Sunday Wrap

4 08 2009

I know. It’s Tuesday. Yesterday was a holiday here in NB and we were down to Beulah for yet another birthday party for Hope (13). Anyhoo, enough explaining. Here’s the scoop on all things Sunday @ Crosspoint:

John Sherwood did an awesome job with his first ever Sunday morning message @CP!! Woo Hoo! It’s just awesome to see how God has been leading John to this point and how John is making a tremendous impact in so many ways these days. Wow. The kids love him. The youth love him. The seniors love him. Keep up the great work John!!

I sang in the band. Just like my hockey, my singing days are old and rusty. Ruth asked me to sing and I figured, “If I ask everyone else to be ready to pitch in wherever, whenever, I’d better be ready to do it myself”. It was fun. It probably won’t happen again for a long time. Haha.

– Apart from me lending some vocals, I thought worship was pretty amazing on Sunday. It was good for me to get the stage-view of you all in worship. Usually I’m either at the very back of the auditorium or the very front. We’re superblessed (all one word) to have the band and the leadership (Ruthie!!) that we have.

– Great crowd. No, AMAZING crowd, considering it was a long weekend with beautiful weather. That particular Sunday was always one of our lowest of the year. Thanks for showing up, lifting up, giving up, and just being pumped about what God is doing in your church!

– Tons of new faces again on Sunday. Kickoff in September is going to be CRAZY!!!