This Sunday!!

30 01 2009

Keep the thread going on ‘when do you want to worship’. I love all the input and ideas!

I know I’m paid to say this, but seriously, you don’t want to miss this Sunday @ Crosspoint Wesleyan. “In the Ville, behind the Mill, on the Hill.” I was in to band practice for a bit on Tuesday night and ever since I have just felt something building/stirring for this Sunday!! 

Don’t give up on people you are inviting to church. You never know, one more invite or contact could be the difference and change their lives forever! 

Membership Class, Saturday, February 7, 10-12 noon @ the church. Sign up this Sunday. Or email me. Or post here. 🙂

It’s not too late to register for Financial Peace or the Alpha Course. 

I love this church!!!


When Do You Want To Worship?

26 01 2009

I’m hoping to generate some good discussion on this one!

In a couple of weeks we’re going to give y’all a quick survey on ‘when do you want to worship’. Everyone can’t say “@ 10:45”. 🙂 I thought I’d get it out here in blogosphere to give us a chance to bat a few ideas around before we do the survey. 

A. “I like it the way it is. Change it and I’ll put sweetener in yer coffee! First service @ 9, second service @ 10:45.” 

Why do you like it this way? Do you come to the 9? What could we do to make it more likely for you to come to the 9? 

B. “It’s too early. Move the 9 to 9:30 and bump the 10:45 to 11:00. I need one more half hour of sleep on Sundays.” 

Our second service is now where it was a year ago (in attendance). We get around 100 to the first service. Maybe a later time would help more people to migrate to the early service. 

C. “Keep it the way it is and add a third service on Saturday nights @ 6. do something different, add a little more music, turn it up, do some fun stuff for the kids, have more options at the cafe, more relaxed style. Yeah, I like it.” 

D. “Same as C only with the time shift to 9:30 and 11:00.” 

E. “This is my final offer: Do the above-described Saturday night deal @ 6 and do only one service @ 10:30 on Sunday mornings.” This assumes that at least 100 people will come out @ 6 on Saturday. Maybe we’ll throw in some pizza on Saturday nights. Hmm…

Alright Crosspointers – hit ‘Comment’ and share with the world which option you think will work best. Even if you come @ 10:45 and you’ll never go to another service, we’d love to know your thoughts on the other ideas. One more thing, pretty much everyone in Christendom says that new guests are almost always going to come to the later Sunday A.M. service. 

Later on in the discussion I’ll share which option I would like to try. 🙂

Sunday Wrap Up!

26 01 2009

Yesterday was week 3 of our “Graceland” series. The theme was ‘transforming grace’. I hope that it was a day for many to take some serious steps forward as we grow in grace everyday becoming more like Jesus! 

Loved the worship yesterday! ‘Fire Fall Down’ was my fave. 🙂 We have the best worship music in the Northeast. Seriously. If more people (100’s) in our city had any idea what our music was like, they would come. Get the word out! 

Absolutely hilarious video yesterday. We’ll get it posted on our youtube site for all to enjoy. Mark Brewer continues to amaze us. Way to go Brew. 

Big announcements yesterday! We’re going to vote on the purchase of the Cliffe Street land on February 8th. We’ll only have one meeting after the second service, so we’re asking our first service folks to come back and join us after the 10:45. Then we’ll have a commitment Sunday on February 15th. We need each family to prayerfully consider how they can be a part of paying for this land. If God is in this, the resources will be there and we’ll continue to move forward. Another huge announcement yesterday was that John Sherwood has officially joined the staff @ Crosspoint!! John did an amazing job with his internship here and it’s pretty obvious how God is using him with our teens, our worship, and other areas. It’s a volunteer gig right now which means that we need you to remember John and show him how much you appreciate him! God is up to something huge for sure. Check out John’s thoughts on all this at his blog. 

Great crowd yesterday! Especially for -27 weather. Many new faces in the second service. When we get all our snow birds back, we’re going to be slammed for sure! 

