This Sunday!

25 02 2009

Whenever I sense something big stirring for Sunday, I want you to know about it!! It’s the first week of March break and I know that some of you have plans. BUUUUTTTT!!! For those of you who are in Freddy this weekend, we are getting seriously pumped around here for this Sunday. 

It’s “March Madness” around Crosspoint and we have three totally unique Sundays coming up. This Sunday I am going to dig deeper on why we do some of the things we do and how God has gone to great lengths sometimes to get our attention to teach us his truth! It’s probably going to be one of those weeks when I won’t need much caffeine to fire me up! 🙂 Can’t wait! Also, we’ve got something cooking in worship that is going to have people talking for the rest of their lives. (haha, if you’re on the ball today you probably already figured out that you’ll be talking for the rest of your life) 

Seriously, this is going to be a stellar Sunday for inviting someone to church. You won’t want to miss it. 

Oh yeah, in case I forget to mention it on Sunday, there is no ‘1st Wednesday’ next week. It’s currently in the Crosspoint vault as ‘one of the things we’ve tried’. Not sure if it will come out of the vault again or not. Not anytime soon though. 

Great days ahead!


New Double Double Graphic

25 02 2009

Here is the refreshed version of the “Crosspoint Double Double”. We’re time shifting the early service from 9:00 to 9:30 and the second service gets bumped by 15 minutes from 10:45 to 11:00. 2services-pptslide-09

What Are Your Lent Plans?

24 02 2009

A few of us were chatting this afternoon on what we’re planning to do or not do for Lent (starts tomorrow). I thought it would be interesting if we all posted our lent intents here. You might inspire someone else to join you. It’ll also add some instant accountability to whatever you are doing. 

I’m going to add something and give up something for Lent. I’m going to give up half an hour sleep and add half an hour of prayer. The plan is to get up half an hour earlier every day and spend that time in prayer. If you don’t have any other Lent plans, why not do the half hour of prayer deal? Keep a journal of thoughts, requests, answers, bible readings, etc. With all that is going on in our church, the extra prayer would certainly be welcomed and beneficial. If you need a book on the subject of prayer, try Philip Yancey’s “Prayer”. 

Let’s hear it. What are your Lent plans?

Sunday Wrap Up

23 02 2009

Good Morning Crosspointers! I hope you are home with a good cup of coffee in your hand. It is an absolute blizzard out there! One of the best? snowstorms I’ve seen in awhile. Spring is still coming. Hang in there. The next couple of weeks will make a big difference. (I hope!)

Yesterday was just an absolutely awesome day!! I know I say that alot, but it’s true. Yesterday was amazing. We took in 14 new members yesterday. We baptized a new believer yesterday. (Hope we didn’t mess your hair Sylvain!) 🙂 We shared communion together. We had amazing worship yesterday. We had ridiculous video announcements taken from Mt. Farlagne while Mark Brewer was skiing down the hill. God was here. Much was accomplished. Man I’m pumped. 

Thanks to all of you who stayed around for the ‘Pastoral Recall Vote’. We didn’t get any UHAUL gift certificates in the mail and the majority of you by far want us to stay around. And hey, you didn’t stop with just a 4 year call. You went over the top and voted again to give us an ‘extended call’. We enthusiastically accepted! Woo Hoo. I believe this is the first time in our church’s history that a pastor has had an extended call. Our family thanks you for your support. We love it here and we look forward to many great days ahead. 

I also want to thank those who called or emailed us yesterday to congratulate us. That was very thoughtful and it meant a lot. 

So, what do you do after you get an extended call? You roll your sleeves up another notch, pray hard, and lean into the vision with fresh energy and enthusiasm!! Bring it on!!


21 02 2009

I know YOU are planning on coming, but WHO are you inviting to join you??!

We’ve got a ton happening at Crosspoint tomorrow and I think it’s going to be an awesome Sunday. Check that. I KNOW it’s going to be awesome!

We’re taking in about 4000 new memberships. (slight exaggeration)

We’re sharing communion together. 

We have a baptism

We are wrapping up the “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” series. 

We are even voting on the Pastor (moi!) 

I hope you are pumped. Spread the word. 🙂

Sunday’s Recall Vote

19 02 2009

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Apparently we have to do ONE vote after the second service on Sunday and not vote after each service as I had earlier announced. 

If you know someone who goes to 1st Service can you please let them know that the recall vote on Pastor Tim will be after the 2nd Service. Please and Thanks!!

Also, March 8th will be time change Sunday. The clocks ‘Spring Ahead’ on March 7 so why not change everything and go to our new service times the same weekend??!! Beginning March 8th:

1st Service @ 9:30 🙂

2nd Service @ 11:00 🙂

We’re hoping that this will make it easier for people to come to the early service and free up some seats for us at 11.

The Best Team Ever!!

19 02 2009