Top 5 Eats in Fredericton

30 10 2008

OK, this list is making me very hungry!

5. Montanas. I haven’t been able to get in to the one in Fredericton yet (1 1/2 hour wait!) but I’ve been to the ones in Moncton and Saint John and it is very yummy. I ordered nachos, of course!

4. Swiss Chalet. Good chicken everytime. It’s one of a few restaurants where our whole family can eat and enjoy it. 

3. Cannons. 1/2 price apps on Thursday nights. The bbq chicken nachos are crazy good!

2. Jives. I can’t figure out why this place isn’t packed all the time. I’ve never had a bad meal there. Big servings, great selection, etc. 

1. The Diplomat. Some of you are laughing and saying “Don’t go to the Dip with Tim!!” I’ll explain sometime 😉 Best chinese anywhere.

That’s my list, what’s yours?


Oct 31.

30 10 2008

Just a quick word about October 31…

Regardless of what you think about Halloween, October 31st can be a great opportunity to let your light shine. Rather than hide from the darkness, why not think of some positive ways to make it a great night for Jesus. Think about it, what other time of the year are hundreds of people going to come knock on your door? 

“In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father”. -Matthew 5:16

What’s Happening!

29 10 2008

The Shakedown – Thursday nights are Youth nights @ Crosspoint! 80+ teens have been showing up ready to worship out loud, have a blast, and learn what it means to follow Jesus in today’s world. If you know any families with teens, tell them about the Shakedown!

Chocolate on Crockett – An annual outreach event by the Shakedown Youth. Drop by for a free hot chocolate and encourage Pastor Mark and his crew as they introduce hundreds of people to Crosspoint and our youth and children’s ministries. 

Chapters 3 – Our ‘Chapters’ series wraps up this Sunday. Pastor Mark is an amazing communicator and he is bringing the message this Sunday!! The book of the week is “Jesus for President” by Shane Claiborne. Who are you bringing with you??!! It’s going to be an awesome Sunday. I can’t wait!

Drive-by Praying – We’re going to be giving you a few ideas for how you can pray about our proposal for the land on Cliffe St. Here is the 1st one: Sometime when you are driving near that area, stop in front of the land (across from Willie O’Ree – you’ll see the 4 sale sign), pull over and just spend a couple of minutes praying that ‘we would clearly know God’s will and do the right thing concerning this land’. 

1st Wednesday – One week from today is our ‘1st Wednesday’ service. We’re going to try a different format to see how it works. Here’s the deal – Everything starts @ 6:30. Adults head straight to the sanctuary, kids go straight to the lower level. From 7:30-8:15 we’re going to the Fellowship Hall for desserts, coffee, etc. The kids will still be in their program until 8:15. No supper on the front end, just desserts after the service. If you haven’t been to a 1st Wednesday, come check it out. We change up the sanctuary some and create an environment where we can focus on just worship and the Word. 

Did I mention that I’m looking forward to Sunday??!!

Field Trip

27 10 2008

We’re on a staff field trip tomorrow. The 6 of us are filling our coffee mugs, piling in a van, and heading off to Moncton for the day. Our first stop is Moncton Wesleyan to spend an hour with Dr. Buckingham. ‘Pastor B’ has been at Moncton Wesleyan as long as I’ve been on the planet – 39 years! They are the largest Protestant church east of Ottawa @ 1700+. I was on staff at this church for 5 years prior to going to our HQ in Indianapolis. I’m hoping that Pastor B will absolutely unload the very best of what he has learned and is learning on leadership, vision, and church growth! Still at Moncton Wesleyan, our next visit will be with their Executive Pastor, Kevin Matthews. Kevin oversees all of their staff, facility, finances, etc. He is responsible for moving the vision of the Lead Pastor down the field. I love Kevin’s energy and enthusiasm. He’ll share with us how each ministry develops their budgets based on their vision, goals, and strategies. 

Over lunch we’re going to stop in and say hello to the good folks @ Razor Creative. Razor is the marketing group in Moncton that does many of our graphics – ala “Double Double”, “BBQ”, Crosspoint logo, etc. 

After lunch we are going to visit Pastor Dave Morehouse @ Allison Church. Allison Church is essentially a United Baptist Church that exploded in growth a few years back and now runs somewhere around 6-700 people. They also just launched a satellite campus in the city where the worship is live but the message is video. Can’t wait to hear more on this and some other things this church experienced as they grew. 

First stop tomorrow morning: Irving for coffee. Second stop: Tim Hortons for Conard’s coffee.

Chapters 2 Wrap Up

27 10 2008

Worship @ Crosspoint was totally amazing yesterday! That was one of the best worship services we’ve had since I’ve been at this church. Way to go Ruthie and Team. Hey, anyone notice the new drummer yesterday??!! Chris Saad did an awesome job back there. Very cool. 

Our book for ‘Chapters 2’ was Donald Miller’s “Blue Like Jazz”. I saw many of you picking it up after the service – so I’m guessing it struck a pretty good chord. Personally, I really enjoyed taking Luke 8 and looking at how our faith should make a difference in the way we live. “Faith kicks fear in the rear!” 

At the end of each service we took some time and invited people to stand and let us pray specifically for any ‘brokenness’ in their world. The song that so many of you enjoyed yesterday was, “How Deep the Father’s Love” by Stuart Townend. Very powerful! 

Way to go 1st Service!! I think we had our largest yet 1st service attendance yesterday – 97! 

‘Chapters 3’ Coming up this Sunday!! Our book is ‘Jesus for President’ by Shane Claiborne. Stop by the church if you want to pick up a copy this week. It’s very timely as it will be just a couple of days before the U.S. election. Let’s pack the church this week. If there is anyone you haven’t seen for a Sunday or two, why not drop them an email and invite them out this Sunday. Grab a stickie, jot down a couple of names…I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. 

Coming Up @ Crosspoint

– Nov 9th H.C. Wilson, General Director of Global Partners, World HQ of the Wesleyan Church

– Nov 16th & 23rd miniseries “Sacraments” 

– Nov 23rd BAPTISM!!! Many Crosspointers are going in the tank to indicate their faith in Jesus!!

– Nov 30th Advent begins! Crazy.


25 10 2008

Mark made a great post here on some of the things we are doing at Crosspoint to help us get the job done. 

If you haven’t read “Getting Things Done”, we all highly recommend it!

Top 5 Reasons to Worship @ 9:00 A.M.

22 10 2008

Why did the Crosspointer worship @ 9:00 A.M.? To get a seeker to the other side!

5. Your kids can come and stay for the whole morning! Drop them off @ 9 and they have a full children’s program until 12 noon. Sweet!

4. You don’t have to wait in line for coffee! Our coffee team shows up @ 8 just to get things brewing for you. 

3. You can sit where you want! The 10:45 is so full that you can’t often choose where you want to sit or who you want to sit with. No problem @ the 9.

2. First service has more energy! Not sure why, but even with less people the first service has more zip than the second. 

1. To make room for more people @ 10:45! This is the number one reason. Whenever we create available seats in the 10:45 service, those seats will fill up with people who are looking for the Truth. 

Second service was packed last Sunday. We’re soon going to have to do overflow in the lobby for 10:45. Pastor Conard has a bible study @ 10:45 that many 9 o’clock’ers are enjoying. See you @ 9 🙂