Sunday Wrap – Late Monday Night Edition!

17 08 2009

It’s 10:00 Monday night and the last few days have been absolutely amazing! This post is supposed to be a ‘Sunday Wrap’ but it’s really the last 3 days in one. Here we go!

– Our Oromocto Promo Day was a HUGE success by any measurement!! HUGE thanks to all of you crazy Crosspointers who showed up on one of the hottest days of the year, put on a black Crosspoint t-shirt, and served for 4+ hours on black pavement!!! Wow! What a church. We served hundreds of free burgers and hot dogs. We painted faces for four hours! We watched tons of kids bounce and bounce and bounce. We had our Youth Band cranking out the tunes. Whew! Many families said that they will definitely be at our launch service on Sept 13.

– We had another high-attendance summer Sunday. We had about 100 more than we had the same time a year ago. Think about it. Insane.

– We had another person get saved this Sunday. This is why we do what we do. We’ll have a Crosspoint reunion in heaven someday and we will all be amazed!!

– We have a lot of people who are close to making a decision for Jesus. You can feel it every service. We’re praying for you! Just sayin’.

– I had two people tell me on Sunday that they want to be baptized. Awesome. We’ll be filling the tank some Sunday soon and ‘dunk for Jesus’. Looking forward to it!

– I had a call today from a couple who are moving to the area and are really pumped about attending Crosspoint Oromocto!

– We had an awesome board meeting tonight. Yes, I said ‘awesome board meeting’. These are visionary people who aren’t afraid of taking some risk and being a church that is making a difference.

– Off the top of my head (easy when you have no hair) I can think of 20-25 Crosspointers who were directly involved in our ministry today. Think about that. On a hot sticky Monday in August, we had that many people around the church or involved in meetings – all helping us push the vision down the field.

Lots going on this week. There’s a buzz around the church for this Sunday’s worship. God is good.




One response

18 08 2009
Emily W.

Just wanted to say how completely STOKED I am about what God is doing in and through Crosspoint!! Thinking about missing out on the crazy things going on at church is actually the only thing that makes me feel a little homesick. So, SO proud of how everyone is stepping up to take the love of Jesus to a whole new level in Freddy! LOVE IT.

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