“Stable” series graphic!!

28 11 2008

stable-logo001Here it is! We’d love it if you would use this as your facebook profile picture and any other creative way you can use it to generate interest. See you Sunday!!


Stay tuned and Program change

27 11 2008

1. The “Stable” graphic is pretty sweet and worth waiting for, but I only have it in pdf right now and WordPress isn’t uploading it as easy as I thought it would. We’ll get the graphic up in a format that you can use as soon as we can. We’re counting on all y’all to take the graphic and promo it anyway you can. 

2. The Youth Formal Program for this Sunday night has changed. The talent show deal on the front end of the formal isn’t going to happen. There were very few (1) teens who were still signed up as of this Wednesday. The Formal is still a GO and the teens are going to have a fantastic night. 

Looking forward to Sunday!!!

The “Stable” Series

27 11 2008


Here it is! Let’s get the word out and create as much buzz as we can on our 4-week Christmas series, “Stable”!!! Copy and paste and use it as your identity pic on Facebook. Print it off and post it in your cubicle, locker, wherever you work… ‘Accidentally’ leave it everywhere 🙂 The world is not very stable…the economy is very unstable…we all want our relationships to be stable…  Hope was born in a Stable!!!

Top 5 Christmas Goodies

25 11 2008

This is a tough one! There are so many yummalicious things to choose from. Here are my top 5 treats for the next few weeks. What are yours?

5. Eggnog. Already downed 3 or 4 litres. Put a drop in your coffee. 

4. Gayla’s ginger cookies. My wife can flat-out bake! 6 cookies, a coffee, and a remote control. Ahhhh…

3. Gumdrop Cake. One of my childhood favorites that still hits the spot.

2. Apple pie. Is there ever a bad time for apple pie? 

1. Toffifee. Bite sized so you can eat 12 of them and not feel guilty. (maybe)

Deck the Fellowship Hall, the Lobby, and the Sanctuary

25 11 2008

We’re getting Crosspoint all decked out for Christmas and we could use your help! If you are available this Wednesday after 3 or Thursday after 3 or Saturday, hit ‘comment’ and let me know when you can be here. 



Sunday Wrap Up

24 11 2008

Sunday was one of the greatest days I’ve ever had in 16 years of ministry! Seriously. It was God-blessed, Spirit-filled, electric, wow, crazy good. We baptized 14 people!! Down with the old, up with the new, declaring their faith in Jesus Christ. That never gets old! Props to Pastor Mark for all the teens who went under and for the video testimonies of each person as they stepped into the water. Mercy! Wasn’t that awesome??! 

Worship was on a whole ‘nother level yesterday. Ruth and her team have set a new standard for our church. Unbelievable. Did you like Buffy and her violin??! I told you it was going to be awesome. 🙂 God keeps bringing amazing talent to our church. Wow.

Yesterday was a wrap up of a two-week miniseries titled ‘Sacraments’. Along with all the baptisms and incredible worship, we talked about what communion means, invited people to cross the line of faith, and then we shared communion together. Yes, we did set some attendance records 🙂 but those are secondary to the work God is doing in people’s lives. 

1st service set a new record as many found a way to roll out of bed to see 11 of our 14 baptisms. 168!! Our total for the day sets a new ‘normal’ weekend attendance record (since I’ve been here) with 384. Again, it’s more than just getting seats on seats, it’s about changed lives and people hearing that Jesus is the real deal!

– We ran out of “Crosspoint Christmas @ the Playhouse” tickets yesterday (of what we had cut) there are more available at the church office this week and we’ll have them out on Sunday as well. We’re not going to have any problem packing the Playhouse.

Trevor Dick tickets are also available! The ads for that concert hit the radio waves today and we expect it to sell out as well as we can really only squeeze in 300 or so. 

– I hope to have the graphic for our Advent series “Stable” soon and I’ll post it here for you to cut and paste as soon as I get it. Momentum is building, people are talking, and this is going to be an awesome Christmas series!!

Whew. I need some coffee. 🙂

God Is Up To Something Big

20 11 2008

Isaiah 43:19 (New Living Translation)

 19 For I am about to do something new.
      See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
   I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
      I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.