1st Post on the New Blog!

29 09 2008

Welcome keeners! You are the very first to make the shift over from my old Blogger blog to my new WordPress blog. Why the shift? Well, blogger is essentially a ‘starter’ blog. It’s pretty entry-level in its abilities and I often found that it just wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. So, welcome to WordPress!

If you are here because someone has told you about Crosspoint, Woo Hoo and Welcome. 🙂 Yeah, we’re pretty much having a blast. We believe that church should never be boring and that the greatest story ever told (Jesus) deserves our very best creativity and innovation. If you haven’t been to church in awhile, check us out. Happening atmosphere…Second Cup coffee…Awesome band and music…etc. Wear your favorite jeans. Everyone else does!

Recap of Groove 3 coming soon…




4 responses

29 09 2008

Welcome to WordPress! I just wanted to be your first commenter. Yay!

29 09 2008
Carolee LeBlanc

I’ve been thinking about switching…even talked to Mark last week about it. But I’m ascared…I know blogger so well, and I’m NOT technically inclined….and I don’t have Mark down the hall to help! 😉 But it’s looking good on you!

30 09 2008

Hey Robin,
Wow, my first post’er on the new blog is all the way from Japan! Hope you are doing well.

30 09 2008

Thanks Carolee, Now if we can just get my Twitter updates to appear on the blog, we’ll be all set. I’m already liking WordPress far better than Blogger. BTW, thanks for the coffee yesterday! 😉

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