Sunday Wrap!

28 09 2009

Whoa!! The last week or so has been a blur. We spent most of Friday and Saturday moving into our new home. THANKS!!! To ‘crew-awesome’ for helping us with the move. You guys were amazing. That was by far the best move we’ve ever had!! I hate to admit this, but my body is still aching. We’re loving the new digs. Bryan and Estella MacDonald rock! Seriously. I want to buy my next home from them too. Haha. Great people. We have a church full of them.

OK, here’s the wrap!

– We intentionally brought the worship down a few notches. Not in quality, just in volume, song selection, production, etc. We wanted to hear you sing! You were totally engaged in worship and it was awesome. We have so much to be thankful for, it shouldn’t be hard to sing our heads off and focus on Jesus.

– Week 3 in our ‘Crazy’ series was on Lazarus. God can take the dead, difficult, hopeless, stinking things in your life and turn it into something awesome for his glory. Don’t give up. There is always a bigger God-plan that we can’t see.

– I thought the media was awesome on Sunday. Mark Brewer is doing a great job at pulling it all together and taking our visual presentation of the message to new levels. (and he had to move this week too!)

Oromocto has a steady crowd that are really coming on board with us and enjoying it. We’re praying for you Oromocto! Keep inviting others!

– I really honestly feel like we’ve made some good spiritual strides as a congregation during this series. I can just tell that God is churning up the soil and taking us deeper. Hang on church, the best is yet to come!

This Sunday is the final Sunday of the ‘Crazy’ series. We’re going to be talking about how to ‘Love Like Crazy!’ It’s the way that the world will see Jesus in us! Lots of new faces the past few weeks, and lots of regular Crosspointers away. If you haven’t seen someone at church in awhile, give them a friendly nudge and let them know you are thinking of them. This Sunday is going to be one of those Sundays that is a perfect opportunity to invite someone to church!


Sunday Wrap, late Tuesday edition

22 09 2009

Good morning Crosspointers! I hope your week is off to a fantastic start! The weather we wanted in July has shown up in September. Hey, we’ll take it and enjoy it as long as it lasts. Here’s the wrap:

– We baptized 7 people on Sunday!! Woo Hoo! Baptisms are one of my absolute favourite things in ministry. 🙂

– We continued our ‘Crazy’ series with a look at John the Baptist. Sometimes God uses the craziest things to point you in the right direction.

– Lots of happy campers at church on Sunday. Great atmosphere.

– Another really good crowd out to Oromocto, with some more new faces. Very cool!! Let’s keep getting the word out and telling people about our Oromocto site!

– We’re still having issues with the live internet feed and it staying posted after the service. Ahhhhh. 😉

Looking forward to this Sunday. We have an amazing worship set coming up and I want to hear you sing your lungs out this Sunday!! We’ll be looking at another crazy story in Scripture – Lazarus, “Never lose hope, never give up, trust God for the impossible in your life”!

Thursday Video Post

17 09 2009

Crazy Week 2

16 09 2009

Hey Crosspointers! I hope your week is going awesome. We’re ramping up for week 2 of the ‘CRAZY’ series and lots of good things are happening between Sundays.

– We have people planning to be baptized in both services this Sunday. It’s not too late. If you’ve accepted Jesus, you should be dunked. Make this public profession of the inward transformation. We’re going to do the baptisms after the message – that will help us make sure that we get the message captured in time to ship it down the highway to Oromocto. (Hello Oromocto!!!)

– We have a crazy awesome ministry for meeting needs. Check out for more info and to sign up.

– We’re fine tuning a bunch of technical things for this Sunday. Hang with us while we straighten these things out. We launched a video cafe, live online streaming, and a multi-site campus all on the same Sunday. Uuuhhhh. 😉 So far 2,400 people have looked at our service from last Sunday. CRAZY!

Oromocto is for real!! I fully expect it to grow as word gets out. The people who are there will tell people they know and we will see new faces every Sunday. Keep praying and keep telling people.

