Sunday Wrap

31 08 2009

It’s a little tough for me to do a Sunday Wrap, since I wasn’t here yesterday! But, I have been hearing tons of good reports of a really great day all around. We’re blessed to have the team of people that we have!

Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been hearing:

– “The band was off the charts phenomenal yesterday.” Let’s never take for granted that we are pretty much spoiled week after week with Jesus-centered quality worship. The result of that worship should be lives that reflect Jesus to the world. Think about it, why would God bless our church with all this talent? Because He wants to do great things in us and through us!

– “Chris Saad took it to a whole ‘nutha level!” Way to go Chris. Make sure you have lots of caffeine every Sunday! God has you dancing to a whole new beat and it’s just awesome.

– “The sermon was powerful!” Mark has holes in his head, no seriously, he does. 😉 I heard many people say that they really enjoyed and got a lot out of the message yesterday.

– “The final BBQ of the year was a sell-out!” We cooked it and you showed up to consume it! We’ll go with something totally new and different for next year, but I think we’d all say it was a success. You need to tell Pastor Conard and Debbie and the others you saw around the barby that you really appreciated their efforts!

We had a great drive home from Ottawa yesterday. Probably around 11 hours. Torrential rain around Quebec City. All in all it was a good week away and we are all ready for an amazing fall season of ministry at Crosspoint.

Coming Up:

You really don’t want to miss this Sunday. 🙂 I’m definitely asking everyone on the planet to be here on the 13th, but I’m just giving you fair warning that this Sunday is going to be key to everything we do this Fall @CP. Our Oromocto launch is less than 2 weeks away. Word is out. People are showing interest. This will be a defining moment in our history that propels us into the future. You get to say “I was there!! I was a part of it!!”




One response

1 09 2009

yeah, it’s only Tuesday but Sunday’s a comin’!

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