This Sunday we will wrap up our “Graceland” series with “Offering Grace”. God gives us opportunities everyday to offer or extend grace to others. Keep that on your mind this week. Who can you extend grace to? Who do you know that really needs to see grace in action? Our next series is a 3-week deal, February 8, 15, and 22, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. We’re really excited about it. Week 1 is on parenting, week 2 is on marriage, and week 3 is on loving others. These are easy Sundays to invite others. Many people are looking for insights on raising kids without killing them, ;-), having a thriving marriage rather than just surviving, and how to cope on the same planet with people who drive you nuts. I really hope some new folks check out Crosspoint during this series!!

Have a great week!

Top 5 Things We Like About Mark Brewer

22 01 2009

5. His wife is the author, writer, producer and star of ‘Here’s what’s happening this week @ Crosspoint’!

4. He shaved his head when we had over 100 teens out on a youth night!

3. He still cheers for the Toronto Maple Leafs!

2. He is an awesome preacher, plays in the band, runs sound and media, writes our skits, creates graphics for our series, (ok, that’s 5 things in one point!)

1. He’s leading our teens into a radical, all-out, fully devoted life for Jesus!!

Your turn…

2 Big Announcements!!

22 01 2009

Big Announcement #1 – Stephen Woodworth is now giving leadership to our Small Group/Home Group Ministry! Stephen and Ruthie are both ‘small group veterans’ and they are currently doing an awesome job with the Wednesday night group @ our place. They have also been leading the Alpha Course the past couple of years. As Crosspoint continues to grow it is going to be increasingly important that we help people get connected into a smaller group of believers. 

Big Announcement #2 – John Sherwood is joining the Staff @ Crosspoint Wesleyan! We are all absolutely pumped about this! John did an amazing job with his internship here last summer/fall. Over Christmas he felt God leading him to stay fully plugged in with Crosspoint and our vision for this city. Knowing that we weren’t in a position to financially hire another staff member right away, John stepped up and said, ‘I got this one’. Yep. He’s volunteering at a staff level. Folks, this doesn’t happen very often in church or anywhere else on the planet! God is doing something HUGE and we all get a front row seat! John is going to be assisting Mark with a variety of youth responsibilities (they average 60-70), he also leans into our Worship ministry in many ways (many hours behind the scenes, here after we’re long gone, getting things ready for Sundays), assisting me as needed, and another area that I’m really excited about and might be able to announce sometime next week! 

Give these guys a smack on the back and let them know that you appreciate all they do! 

Wow. 🙂

Financial Peace University

21 01 2009

FPU is coming to Crosspoint!! It all kicks off Sunday, February 8 @ 5:30 P.M. Here’s the deal:

– FPU is for anyone who wants to either eliminate debt or get a better handle on how to manage the finances God has given them.

– Registration is $125/household. 

– The “Membership Kit” includes the FPU Workbook (13 weeks/lessons), Audio library of all 13 lessons + 2 other CD’s, the book “Total Money Makeover”, Budgeting forms, the FPU envelope system, and a handful of other goodies. 

– Key points of the 13 week series: Get control of your money; Stop struggling to make ends meet; Tell your money what to do; Change your family’s future. 

– Steve Brewer is leading it for us!!images

We’re kicking it all off with a joint supper between FPU’ers and folks who are attending the Alpha Course. After the supper, Alpha will take the Fellowship Hall and Financial Peace will head into the sanctuary. Each video with Dave Ramsey is about an hour long. 

Check out more about Dave @

Gayla and I are really excited about this and what it can do for so many Crosspointers!!

Cliffe Street Update

19 01 2009

I meant to mention this in my earlier post. Here is what I mentioned in my sermon yesterday about the Cliffe Street land:

– The original price or value we were given was $600,000.

– We voted in favor of going forward and making a proposal. 

– 5 other churches in the city did the same thing.

– The ownership group has selected us. 

– We bid $450,000.

– They countered with $350,000. No, that’s not a typo!

– I have a board meeting tonight and we’ll be back to you with more details soon. 

Pray hard!