Summer Church

30 06 2009

We kind of have a double-whammy up in this neck of the woods. Winters are long and brutal and the weather often affects Sunday attendance. The summer is so short that as soon as the weather breaks people take off for cottages, trailers, camps, whatever.

Last summer we announced that we were not going to concede defeat and that we were going to do our best to give you a quality summer of church services. You responded and we actually had a very stellar summer and gained a ton of momentum that propelled us into a ridiculous fall season of growth. (it was a blast!)

Just wanted to let you know — We’re giving summer our best again this year! Summer is a great time to do church. In fact, we’ve found that many people ‘check out’ our church during the summer. We want people to be able to show up any Sunday and experience what makes Crosspoint different. It’s not going to be up to the level of Easter or our Fall kickoff…we’re pacing ourselves and getting recharged…but we can tell you that each Sunday is a service that you can look forward to coming to and bringing someone with you!!

Plan now to be at Crosspoint on September 13th!! It’s going to be a landmark day for our church as we launch Crosspoint Oromocto and launch ourselves into a new era of unprecedented ministry.



29 06 2009

rotate.phpIt all begins this Friday night. Clicky here for more info.

Sunday Wrap!

29 06 2009

Tons of great things going on at Crosspoint these days!! Here’s a look back at all things yesterday.

“Crocodile Dock VBS” wrapped up an amazing week with the kids bringing some of their favorite songs of the week! Pastor Amy shared some of the highlights like 120 kids, 50 workers, and 50 kids inviting Jesus into their lives!!! We had many new families out to church yesterday because of VBS. Thanks again to all who helped in any way to make VBS the wild success that it was. A-MAZE-ING!!

Pastor Mark Brewer did an awesome job with our final message in our ‘Prayer’ series. We could tell that God has been teaching us a lot about what prayer is, what it isn’t, and what it means in our relationship with Him.

– Crosspoint said goodbye to one its best-loved members yesterday with the passing of Sam Robinson. If you knew Sam at all, you know that he loved his family, he loved Marysville, and he loved his church! His legacy is alive and well and we know that the impact of his life will be felt for generations to come. Thanks Sam!

“BBQ Season 2” kicks off this Sunday! I’m going to be unpacking our first question of the series, “Help Me Understand the whole Trinity Thing??” BBQ is a really good opportunity to invite others to church. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and people enjoy hanging around after church with the firey food coming off the grill. If you are coming for the 1st service, we haven’t forgotten you! Hot and fresh breakfast sandwiches will be ready before the 1st service. Awesome.

Pastor John had 75 teens out to Odell Park last Thursday eve. Unbelievable!! God is doing HUGE things in this church!

BBQ Season 2

25 06 2009

The BBQ series is so close I can smell it…mmmmmmmm.

All of July and August.

Breakfast sandwiches from McDonald’s for the 1st service crowd.

Hot off the grill goodness for the second service crowd.

Here is the Sunday line-up so far. (subject to change if necessary)

July 5th – Help me understand the Trinity

12th – If God is good, why do really bad things happen?

19th – What did Jesus say about being God?

26th – What’s up with all the carnage and warfare in the Old Testament?

Aug 2nd – For heaven’s sake. What’s going on in heaven?

9th – What does the Bible say about marriage?

30th – If I’ve surrendered all, why do I still feel messed?


24 06 2009

– I can’t say enough about how good it is to see this many kids out to VBS and ALL of our Crosspoint volunteers! Wow. I’m just walking around here totally thankful to God. Tons of families are checking this church out this week while their children learn more about who Jesus is. Note to other churches who follow my blog: Throw a bunch of resources at VBS, do it right, plan months in advance, rally your people, and people will come. VBS still works!!

– Our staff and spouses were invited out to Vivian Nelson’s for dinner last night and we had a yummy blast! Thanks for thinking of us Viv. We definitely felt appreciated! Special thanks to ‘master griller’ Kirby. Some mighty fine work on the barby!

– We could still use 3 more questions for the BBQ Series. Send ’em in and we’ll serve ’em up some Sunday this summer.

– I’m ready for some sun!

– Please pray for the Robinson family.

VBS Sunday this week! It’s going to be a blast. We’re expecting a huge crowd full of proud moms, dads, grandparents, etc as the kids do some of their VBS songs. The place is going to be electric! Don’t miss it!!

Sunday Wrapapalooza

23 06 2009

Sorry for the delay in getting this out! I had to take an unexpected run to Beulah yesterday which set me back a bit. Here’s what Sunday looked like @ Crosspoint!

– Another really big, really pumped crowd! For the 3rd Sunday of June, I’d say it was a huge crowd! If our new guests keep tracking with us and we pick up more momentum from VBS, BBQ, etc we will be at official ‘zoo’ status this Fall!! 🙂 Can’t wait!

– Every Dad that was with us for Father’s Day got their own bottle of BBQ sauce! It was awesome! Right after the Welcome we had some of our teens come out in bbq aprons handing out the sauce to all the Dads. Fun.

– We also had a golf net set up in the Fellowship Hall near the cafe for Dads to take a few swings.

– The band was awesome on Sunday!! LOVED Shea’s lead right after the message. Very powerful and impacting.

– I preached on ‘Unanswered Prayer’. It’s a huge subject that I think we all wonder about at some point. I’m hoping and praying that we all gained some ground on trusting God even when things don’t make sense.

In other news…

*VBS is happening this week and there are zillions of cute little happy people running around the church!!

*I saw a fox, a bear and a moose yesterday and I wasn’t watching National Geographic or Animal Planet!

*We’re hearing excellent comments from the H2 O groups. We’ll offer it again this Fall.

*We also hope to offer Financial Peace University this Fall. Stay tuned.


20 06 2009

VBS has 103 kids pre-registered!! It all starts this Monday morning @ 8:30. Crocodile Dock is going to be a blast! Amy Smith and her crew have done an amazing job of getting this place transformed. It’s not too late to tell the world and bring more kids. Don’t miss it!!!

Beulah Camp is two weeks away. Hit their website here for more info. We’ll have some schedules available in the lobby tomorrow.

– I’m doing a ’40th Anniversary Wedding Vow Renewal’ today. Really looking forward to it! I preach three times tomorrow. 2 in the morn and then at the ‘Marysville Days Community Service’ tomorrow eve. I hope you can join us. Our band is doing most of the music. Our youth band is also doing a few songs in the afternoon program. Come out, show some Crosspoint love, cheer on Marysville, etc. All events are down at the Heritage Center in the Ville.

– This was a super-productive week for almost every ministry of our church! Tons of great stuff going on. Loads of volunteering, team work, collaborating, relationship-building, etc. Wow! Best. Church. Ever.

– I’m really, REALLY, looking forward to tomorrow. Not entirely sure what God has in store for us, but the anticipation is growing. I hope you are planning to be with us. Have you noticed all the new guests lately at Crosspoint? Are you milling around getting to know people? Invited anyone lately?? The vision is alive and happening before our eyes. Be a part of it!

I like Saturdays. Just sayin’. 🙂