This week @ CP

29 07 2009

Summer is actually here!! 30+ degrees today. I think I’ll go wrap myself in tinfoil and just bake in the parking lot!

A bus load of our teens left early this morning for Magic Mountain – Moncton (biggest water park in the area). John, Amy, Laura and many of our youth leaders are suffering in ministry today! Ha. I hope they burn. 😉

We had a MAJOR dumpster day yesterday! Ahhhhhhh it feels good to clean out some of those rooms! Many thankos to Shane, Stuart, Con, Deb, Jared, Bud, Wilda, Gayla, and the staff who helped out.

Some of you find it interesting to know where we have our meetings. Others just roll their eyes. We go out of our way to make this a place where people actually want to work! Yesterday’s Creative Team meeting was at Second Cup. Today’s Staff Meeting is at the Sour Grape. And yes, we do work. I prepare for all of those meetings and we move the vision forward. Send your resumes to…

We have a few things up our sleeve for this Sunday. I love being a part of a church that doesn’t just mail in the summer, concede, and then try to get things back in the fall. Without killing our staff – we are giving summer our best. For His glory. I’m looking forward to this Sunday!!

Things are really coming together for our Oromocto Promo Day – Saturday, Aug 15th, 10-2. We need YOU there!!! Tell everyone you know who lives anywhere near O Town.


Sunday Wrap

27 07 2009

Hey Crosspointers. I hope your week is off to a great start. Here’s a wrap of all things yesterday.

– It was actually a sunny day! Well, we saw some sun. It was also hazy, and even had a few showers late in the day. But considering the soaker that July has been, we’ll take it!

– It was week 4 of the BBQ series and we looked at why there was so much fighting and carnage in the OT. The bottom line is that we are a messed up people in need of a Saviour! “Sin will mess you up. Grace will set you free.”

– Great summer crowd yesterday. Tons of new people tracking with us!

– One of our new young adults stood to her feet and invited Jesus into her life! Very powerful. This is why we do what we do!! Changed lives!!

OK. I know it’s only Monday, but I’m going to promo this Sunday and tell you already that you need to be here. 🙂

Also, plan to be with us for our Crosspoint Oromocto Promo Day, Saturday, August 15, 10-2, Canadian Tire Oromocto. We need a bunch of you to be there, telling others about your church!!! It’s going to be a great day. (pray for sun!!)


25 07 2009

DSC01888Jesus will be lifted high.

Worship will be all about Him. Not about us.

Lives will be changed.

People will hear the Good News.

Decisions will be made.

Coffee will be consumed.

Hearts will be encouraged.

Will you be there?


23 07 2009

We’re ramping up for another awesome Sunday here at Crosspoint! Hope you are planning to be with us. Oh yeah, invite about 50 of your closest friends too!

Here are a few odds and ends. Mostly odds.

– We’re looking at creating a cafe venue in our fellowship hall (large square room) for overflow. We would have to make it feel cafe-ish. Lighting. Bistro tables. Paint maybe? We’d either show the service live via a projector or install a large lcd. The expectation is that we’re going to be crammed in the main auditorium and the hope is that enough people would enjoy taking in the service from the cafe area.

– We’re gearing up for our Oromocto promo day. It’s going to be August 15th, 10-2, at the Canadian Tire, O Town. Free BBQ, free bounce castle, free whatever else we can come up with!! There will be large banners, etc, to bring folks in. We need a load of Crosspointers to come down. A crowd draws a crowd. Just be around to tell people how much you enjoy your church!!

– We’re doing a direct mailer to all points from Lincoln to Gagetown and in between. The mailer is very pro, done by Razor Communications. There are at least 10,000 homes in those postal codes. Wow!

I’m preaching this Sunday and I’m pumped!!! I always get a little extra hot sauce in the tank when I haven’t preached for a couple of weeks. Should be fun! 🙂

– Mark is on vacation for the next couple of weeks, Conard has one more week before his vacation, Amy is back in next week, John is in, Laura has one week of her internship left, Ruth is home safe and almost sound from Australia and we’ll be taking some vacay closer to the end of August for a trip to Ottawa. Whew.

– We’ve had two young adults give their lives to Jesus this past week! Drop what you are doing. Run around the room. 🙂 Wow.

Seriously, if you want to be a part of something exciting, be at Crosspoint this Sunday and bring someone with you!!

Sunday Wrap

19 07 2009

I know. You’re shocked. I’m actually doing a Sunday Wrap on Sunday! What an idea. Here’s the scoop (hmmm, I need a scoop of ice cream).

– The sun was shining and it was an absolutely incredible day @ Crosspoint!! Seriously. 2 very large crowds in both services. Tons of new faces. Tons of happy people. Tons of energy. It was incredible.

Pastor Conard did an excellent job with ‘What did Jesus Say About Himself?’ Way to go Con. You can have the rest of the afternoon off. 😉

John Sherwood and the band led us in some superfantabulisticsummerawesome worship. Solid. Quality. Jesus centered. At 27, John was the oldest guy in the band.

– The BBQ was a huge hit today. We sold out in no time!

– That big of a crowd in the summer tells us that we’re going to have to be ready for an overflow crowd in both services this Fall. Fear not. We’ll be ready. Tell everyone you know!


Staff Meeting

16 07 2009

IMG_0186IMG_0201IMG_0180Taken from John Sherwood’s iPhone.

What’s Going On

15 07 2009

Just a bunch of random tidbits from our favorite church!

Ruthie is in Australia getting her oldest daughter, Emily, settled in at Hillsong College. We’re pumped about one of our own teens hearing God’s voice and following his call. Very cool.

Amy is on a massive road trip. Somewhere. I think she might be near the shores of Lake Michigan in the Chicago area. Not sure. Hope she’s having a great time!

Mark/Laura are working on a new green screen for video. Mark is also sourcing out some new signage for both locations. The heavy plastic A-frames to stand out at the entrances.

Conard was just in to offer his boat for staff meeting today. Looks like we’ll be cruising down the beautiful Saint John River. God is good!

– Some of our stats from District Conference last week for the church year May 08 – April 09: 41 salvations, 122 average attendance increase over last 5 years, 65 average attendance increase this past year, 20 baptisms. It’s a God thing.

– Laura and Deb Symonds are working front reception this morning.

John is battling a cold.