Pastor John

30 04 2009

Great post here by this guy!staff_020


Top 5 Things We Like About Ruth Woodworth!!

29 04 2009

This wraps up our ‘top 5 things to brag on the staff’. Maybe we’ll turn the spotlight on to some Crosspointers and do the top 5 things we love about you! Ruthie has been leading worship here since she was 4 years old. She’s 26 now. 🙂 She deserves a lot of credit for where we are as a church!

5. Ruth is the happiest person I know. She’s never had a bad day in her life! Her infectious enthusiasm brightens our office every time she comes through the door!

4. Her ministry is much greater than what you see on Sunday morns. She is making a difference in many lives, on many levels. 

3. She has great taste in coffee!!

2. She is eager to learn and always open to new ideas!

1. She is totally committed to leading Crosspoint closer to Jesus through worship – every week!

Sunday Wrap

27 04 2009

Yesterday was week 2 of our “You,too.” series. It was a HUGE day in a lot of ways. Get a fresh cup of coffee, enjoy this post, and then pray for your church!! 🙂

– We really needed the time at the altar yesterday! You can go to the altar pretty much anytime. I just had it laying on my heart that there are things that are keeping us from experiencing God’s best in our lives. 

– I thought “Where the Streets Have No Name” right into “I Am Free” was awesome! We have the best band anywhere!

– There were 403 here yesterday!!! That’s just crazyawesomeinsaneGodisuptosomethingbig! Seriously. Wow. Keep telling everyone you know. It is working. 

– I really enjoyed preaching on ‘purpose’ yesterday. Romans 12:1,2, 6. Ephesians 2:10.

– I announced in the second service that John Sherwood is officially the new Youth Pastor @ Crosspoint! Congratulations John! Mark Brewer is our new Creative Arts/Media Pastor. We’ve been working on this transition for a couple of months now and just announced it to the teens last Thursday. John has a God-given ability to connect with teens. They love him and they are growing spiritually under his ministry. Mark has been carrying a double duty with the youth and our ever-increasing media and creative needs. This is a move that positions us to more effectively minister to those who are coming and to better present the greatest message of all time. As a staff team we are pumped, stoked, amped, and all those other words about the future!!

– Speaking of Sherwood, he officially graduated from Bethany Bible College on Saturday! How does he celebrate his graduation? By taking a May term course. He’s in Sussex all week studying hard. 

– Yesterday was our first Sunday with our new catwalk. (Sesame Street – neeeeaaarrrr, faaaaarrrrrrrrr) Thanks to Wayne Moore and Ralph Manzer for a job very well done! 

Thanks again for being an awesome church and an awesome group of people to work with. Great days ahead!! 🙂

This Sunday is going to be hot!! No, seriously.

23 04 2009

I hope the weather people aren’t playing a nasty trick on us! They are talking 24 degrees for Saturday and Sunday. We haven’t seen those temps since last August!! It’s shaping up to be an awesome weekend all around and we want Crosspoint to be a major part of your weekend. 🙂

Things are going to be cranked back up again. The side screens are making a come back after resting for one week. The band has been working on a very awesome opening U2 tune to go with our “You, too.” series. I can’t wait to preach (which is usually the case after I have a week off)!!!! I’m hitting the topic of purpose and knowing why and how you fit in this thing we call ‘the body’. 

My mac is still in the hospital, recovering from a very unfortunate coffee incident. We were in our Creative Team meeting, Ruthie said something brilliant, I jumped for a pen or something, swatted my cup of Irving Peruvian, and splashed coffee on my keyboard. I didn’t really drench the mac but apparently it doesn’t take much of the wet stuff to really do a number. Terra Consultants had the parts already on order (they must have known I was going to get clumsy) so I may actually get it back today. Note to all: If you get a mac, purchase Apple Care, and purchase a keyboard protector thingy. Well worth the investment!

Let’s crowd it up this Sunday!! We’re pumped. It’s going to be a very awesome day. If you know anyone who hasn’t been out to Crosspoint in a bit, drop them a friendly nudge.

P.S. Quick Oromocto update: Shane Hoyt gave Mark and I a tour of the OHS theatre. It’s a possibility. Nothing nailed down yet. 

I would like to thank John Sherwood for the use of his mac to create this blog post. 😉

Sunday Wrap

20 04 2009

If our Easter Series was running hot at around 90 degrees, we definitely brought ‘er down to the low 70’s yesterday and just absorbed the goodness of God. Here’s the play by play:

– I loved the acoustic worship set: Sherwood on his acoustic, Doug on bass, Chris on percussion, Amanda on lead voc, and Ruth with the bgv’s. “Knees to the Earth” was awesome!!

– Having the windows open (natural light), no side screens, no smoke, etc was VERY different for us. We’ll ratchet things back up a few notches for this Sunday! Can’t wait 🙂

– The band opened with U2’s “40”. Many people didn’t even pick up that it was a U2 song. Nice. 

Mark is an excellent communicator. Just sayin. He got our “You,too.” series off to a terrific start. 

– We intro’d a new communication piece this Sunday. The idea is to give people the info they need in a tight, succinct, efficient handout. There were many positive comment. Thanks!

– I enjoyed being able to cruze around a little bit more than usual yesterday and connect with more people.

– Many people are pumped about our “Crosspoint Oromocto” announcement!! Get the word out!! I’ll be sharing more details as things come together. 

OK. Easter is over and we’ve had a week to recover. Let’s get everyone we know to plan to be here this Sunday for week 2 of this series. This can be VERY important stuff as we all learn about God’s purpose for our lives. Chat it up all week and let’s create some serious traffic issues around this place this Sunday!

Top 5 Things We Love About Amy Smith

16 04 2009

Amy joined the team @ Crosspoint 2 years ago as our Children’s Ministry Pastor. Time flies!! Here are my Top 5. Hit comment and tell us why you love Amy. 🙂

5. She has built an amazing children’s ministry here @ Crosspoint. There are tons of families here because of what we’re doing with kids. 

4. She is a planner – working on projects like VBS many months in advance!

3. She brings her cats to work. “Uh, Amy, there is a cat on your laptop.”

2. She is slowly starting to drink coffee! 

1. She loves our kids and she is teaching them more about Jesus every week!!

Dave Ramsey Webcast

16 04 2009


Crosspoint has been doing Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” this Spring and it has been a tremendous help to many of our families. Dave is doing a live webcast event titled “Town Hall for Hope”, next Thursday, April 23. It’s a 9 PM event, which is late, but it’s live, and they need to cover many time zones, and we live on the edge of the planet. The local host site for our area is Capital Community Church.

You can visit Dave or for more info. 

The goal of the event is to help people weather the current economic realities and make as many wise decisions as possible. It’s free. Contact Capital Community if you need more info on the local deal.