had around Crosspoint in the last 2-3 years! If you missed it, you missed it! Unbelievable. Here’s a wrap:

– Worship was on another level, maybe another planet, yesterday! The energy, musicianship, vocals, choice of songs, everything was ramped-up-perfect for Christmas Sunday.

– People are still laughing and talking about the video announcements! Way to go Mark Brewer, Liz Brewer and Eric Collicott!! You should go here to see them again. Send the link to others to give them a taste of what Crosspoint is like.

– Absolutely loved Amanda’s lead, John’s guitar, and Chris’s drumming on Revelation Song. Wow. That was one of the most intense worship moments we’ve had in a long time!!

– We wrapped up, tied up, and stuck a bow on our series “Yankee Swap” yesterday. Week 5 was on grace. What you want is to be free, what you need is grace! We recapped some of the nuts that fell out of Jesus’ family tree and especially David with his low-lights. There isn’t much difference between us, David, or Tiger Woods. We all need grace!

– Hope you have your tickets for the Playhouse!! If you don’t already, or if you know someone who would like to go, there are still some seats available for the 8 PM. Contact us right away. We have a few tricks up our sleeve that you really won’t want to miss. I expect it to be a service that we’ll never forget!

***We’ve booked the Garrison Room at the Crowne Plaza just for you!!*** Wasn’t that nice of us? 😉 If you are going to the 6 PM, why not cross the street after the service and enjoy some Christmas goodies? If you are coming to the 8 PM, come early, go straight to the Garrison and get in on the festivities. Spread the word and say, “I’ll meet you at the Garrison Room @ the Crowne”.

Thanks for being a great church!

Thanks for telling others!

Thanks for your generosity and kind giving!

Thanks for your willingness and openness to change!

Thanks for praying for us!

Thanks for doing whatever it takes to see lives changed for Jesus!

Have an awesome Christmas!

Christmas Sunday

17 12 2009

We’re throwing everything we can into this Sunday at Crosspoint! We had an amazing day last Sunday with awesome crowds and we’re going to build on that this week. It’s going to be filled with powerful music, creativity, media, and message.

Christmas Sunday is one of those days that is just naturally easier to invite others to church. Tons of people are open to going to church for Christmas, if we would just invite them!

Don’t be shy. Facebook, email, or text someone an invite to church. Meet them in the lobby, grab a coffee, and sit with them. You might just change a life for eternity!!

See you Sunday. Can’t wait!!!

The Latest on the Lobsters

16 12 2009

Wind or no wind – the Lobsters will be here this Saturday!

The only change in details is that we will be selling them in the morning instead of the afternoon.

8 Pettigrove Crescent, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

If you need to change your order, please let me know. If you didn’t order but you’d like to, same.

Yum. 🙂

Sunday Wrap – Short Version!

15 12 2009

We had an incredible Sunday at Crosspoint Freddy and Crosspoint O Town this past week. Unbelievable! Here is a really quick wrapapalooza.

– Ugly Sweater contest was hilarious and awesome. Congrats to the winners. You were ugly.

– Worship was inspired. Loved Amanda leading us in ‘Come Thou Long Expected Jesus’. Wow.

– Lives were changed for eternity. That never gets old!!!

– Yes, we played a few bars of ‘Satisfaction’ right before the message.

– Graphics, videos, and all were crazy ridiculous awesome.

– Big huge awesome Christmas crowd. Way to go!!

It was a very stellar Sunday. One of our best. We’re all pumped. Greater things are yet to come!

High Wind = No Lobster. :-(

12 12 2009

No lobster today. If it’s blowing this hard up here in the woods, imagine what it’s like off of Grand Manan!

We’re aiming for next Saturday. Thanks.


9 12 2009

Back by popular demand!!

We did this last year and it was a HUGE success. We sold out and had people wanting more! So here we go again, my brother in law Randy Brownlee will have the truck here this Saturday. We’re going to park it in front of our home this year.

The details:

– Saturday, December 12, 1-4 PM.

8 Pettigrove Crescent. Corner of Crocket and Pettigrove, Marysville.

$6.25/lb, fresh and alive! Bring some bags with you.

– Reply here on the blog or call me or email me.

– We need to know the amount by Friday. They are live, so he can only bring what we have orders for.

– Open to anyone. Tell your friends. As long as we get their order by Friday. (invite them to church while you’re at it) 😉

That’s it. Go crazy. See you Saturday!