We’re moving on the 26th. All the way to Crocket/Pettigrove. If you have the gift of moving, we’d love to hear from you. 🙂

I’m really, seriously looking forward to preaching this Sunday. We’re going to look at John the Baptist (yeah, he was crazy) and what it means to drop everything to follow Jesus. I hope you are planning to be there!

Sunday Wrap Multi-Site Edition!

13 09 2009

It’s official! We’re now ‘one church in two locations’!! Super-crazy-awesome-mega welcome to Oromocto!!! What a day it has been. I’m running on about two hours sleep, the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy, we kicked off our fall series today, we went online today,  and we launched our first multi site location, Oromocto! unbelievable.

Here’s a quick look back at all that happened:

First service had someone stand to their feet to accept Jesus!! Very cool. This is why we do what we do and it never gets old. 🙂

First service was full!

– First service also had people sitting in the cafe area watching on TV. (We’re going to improve the sound out there this week!)

– We had a parking lot team during both services.

– We WENT CRAZY and welcomed Oromocto when I got up to speak in the first service.

– There were a few technical glitches behind the scene in Oromocto, but overall it went really well. Those of you who were there, we’re super pumped that you are with us. Tell everyone you know!!

New front steps, cleared out lobby, lighting changes, cafe area, etc all seemed to go over very well!!

Rich Gould, from Razor Creative, and his family drove all the way from Riverview to be in Oromocto! Wow. Very cool!

– I learned today that we have 2 families driving an hour from MacAdam to come to Crosspoint. Also very cool!

– Tons of new faces today. We still had some Crosspointers missing too.

Overall, it was an awesome day! 🙂

On the radar:

– Many home/small groups start up this week. If you aren’t in one, and would like to be, drop us a line.

– Sunday morning classes for youth start this coming Sunday.

– I’m already looking forward to preaching next Sunday. The last couple of weeks I’ve had to say a lot of ‘stuff’ to remind us of why we do what we do and also to help new folks know what we are all about. This Sunday I’m getting back to preaching!! Can’t wait.

Thanks again for being an awesome church!!


10 09 2009

I’m out of the office this morning, working on my message for Sunday, and I’m just feeling a great sense of awe and wonder for what God is doing in my life and in our church.

I’m so proud of the people of Crosspoint Wesleyan Church. Their love for Jesus. Their passion for the lost. Their acceptance of change. Their flexibility. Their support. Their encouragement. Their enthusiasm. Their willingness to lay down their preferences for the greater good, to follow God’s vision, and to simply be open to what God wants to do in His church!

I’m humbled that God has me in this position of leadership. That I get to be a part of this. None of us deserve this, it’s all because of the love, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Many people have put thousands of hours into this weekend and the launch of ‘Crosspoint post Sept 12’. Lives ARE being changed. This isn’t hype. It is a very real and very powerful work of God happening right in front of us. I hope you soak it in, let the Spirit change you, enjoy it, but also let it spur you on to see God do ‘even greater things’.

Sunday Wrap

8 09 2009

Wow. Summer is pretty much toast, the kiddos are heading back to school, and the fall season of ministry at Crosspoint is upon us. We took a quick run down to the cottage yesterday and got it all closed up for another year. Boo. Here’s a look back at all things Sunday at Crosspoint!

– It was pre-kickoff Sunday at Crosspoint. That means we were testing our video for Oromocto and we were challenging everyone (you) to walk across the room, cubicle, yard, coffee shop, etc, this week and invite someone to church this Sunday.

– The band was absolutely out of this world! The songs were amazing. The volume was a little hot and we’re working at bringing it in to where it needs to be for kickoff Sunday!

– The energy was incredible! Wow. Thanks for your enthusiasm and anticipation.

– Huge crowd for a long weekend! This Sunday will be crammed. If you know any Crosspointers who have been out of town or out of the loop, make sure you give them a friendly nudge to be here this week! 🙂

Lots going on around the church this week!!

Night of Prayer this Friday @ 7!!