Top 5 Elvis Tributes for the ‘Graceland’ Series

30 12 2008

5. 1st 300 people through the doors get rhinestones for their bibles.


4. Each band member uses a tube of hair gel and Bruce Rivington does a Crosspoint rendition of ‘Crying in the Chapel’.


3. Shakedoown teens have an Elvis look-a-like contest, trying to look like he would today. 


2. Elvis karaoke in the Fellowship Hall between services. 


1. Mark Brewer preaches using only his best Elvis impersonation voice. 


Got any more to add to the list? 🙂


Holiday Travels

30 12 2008

Greetings from Ottawa! We were packed and ready to boogie right after church on Sunday. 10 hours later we pulled into Gayla’s parents farm in North Gower (Ottawa). There is something therapeutic about the farm for all of us. Relax. Eat. Put your feet up. Read. Eat some more. Visit with family. You get the drill. 

Right now, I’m sitting in a Starbucks (surprise) in Barrhaven. The kids and some of their cousins are at the theatre watching ‘Desperaux’. Gas is cheap. The temperature is dropping. Games and more food planned for tonight. 

Tomorrow is our last day in Ottawa. Everyone is getting together tomorrow eve to share Christmas gifts with each other. I guess they’re kind of Christmas/New Year’s gifts now! Thursday morning we will be on our way to Orlando. Gayla was talking to Debbie Symonds yesterday and we’re all very stoked about staying with Deb and Conard and doing a week of Disney. We were there a couple years ago, but only had two very rushed days @ Disney. It’s looking like it’s going to be warm and I will absorb every single ray I can!

BTW, awesome crowd on Sunday! I was a little surprised at the size of the crowd for a ‘Sunday between holidays’. Very cool. Don’t forget, Mark Brewer is going to preach the greatest sermon of his life this Sunday. 🙂 Haha. No pressure. 

Have fun celebrating New Year’s in New Brunswick!

P.S. No ‘1st Wednesday’ service in January.

Playhouse Pic

26 12 2008

dscf01271Stole, ripped, thieved this shot from Mark’s blog.  What a night! Crazy.


26 12 2008

The last few weeks have been running at around mach-4. It’s actually quiet this morning and I have a few moments to reflect on Christmas 2008 @ Crosspoint. 

For us, it all began with ‘Stable’. Hmmm, for all of us, it all begins with the stable. The themes of that series started from ‘afar’ with what is going on in the world and then each week we moved closer to real issue – “Do you have the hope of the stable in your life?” We’ve had a ton of ministry momentum this Fall and it all came together for one great party @ the Playhouse this past Tuesday eve. 

All of our staff, all of them, put a ton of work and energy into ‘Crosspoint Christmas @ the Playhouse’. If you were there, you know that it paid off big time!! The band was amazing, the kids were awesome, the teens skit was hilarious, the video of the seniors was priceless, the band was amazing again, etc, etc. We opened a new chapter in Crosspoint’s history! 

I’ve heard many estimates on how many were there. There were a lot of seats left open in the balcony (downside of giving away free tickets) so I’m guessing somewhere around 600 in the house and another 30-50 behind the scenes. Either way, regardless of what the count was, it was a fantastic night. It gives us something to build on and look forward to for next year. Crazy!

Now what? 🙂

Now we turn the corner and look 2009 straight in the face. Actually, we’ve been talking ’09 around here for quite awhile. We have every reason to expect more miracles, more new faces, and more breakthroughs for Crosspoint Wesleyan!!! We’re going to continue to do all we can do to get the word out because we need to get ‘The Word’ – Jesus Christ – out to people who need Him. Many people start new routines in January. We’re launching a series called ‘Graceland’ and we hope that you will invite many people to start something new by coming to Crosspoint. We’re already thinking through our Easter series, Amy has already ordered her VBS for this summer, the youth have a great calendar planned and we’re on our way to making this a year of life-change for hundreds of people in our City!!

I think I have enough Toffifee to get me through ’09.

We surprised the kids with a trip to Disney for Christmas. We leave on the 28th for Ottawa and then we’ll be going from Ottawa to Orlando. How fun is that?

