Sunday Wrap

30 03 2009

It’s a bullet list kind of day. I think the snow makes me think of bullets. 🙂

– Our children’s pastor, Amy Smith, had 47 kids yesterday! Drop everything. Dance. Resume whatever you were doing. You are inviting people and they are coming!! Way to go people!

– I absolutely loved the song we did before the message, “This Is Our God”, with Amanda Colicott on lead vocals. We were belting it out and worshiping with all we have. 

– Mark has yesterday’s video, “Is there more than one way to buy a big mac?” posted here. Mark and John are creative gold. *Note to other churches: stop calling to see if you can hire them. Go away. 

– Yesterday’s message was a tough one. It’s just plain hard to boil “Is Jesus the Only Way” into a 30 minute message. I know I went overtime. Thanks for being patient and thanks for not having a brawl in the parking lot between services!

– We had a lot of our folks away yesterday and a lot of new faces checking us out. I’m hoping we can all ‘come together’ for the next two Sundays. It will really tell us where we’re at and paint a picture for the future. 

– I thought the media was amazing yesterday. Seriously! We’ve gone to new levels recently with our visual presentations, transitions, segues, etc. Mark and Co. are doing awesome things. 

– We had a bulletin glitch last week. Apologies. Look for it by Thursday of this week. 

Pray for us. We’re working at mach 5 and there are more initiatives on the horizon that we hope to tell you about soon. God keeps expanding our vision and we have to be faithful (not fearful) to trust his leading. “Greater things are still to come…”

– I need coffee. 🙂


Site from Sunday A.M.

28 03 2009

Here is the link that I’m giving you in tomorrow morning’s message. Which will probably be today, or yesterday, by the time most of you read this. 🙂

RPS 2 Coming Up!

26 03 2009

Our home group, led by Stephen and Ruth Woodworth, has been doing the ‘sermon based’ model for the past few weeks. Last night we reflected on Sunday’s message and had our own rock, paper, scissors championship. It came down to Richard Yerxa and Keith Robinson, with Keith taking the title. Very intense! 

Week 2 of our series is quickly approaching and I hope you are totally pumped and looking forward to it! I’m expecting a bigger crowd, so you might want to come early for a parking spot. (mountains of snow still taking up spaces) I’m guessing that many of our kids have been telling their friends about the giant inflatable and other goodies. If last week’s crowd returns and we have a few more of our ‘regulars’ around, we’ll shatter a very significant # that I don’t even want to type until we hit it! 🙂

Last week’s big question was: “What are the chances that Jesus is the Son of God?”

This week’s: “What are the chances that Jesus is the only way to God?” For all the keeners who want a head start, check out John 14. 

There’s another $10 Tim’s card up for grabs in this week’s “Crosspoint Lobby Rock Paper Scissors Tourney”! Keep inviting. You are making a difference in this city!

Top 5 Things We Love About Conard Symonds

24 03 2009

Conard is our Pastor of Missions/Seniors/Pastoral Care. We love him and we’re blessed to have him as a part of the Crosspoint team!

5. Conard is the all time best story teller you will ever hear! Hilarious. Just ask him, “Did you and your brothers ever do anything crazy?”

4. His family likes him. Ha. That sounds funny, but its true. He’s the kind of person you want to be around. He’s invested in his family and it is paying off. He’s modeling this for the rest of us. Unselfish. Family first. 

3. He’s willing to stretch and get outside of his comfort zone. (Picture him coming out on to the stage during “The Groove” series wearing 70’s disco attire!) Yeah baby. 

2. He’s a Disney freak! He even works there part of the year. You haven’t seen 1/2 of Disney unless you’ve gone around the parks with Conard and Debby.

1. He has tremendous passion for Jesus and this church! Conard came out of retirement and jumped in to the deep end with us to see God transform lives. God is using he and Debby in some pretty amazing ways!

Your turn. What do you love about Con? This should be fun. 🙂

Sunday Wrap

23 03 2009

Wow! We had an amazing weekend around Crosspoint. Thanks to all of you who worked hard, gave of your time and energy, and invited others to come. 

1st Service shattered all of its previous attendance records! It won’t be long and there will be more people @ 1st service than 2nd. 

I think the bignormous inflatable bouncy deal was a hit. (understatement of the year!) The kids went nuts on that thing. Mitch @ Advanced Fabrics in New Maryland gave us a great deal on it. Call him. Thank him. Rent things from him. 🙂 I think there will be even more kids out this week after they tell all their friends. We have it till Easter Sunday. 

What did you think of the new rear-projection screens and the lighting? I seriously thought we went to another new level this past Sunday. It looked awesome and the band led us in some terrific worship which just made the whole experience incredible. Thanks to Mark, AJ, Ruthie, John, and many others who worked so hard to pull it all off. Man, it was good!

We had people standing in the 2nd service to say “I’ve accepted Jesus into my life.” That never gets old!

LaCrisha Doubledee won this week’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors” contest in the lobby. She took home a $1o Tim Horton’s card. Could be you this week!

Our lobby was crammed with people yesterday. Can’t wait for this Sunday. Have a great week!!

Sneak Peek

21 03 2009

Here’s a little blog candy for those of you who are tracking along and staying in touch with Crosspoint out here in blogosphere. Our ‘Shakedown’ teens had 75+ out to their all-nighter last night/this morning. All-nighters are straight from the pit but somehow God blesses them and new teens start coming to our church. Here’s a pic from last night that shows the lighting layout we’ll be using for our Rock, Paper, Scissors Series that starts tomorrow. Note the new rear projection screens on the sides. It’s also just awesome to see the youth band leading worship and all the teens singing their heads off!dsc01888

Go Nuts!

18 03 2009

I just got back from one of or THE most exciting staff meetings I’ve ever been in! Big awesome things are happening and we want as many people as possible to be a part of it. That’s where YOU come in!!

Just imagine what could happen at Crosspoint this weekend if every one of us invited someone?! We all know someone(s) who need and would love a church like ours. Tell your friends about the big inflatable, or about the awesome music, or even the coffee!! 

For those of you who were here last Sept, you’ll remember how our church was forever changed by the way we invited others to our kickoff series. I believe it can happen again over the next few weeks of this Easter series. 

The office is buzzing with electric anticipation for this weekend. We hope you are stoked! To God be all the glory. May people meet Jesus face to face.