This Sunday @ Crosspoint!!

28 05 2009

Hey Crosspointers! I hope you are all having a superfantabulous week. Are you using your new Crosspoint mugs at work? Gettin’ any comments? Pick one up this Sunday and help us chuck less styrofoam. 

We had an awesome staff retreat this week. Spent some very quality time looking at everything we do, how we can make things better, new ideas, upcoming series, etc. The vision is sharper than ever and the model is as simple as ever. (you teachers can tell me if my grammar is off in that sentence!) As a team we are PUMPED about the future and can’t believe that we get to be a part of such a great church!!

“Daniel: Tame Your Lions” Part 3 this Sunday! It’s going to be a great day of worship at Crosspoint. Brent Ingersoll is going to be home to lead us in worship. Brent is one of the premiere worship leaders to ever come out of Atlantic Canada. And this just happens to be his home church. Welcome home Brent, Mel, and Ava! 



Sunday Wrap

25 05 2009

Good morning and Happy Monday Crosspointers! It’s a beautiful day here in the Ville. Our church has been humming with activity the past few days. Here’s the scoop:

‘Daniel: Tame Your Lions’ week 2. We looked at Daniel’s character (Daniel 6:4) and how the world is filled with size-mologists who are sizing you up looking for faults. 

Worship was awesome yesterday! I really love the “Not to Us” into “We Stand”. Awesome guitar Johnny! Amanda’s lead on “All the Way My Savior Leads Me” was perfect and it was the perfect song to wrap up with!

– Our new Crosspoint travel mugs made their debut yesterday! New guests can trade in a filled-in Welcome Card for a shiny new mug. Nice! The rest of us can purchase one for $15. Bring it to church every week and help us use/waste less cups. 🙂

– Our ‘Mozambique Missions Yard Sale’ was a big success! Thanks to all who donated, volunteered, and showed up. The big inflatable, kids games w/ prizes, face painting, bbq, curly fries, bake sale, etc, and the weather, made for a fantastic time for everyone. All said and done we probably raised around $2,500! 

– Our Annual Meeting for the 08-09 church year was last night. We have SO much to be thankful for. We were one of the top 15 churches in the denomination for growth in 07-08 and we surpassed that again this past year! We had an excellent year financially and we’ve set some God-sized goals for the coming year. I goofed on one issue last night and need to apologize. 🙂 I probably goofed on more than one, but this one was obvious. I went in to the meeting thinking that all members could vote on the Nominating Committee’s recommendations for LBA. I had a brain cramp during the meeting and we did a ‘covenant member’ vote on the LBA and Delegates to District Conference. As of the June 7-11 General Conference of the Wesleyan Church, 2008, memorial 116, 558, 4, community members can vote on all matters other than the reception of covenant members. My bad. 

Thanks again for being the greatest church anywhere! Have an awesome week.

Oromocto Update

21 05 2009

I’m sure most of you already know, but in case you are just joining us Crosspoint is launching its first multi-site campus this September in Oromocto. Here are a few of the latest highlights!

– The Oromocto High School Theatre is our site!! We looked at a lot of different options and weighed out a lot of pros and cons. The theatre is the best spot to reproduce the Crosspoint energy and experience. It’s going to be awesome for band, sound, lights, and video projection. Everyone knows where the high school is. We’ll be able to throw out some Sunday morning signage, etc to point the whole world in the right direction. We’re working on some portable solutions for children’s ministry in the cafeteria areas. 

Mark Brewer is going to be our host pastor! Mark is anchoring the media for both sites and pretty much has to be on site in Oromocto for the first few weeks to make sure everything works and looks amazing!! He’ll be the upfront ‘welcome face’ that people can connect with. This doesn’t change Mark’s position @ Crosspoint at all. We’re still one church, just in two locations. It’s also a short-term deal where Mark is stepping in to get us up to speed until that position can be handed over to someone else. 

Bruce and Sherry Rivington are leading and organizing our Summer Promo Events in Oromocto!! We’re planning on doing a couple of highly visible Saturday events where we can tell as many people as possible that we are coming to town! We’ll probably do one in August and one on Sept 12 right before our kickoff Sunday. Congratulate Bruce and Sherry on this big step and tell them you will help with everything/anything/anytime!!! 

