Why I’m So Fired Up!!

26 10 2009

OK, I know it’s only Monday, but I’m already stoked for this coming Sunday!! Here are a few reasons why:

– I LOVE our church and the people who call Crosspoint ‘their church’! We have some amazing people who put the vision ahead of their own preferences every single week!!

– God is up to something BIG!! That isn’t hype. That’s just stating it the way it is. We’re more than just lights, screens and music. We’re showing up every Sunday expecting God to do great things in our lives.

– This series, “5 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Life”, is picking up steam and is just going to get better. We’re hearing many reports of how it has already changed lives. People are telling people, which usually means the best is yet to come. Hang on to yer seats!!

– I had an email today from one of Crosspoint’s new believers. It just FIRED me up!! This is why we do what we do!! To see people find their God-given purpose in life!

– You are inviting others!! One of the reasons we are growing the way we are is because of the way you are walking across the room, office, back yard, etc and inviting people to church. Keep it up! It’s possible that the only thing between your friend and Jesus is an invitation to church. You can help change a life for eternity!!

Great days ahead!!!


Sunday Wrap

26 10 2009

Here’s a quick look back at all things yesterday at Crosspoint!

Excellent worship in Marysville led by John Sherwood, Amanda, Liz, Big E, and Chris. Great reports from O’Town on worship there with Ruth, Shea, AJ, Doug, Jeff, and Bruce. We’re blessed to have so many quality musicians and the right people getting us the right music!

– It was week 2 of the ‘5 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Life Series’. O’Town is on a week delay and just kicked the series off. Lovin the pre-message videos by Mark Brewer and company!

– We were talking about the ways we sabotage good relationships and basically make a mess of everything. So, have you asked anyone, ‘what can I do for you?’ Try it!

Hard to believe that yesterday was the last Sunday of October. Crazeeee!!


22 10 2009

30 people last Sunday at our Oromocto campus!!

Energy and enthusiasm are both super-high!!

New faces every week!!

People are connecting and becoming a part of the Crosspoint family!!

Don’t stop praying for Crosspoint Oromocto, don’t stop inviting and telling others. Momentum is there and the best is yet to come!!

Sunday Wrap Up!

19 10 2009

Wow! It was an awesome Sunday at both Crosspoint locations yesterday!! If you weren’t here you seriously missed some of our best services in a long time! Here’s the wrap:

– Crosspoint Marysville kicked off the series, “5 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Life”. Crosspoint O’Town went to a one week delay which means Pastor Mark preached live and they will begin the series this Sunday.

– Week one of our series was on ‘Addictions’. I’ve had more positive comments over this message than I have ever had for any other message that I can remember! Thanks! O’Town, if you know anyone dealing with addictions in their life, invite them to church with you this Sunday!!

God showed up and many people received grace over the things they have been dealing with! We had many people praying at the altars of the church. Very cool. 🙂

Worship was powerful at both locations. People are engaged in worship, dialed in, and focused. Awesome.

– Crosspoint Marysville kicked off the ‘H2 O’ study, my office, both hours. It’s not too late to join. Ask anyone who has taken the course and they will tell you to take it.

– The video just before the message and the video announcements were awesome and hilarious. Great work Mark, Martin, and Johnny.

New Series!!

13 10 2009

5EasyWaysWe have a new series starting this Sunday @ Crosspoint and I can’t wait!! We’re going to look at 5 different things that can totally mess us up, what the Bible says about it, and what we can do to change.

Topic for week 1: Addictions. Yeah, the usual stuff comes to mind, but there are a lot of things that we can become dependent on that can really ruin everything. Know anyone that could benefit from a Sunday like this?? Give them an invite to Crosspoint this Sunday!!

Sunday Wrap – Turkey Edition!

12 10 2009

Another “Happy Thanksgiving” to all our Crosspointers and friends! I hope you’ve had a great day doing whatever you were doing and eating whatever you were eating. For me, the diet starts tomorrow! Just sayin. Here’s a look back at all things yesterday at Crosspoint:

– The Crosspoint Kids were leading us in ‘Take It All” in both services!! Way to go Pastor Amy Smith and Team for bringing us the energy and enthusiasm of a fired-up-sold-out-Jesus loving-God serving bunch of kids. Love it!

Worship was awesome. It just was.

– Great crowd yesterday and great ‘spirit’ at both campuses! The theme: If we are really thankful, how are we giving everything we have back To God?

– Lot’s of new faces and lots of people interested in attending one of our 2 “H2 O” classes this coming Sunday. It’s never too late to join.

This coming Sunday we launch our second series of the Fall, “5 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Life”. We’ve got a couple tricks up our sleeves to make it, umm, interesting. 😉 All I can say is, you’ll probably want to be there.

Have a great week. Don’t forget to ‘walk across the room’. Encourage someone. Love others.

This Week!

8 10 2009

I have to post and tell you how PUMPED I am for this Sunday at Crosspoint!! If you are tracking with this blog, then you probably know that it means God is up to something cool! I think both campuses are going to have amazing worship and awesome God moments.

Last weekend our John Sherwood led worship at a Men’s Retreat in Boiestown, then he and our Youth Band led worship at ‘Sunday Night Live’. Great to see our talent being used to lead others around the area in worship. The comments we heard from SNL is that it was one of the most powerful services our gang has been in. Ever. Anywhere.

– We are well into the planning stages for “Crosspoint Christmas at the Playhouse”. We’re going for 2 services this year. Probably 6 and 8:00 P.M. Tickets will be free again. This is probably our best opportunity of the year for inviting others. Mark it down, Wednesday night, December 23rd.

– The Crosspoint Kids are singing in both services at Crosspoint F’ton this Sunday. Everyone loves watching the kiddos sing their faces off on the stage. Invite everyone you know. It’ll be awesome!

– We need a huge offering this Sunday. Just sayin. I announced last Sunday that we’re still trying to recover from summer. All we ask is that you pray about it. If we all do our best it makes the load a whole lot lighter. Thanks. 🙂