THIS SUNDAY @ CROSSPOINT — “Out With the Old” I’m preaching and challenging us all to dump the junk at the Cross, don’t carry last year’s junk into ’09. Mark will pick the topic up again next week and put a fresh twist on it with “In With the New”.

Sunday/Stable Series Wrap Up

22 12 2008

‘Christmas Sunday’ has come and gone and the ‘Stable’ series is a wrap. Thanks to everyone who helped us promote the series and thanks to those of you who invited someone to Crosspoint this Christmas series. I try not to post too many #’s on here as I don’t want people to think it’s all about the #’s. The reason why we are so interested in seats on seats is because we want as many people as possible to cross the line of faith, believe Jesus is the real deal, and go on to live a life fully-devoted to Him. Yesterday’s attendance was about 100+ from where it was a year ago. That’s very cool, but there are still thousands of people in our city who need a church like Crosspoint!

I hope you enjoyed the ‘Stable’ series. The four weeks of Advent wrapped up with the theme “Hope was born in a Stable”. The world isn’t exactly manufacturing hope these days and yet we’re wired to be a hope-full people. Like the Shepherds of Luke 2, we have to drop what we’re doing and go experience Jesus first hand. That’s when True Hope will be living inside of us!

Crosspoint Christmas at the Playhouse is tomorrow night! Wow. That’s hard to believe. All tickets are totally taken. If everyone shows up there should be 700 in the house and another 50 or so back stage and in the green room. I know that Crosspoint will never be the same after tomorrow night, let’s pray that those who come will also be changed forever in Jesus. 🙂

givearip has been very active lately! If you aren’t on the list and you’d like to be a part of meeting needs in the spirit of Matthew 25, drop us a line and we’ll gladly add you. Just tonight I had the privilege of dropping off ‘Christmas’ – all gifts, all food, everything – to a single Mom with 3 children. A couple of our own Crosspoint families completely looked after another family’s needs for Christmas. Very cool. 

The kids were here @ the church tonight to practice for tomorrow night. They are really doing a great job on their songs. No matter what the kids do, they are always cute and fun to watch on stage. Don’t forget your cameras!!

This coming Sunday: “Out with the Old!”

January 4th: “In with the New!”

New series begins January 11th: “Graceland!” I’m thinking blue suede shoes. Thank you. Thank you very much.

3 more sleeps!

Christmas Sunday!!

19 12 2008

I hope you enjoyed your lobster! We sold 200 lbs pretty easy and may do it again. 

It’s obviously a very busy time of year, but I hope you are thinking about this Sunday @ Crosspoint!! It’s hard to believe that ‘Christmas Sunday’ is here already. Churches everywhere will be filled with people who are at least a little curious about the Christmas story and what it means to them today. We’re doing all we can to put together a worship experience that will help everyone connect the meaning of Christmas to their own personal lives. If you haven’t yet invited people, it’s not too late!

We’ll wrap up our ‘Stable’ series this Sunday with, “Hope was born in a Stable”. No, not our daughter Hope, ;-), we mean Jesus Christ, the Hope of the World! Everyone is looking for hope. We all want to be hope-full for our futures, our families, our finances, etc. It all began in a stable and it all begins again when we realize that ‘our only hope is to put our only hope in Him’. 

Crosspoint Christmas @ the Playhouse!! There will probably be close to 750 of us in the Playhouse (seated and in the green room, backstage, etc) this Tuesday the 23rd. If you are involved in any way there is a rehearsal at the church Monday evening and then again at the Playhouse on Tuesday @ 3 PM. 

This Sunday would be a great Sunday to come to the 9 A.M. service. The 10:45 will be absolutely slammed. It’s going to be an awesome few days in the history of Crosspoint! Glad you are here to be a part of it. 🙂

Lobsterfest 2008

17 12 2008

Randy will be @ the church around 1:30 or so with 200 lbs of lobster. If you have blogged, emailed, or talked to me, I have your order. You might want to bring a tote, bin, box or plastic bag with you.