That’s the latest. Keep praying for us and telling everyone you know about Crosspoint Oromocto!


20 05 2009

Hey Crosspointers! I hope your week is going great so far!

– If any of y’all are dividing up plants this Spring, we could use a few more around the parsonage. Thanks 🙂

– Check out the ‘Hot List’ a few posts below this one. Right now it’s more cold than hot. Is there anything there you can help us with? 🙂

‘Daniel: Tame Your Lions 2’ Coming up this Sunday!! We are expecting it to be a great celebration of worship. I’d say something like ‘don’t miss it’ but after last Sunday I don’t think there is a chance of anyone missing it! 🙂 We’re going to look at Daniel’s character and integrity. How’s yours? Got any lions licking their chops? Check out Daniel 6. 🙂

This post has a lot of these. 🙂 Just saying.

Sunday Wrap

18 05 2009

I’m still trying to process all that happened @ Crosspoint Wesleyan yesterday!! If you were there, you know it was simply one of the biggest God-days that any of us has experienced. 

Sometime last week God planted this thought in my mind: “Am I brave enough to invite people to come forward for spontaneous baptisms?” I wrote it down on a sticky note and just left it on my desk for a few days. I really wasn’t sure until I got to church if I was going to go through with the invitation or not. It just seemed crazy.

We already had one baptism planned for the 1st service, so the tank was filled and ready. There was a 45 minute power outage before church and we were scurrying around working on an acoustic set just in case  we had to do church without power.  The power came back on and I had an overwhelming sense that I needed to give the invitation to be baptized on the spot. 

I honestly don’t remember much about the first 45 minutes of each service. Mark and John had created a fun ‘lion tamer’ video as a set up for our series ‘Daniel: Tame Your Lions’. We also had a giant felt/flannel board to remind us of our days learning about Daniel in the lion’s den in Sunday School. (Thanks to Wayne and Shirley Moore!)  There were actually 3 invitations yesterday morning: The first was for anyone who needed to accept Jesus as their Saviour. The second was for anyone who needed to surrender anything that had been coming between themselves and Jesus, keeping them from ALL God has planned for their lives. The third invitation was the baptism. I explained how I felt God leading me this way for the past few days. The invitation was something like this, “You will get wet, you will be cold, and you don’t have a change of clothes…” Shannon English was the first one on her feet! Way to go Shannon. Sue Keffler wasn’t far behind her. By the time the day was done, we baptized 11 or 12 people!! (anyone get all the names??)

Gayla and others were running for towels. Melanie Morris had a bag of clothes in her truck that she was planning on taking to the Salvation Army. She ran out and got them and provided some much needed warm clothing for those coming up out of the water. Ruth kept singing and playing and people kept coming. The first service was obviously running late and those showing up for the second service were standing in the back doors watching the baptisms. It was amazing!! Quite a few people stayed around in the second service to see who was going to go forward to be baptized. 

So there it is. On a long weekend in May. We still had a really good sized crowd and God showed up to do something amazing that we will never forget. It will forever be one of those ‘remember THAT Sunday??!!’ 

Comment like crazy and let everyone know what you thought of this past Sunday @ Crosspoint.

Don’t Get Eaten!!

14 05 2009

This series kicks off this Sunday @ Crosspoint! It’s a long weekend which means you’ll have time to get away, get home for church, and get away again. Perfect! 

There are some fierce things in our lives and in this world that will eat us for lunch if we don’t control them. We have an awesome Sunday planned for you to invite people to. See you there!

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Take the Plunge!

13 05 2009

We’re filling the tank this Sunday! If you’ve accepted Jesus, now is the time to follow His lead and walk into the water of baptism. 

Baptism is an outward indication of an inward transformation. Jesus took your sin, descended into death on your behalf, and rose on the third day. Baptism is your public declaration that you have accepted his forgiveness, the old you has gone down, you are washed and cleansed by His grace and forgiveness, and you have ‘come up’ a new person! 

It’s not too late. You can be baptized this Sunday. Email us or comment here!